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One of Wix or Squarespace’s most irritating things is trying to move your site to a new host. Both of these systems are great for getting people started making a site, but you will always have migration problems. One solution is 10Web. In this article, we will go into why this service and platform are in great demand. We will also cover how you can get a 10Web promo code. This allows you to save a bit of money and also allows you to check out one of the most cutting-edge ways to build a site.

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AI & Promotion Codes

Moving into the future, one of the most interesting changes to web design is going to be artificial intelligence. AI really has no equal in terms of what it can do. All sorts of industries are being changed quickly as AI finds ways to do things faster and economies of scale.

The potential is there, and it will forever alter how designers and developers interact with their work. AI acts as leverage to take care of tasks automatically that may have taken hours in the past. Your target user can be analyzed using AI so that you get more value from them. Customers can be looked at with the lens of AI so that you understand how to build your site and bring in additional revenue.

Great AI & Awesome Discount Codes

When you work with WordPress enough, you eventually will need to make a copy of a site. Some sites call this duplication or cloning. What are some likely reasons why you would need to do this?

First, you may have a new plugin that you want to try, but you are unsure if it will break your site. Perhaps you have never used a form builder before, so you are unsure what you are doing. You feel like you need a safe environment to work with your site and stage things before you go live.

That is one of the best features of working with 10Web and why so many are searching for a 10Web promo code right now. Staging is made a lot easier when you can use their AI to clone your own site and then install the plugin that is in question. Since you now have an exact copy, you won’t have to worry about making changes when you live with it. Any issues that might crop up can be dealt with in the staging portion of rolling out your new features.


Think about security as well. Maybe that new plugin you are thinking about installing has not been fully reviewed to ensure it is secure. You can clone and copy over your site, use various tools to test your site’s security, and then go live with it later. Why risk testing things on your real website? If you get hacked, that is going to be a huge headache. It is better to utilize a tool that will warn you ahead of time if there will be holes that open up in your security.

Cheap Migration

Cheap Migration

At the outset of this article, we were talking about the migration of sites. We know how popular it is to work with Wix and Squarespace when you first get started. They have constant ads that are always looking to pick up new users who feel like making a site will be scary or difficult.

I will concede that both of these companies make it a straightforward process of making your site. They already have templates laid out for many different businesses extending from construction companies to roofing websites. Everything is intuitive, and you will have no problem changing colors or shifting around the elements on the page.

More Advanced Features

The issue lies in what happens when you want to advance past what Wix has given you. Maybe you are interested in accepting payment for products through a specific provider. Wix is not going to have the same customization features or functions that you get with WordPress. That is why close to 35% of websites are made using WordPress and not the Wix builder.

What options can you seek out if you are trying to push your site from Wix over to a WordPress site? There are a few. First, you can look at RSS. This is Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a feed that shows every post and all the content a site publishes. This online file can be used to take all your blog posts and move them over to WordPress while including details such as who the author is.

Use a 10Web Promo code and migrate with an AI

Guides that support migration with RSS are long and complicated. It is just one piece of the puzzle that needs to be put together. If you want a fast way to move, go with 10Web. They are taking advantage of AI. You won’t need to follow any guide to migrate using them.

If you know the URL of the site you are cloning, you are good to go. It is as simple as that. Then you won’t have to worry about buying additional tools. When you work with 10Web, they give you the tool automatically. Once the copy is made, it is fully functional. Any buttons or forms you had before are cloned and will still work. This new clone can now be put on any web server. If you wanted, you could clone your site and then host it on your own. You probably would want to avoid this, though, and leave it to the pros.

10Web is Almost a Host

One of the best ways to break away from Wix and Squarespace is cloning. It is the fastest way and requires the lowest amount of technical skills. Since 10Web gives you the cloning tool and they are also a host, why not try their hosting service? If you find later that you don’t like hosting through them, you can always move your clone to another host. That is the beauty of having a working copy of the site. You are in control now instead of being reliant on Wix. Many hosts will do whatever they can to keep you in their ecosystem, so you continue to pay each month, but AI now puts you back in the driver seat.

Online Business

Online Business

Another big reason so many are looking for a 10Web promo code is the implications for business. Say you come across a store online that you really like the look of. You can tell it has high conversions, and they are making sales. Why pay for expensive builders when you can clone the site and borrow their ideas?

With AI technology, if you know the URL for a site, that is enough to get you started. When you make that copy, you can then modify it so that it fits your niche. A site that sells camping equipment can easily be shifted over to start promoting automotive parts. You see, 10Web uses the world-famous Elementor builder.

When you clone a site, you don’t just make a copy of the site. The duplicate can be manipulated using Elementor. You are also given over 40 templates if you don’t want to clone an existing site. Everything will be mobile-friendly, and you have plenty of widgets to pick from to give the site your own touch.

Page Speed Insights

Page Speed Insights

Feel like your current site is moving slow? Why not make a copy and then speed it up using 10Web? Every page has a page speed score. Right now, on Google, please take a look at your site and plug it in to test your page speed score. Didn’t you like what you saw? You can take care of that using 10Web.

Google is going to grade you on a variety of criteria. If you have JavaScript that you are not using, that will be a ding against you. They also measure your pictures and images. Are they properly sized? Could you work on them to lower the file size a bit?

You also have to consider render-blocking resources. Do you have CSS that is loading that is also not being used? All of these things may seem small, but they add up. When a customer wants to access your site, many different parts need to load to display your home page. Make sure you are serving your content with the next-gen technology to get a high score.

10Web Promo Code Conclusion

It is unfortunate, but currently, there are no 10Web promo codes. To avoid fake codes promoted by other sites, make sure you check back often with us. When 10Web promo codes are available, you will be the first to know. That gives you a way to save a bit of money for your next venture. We went over many of the great aspects you can take advantage of when you want to speed up your site’s development. Make sure you are taking advantage of their great AI platform for migration and cloning. For all things WordPress, keep it here.

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