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10 of Best Time Tracking Software to Improve Your Team Productivity

Did you notice the significant focus on productivity in the last couple of years? Influencers, content creators, coders, designers, and famous CEOs claim that improving productivity is a top priority. We at SuperbThemes have applied a few productivity tips, and they certainly worked for us. The use of time tracking software helped us improve productivity, so we warmly recommend using such a tool for you and your team.

Thankfully, there are dozens of excellent time tracking apps available on the market. The pandemic forced developers to add more features to these tools to manage remote teams. If you can’t decide which is the most suitable time tracking software to improve your team’s productivity, we have good news. Here are 10 of the best time tracking apps that fully deserve your attention. 

 Buddy Punch


Buddy Punch is more than just an excellent time tracking software. It’s a tool that simplifies the management of small to medium-sized businesses. Buddy Punch provides a strategic overview of the employees’ activity and generates payroll reports. In addition, it does two capital things for your business: track your staff’s time and schedule the employees’ training.

Buddy Punch covers all the requirements of top-class time tracking software. First, users have multiple options to track the time worked: username/password, 4-digit PIN, QR code, facial recognition, and single sign-on (SSO). Second, the managers assign job roles to each employee and have complete control over the time spent on each job. It’s a golden feature for jobs paid with different wages. Third, this tool generates customizable activity reports, giving you a clear idea about everyone’s activity and time spent on each job. Additionally, Buddy Punch takes care of both paid and unpaid time of the employees.

Buddy Punch Works For Managers And Employees

It works in both directions – the managers can add time off, and the employees can ask for free days. In addition, Buddy Punch quickly integrates with the most major payroll software, so you avoid time wasted on endless calculations. Delegation is also possible and easy to set up – select the employee’s account and upgrade them to manager status.

Scheduling tasks and activities with Buddy Punch is enjoyable and intuitive. A simple drag-and-drop system allows managers to create, assign, and update tasks in no time. Users get a notification for the duties assigned and have access to the entire schedule. In addition, the management can create departments and positions to manage the staff better.     

Every Buddy Punch user can log in via iOS, Android, desktop, or browser apps. First, check out the demo – it will take you around 10 minutes to learn the basics. Please rThen, request a free demo to test it for your organization. It’s free – no credit card required, no string attached.

Get a free trial Here!



Replicon is a suite of products aimed at helping managers to lead small and medium businesses. It consists of four outstanding products: TimeBill, ProjectTime, Expense, and TimeOff.

TimeBill tracks billable time simply and effectively. It’s a highly configurable tool that provides the needed data to both managers and workers. Managers set up project estimates, targets, and workflows. The advanced analytics module gives actionable information about clients, projects, staff, and billable hours. 

Project time tracks your project’s timeline and estimates the costs. As a manager, you define the programs and milestones, configure the roles, and evaluate the time and resources. The real-time tracking system lets management adjust plans and set more accurate estimations as the project progresses.

Expense tracks all expenses. This product helps managers keep track of all costs, file them into different categories, and set up estimates.

TimeOff is all you need to manage paid time off. It shows availability, and users can notify management of the dates of requested time-off.

Despite the suite’s complexity, replicon mobile apps are user-friendly and include all the needed data to manage your team. As a result, every user benefits from the same excellent user experience, regardless of the device used.  

When I Work


When I Work will have a bright future. It’s simple, intuitive, and, more importantly, it looks to fit the needs of the pandemic and post-pandemic working environment. It’s a great time tracking software, but it also does a lot more. For example, when I Work streamlined communication between employees and managers, you can broadcast messages to the entire team or a particular group and send 1 -to-1 messages without sharing phone numbers.

The tool has built-in features to create a work schedule, distribute roles, and track the time of each user. In addition, you may set up different pay rates for each type of activity. Another significant advantage is that employees may clock in and out using any device.

When I Work allows a high degree of flexibility to the employees. It works for both remote and on-site teams. Managing shifts can’t be simpler; managers can access each team member’s availability and set up the shifts based on available users. Filling and trading shifts is also a piece of cake; all you need to do is communicate your availability to the team. In addition, you can manage your work time directly from your phone thanks to the When I Work mobile app (both Android and iOS versions).  

Quickbooks Time 


If you are into accounting, you have heard about Quickbooks, one of the leading software providers in this space. The company has expanded its array of tools, including Quickbooks Time. It works on its own and integrates smoothly with other Quickbooks products. Quickbooks Time creates work schedules, notifies employees, and provides reliable analytics to increase business profitability. Other features worth mentioning include:

  • Offline time tracking– a must for job sites with poor Internet access, like those in the construction industry
  • Multiple billing rates – offers the ability to set multiple rates for teams with varying billing rates
  • Resource management – provides a bird’s eye overview of the resources and employees for efficient management.



Homebase is more than an excellent time tracking app. This multipurpose tool is priceless for a startup. It takes care of the business and employees nearly simultaneously. Homebase tracks the activity of each employee, creates flexible schedules, optimizes labor costs, posts open shifts, and notifies users to them.

In addition to these time tracking uses, Homebase helps managers find new hires by posting job offers on multiple boards. In addition, managers can track applicants and schedule interviews directly from the Homebase dashboard. 

Does your business lack HR personnel? Homebase can also serve as a unique tool for HR operations by:

  • Managing employee information
  • Handling employee documents
  • Tracking employee certification and setting alerts for expirations
  • Calculating PTO, working hours, time-off requests, and overtime
  • Providing access to a complete HR library and facilitating expert HR consultations

Homebase works great on mobile devices and has a user-friendly interface that employees can use with ease.



Deputy is a complete system for efficiently managing your team, especially employees working in shifts. It includes everything you need for scheduling and time tracking. As a result, the Deputy saves time, nerves, calls, emails, and papers. One distinctive feature of this program is auto-scheduling which, as its name suggests, generates automated schedules by taking into account your businesses’ priorities, such as lowest cost, the number of hours worked/user, forecasted sales, and past preferences. In addition, wages are automatically calculated for each role, even at different hourly rates.

Tracking time is simple for both staff and management. As an employee, you don’t need a particular device to punch your time as Deputy supports facial recognition and voice commands. While the first solution raises controversies, voice commands are perfect in these pandemic-era times. Deputy also integrates with a lot of payroll apps, so forget about complicated spreadsheets with labor time.

Communication between management and employees is simple and effective, thanks to Deputy. Managers may request confirmation, and staff members will be notified of each new task. Swapping shifts, last-minute replacements, staff availability, and video sharing are all available through Deputy and contribute to employee satisfaction.



Connecteam distinguishes itself with a clean interface, rich set of features, and an exciting pricing policy. Everyone can start a 14-day free trial and benefit from all the features. After the test, you either choose a premium plan or go with the free one. Although the free program has significant limitations, it is a solution for tight budgets.

Besides the standard scheduling and tracking features, Connecteam impresses with its approach to onboarding and employee satisfaction. Instead of long and unproductive training, Connecteam allows management to create concise and simple courses for new hires. A knowledge center provides additional information on the system’s most challenging aspects. The group discussion has the potential to strengthen your team, and better help newcomers adapt.

This multitude of features makes Connecteam a good fit for many industries, including real estate, construction, delivery, hospitality, retail, and transportation. 

Time Doctor


Are you the manager of a small remote team of designers, developers, or content creators? Do you want to track the time spent by each employee on each project? Then, time Doctor is an excellent fit for your needs. 

The interface is intuitive, and setting up your account is a breeze. Staff members have complete freedom to work on any project and easily track how long they worked. In addition, time Doctor syncs up with much other productivity, accounting, and project management tools, including Asana, Trello, Github, and Slack.

As a CEO or business owner, managing a remote team of online workers can be challenging. It would help if you had some control over their activity while still respecting their privacy. Time Doctor seems to find the sweet spot between privacy and effectiveness. Users are free to start and stop the time tracked, and the application monitors their activity only when they work. In this way, the manager controls the websites and applications visited and their time during the paid time. In addition, the tool takes automated screenshots and notifies users of poor time usage (like time wasted on Facebook or Instagram). Time Doctor works on all devices and automatically calculates the payroll.



 Toggl started as a user-friendly but straightforward time tracking app and has grown into a complex tool for organization management made up of three aptly named components: Toggl Plan, Toggl Track, and Toggl Hire.

Similar to other time-tracking software, Toggl Plan and Hire set up schedules and track hours worked. The user-friendly dashboard is one of Toggl’s many advantages.  Management will always have a strategic overview of the employees involved in each project, the billable hours, and the clients.

Toggl Hire is another irreplaceable for bringing new hires to your team. Not only will it help you choose the good hires to fill available positions on your team, but it will also save you time and resources by creating tests for the prospective applicants. Then, post the test and schedule interviews with those that pass.

Rescue Time


While the previous time-tracking software targeted companies, agencies, and startups, Rescue Time is mostly for solopreneurs. It tracks time but also helps you become more productive. Start by creating an account and setting up goals. For instance, allow yourself one hour a day of distraction time, or set a goal of practicing JavaScript for at least 45 minutes a day. The productivity pulse is a daily indicator showing your work effectiveness. It motivates you to raise the bar and grow your efficiency. Group the apps and websites you visit into categories, including Design and Composition, Business, Software Development, Entertainment, and more. Pay attention to sites and apps that fall under the Uncategorized label. Try to put them in relevant categories for a more accurate productivity pulse.

Wrapping Up

Fortunately, there are plenty of time tracking apps for each type of organization. Some big target companies while others are more helpful for small teams. All of them come with many other features outside of tracking time and scheduling. Check out all of the above suggestions and select the one that best suits your needs. No matter your decision, such a tool will help you get the most from your most valuable asset – time!  

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