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3 Ways to turn your website visitors into loyal customers

If you’re a business owner and have a website, chances are you want your website’s traffic to convert into customers, not just the type of customer that has a shot at your product and never comes back. You want your website visitors to turn into loyal customers. 

Loyal customers have some benefits for your business: 

  1. Loyal customers are cheaper to keep. Acquiring a new customer is at least 5 times costlier than keeping an existing one. 
  2. They spread the word out about you and your product. This is basically free word-of-mouth marketing which is the best form of marketing. 
  3. They are easier to deal with. They understand your business and have less complaints and issues. 
  4. They represent an ideal customer persona and can help you focus on your marketing plan to reach out to more of the like people. 

Thing is most of your visitors just leave your website and never come back. To make sure you capture the most leads and turn them into customers, you need to have a solid strategy in place. Here are some ways to turn your first-time website visitors into loyal customers. 

1. Improve your website’s performance

First things first, you need to improve the user experience of your website visitors. And the first step to do so is improving your website’s performance. When your website visitors click on a link from your website and have to be waiting for the page to load, they probably leave the page. With all the technological advancements, people’s expectations of your website’s performance has increased. Only after you could keep your visitors satisfied with your website’s performance, can you expect your marketing strategy to work. 

 Here are some ways to improve your website’s performance: 

  • The first step in improving your website’s performance is investing in a good hosting plan. When choosing a web hosting service provider you need to take into account some factors such as server speed, server uptime, support, pricing, and security. We have a list of the best wordpress hosting to make your decision easier. 
  • Use necessary plugins to increase website speed. Once you have your website up and running you need to install some plugins such as cache plugins, image optimiser plugins, etc. Check out the necessary WordPress plugins to increase your website’s speed. 
  • As much as having necessary plugins is important in improving web performance, having too many plugins and tools lowers your website’s speed. Only keep the necessary plugins.
  • Use a performance-optimized theme. Heavy themes with unnecessary features would only increase your website’s loading time. We have an inventory of free and premium performance-optimized wordpress themes that you can use to provide a smooth web performance.  

2. Capture leads

Lead generation is quite a standard in marketing these days. The process consists of getting the contact information of your website visitors and reaching out to them to get them to know you and your products better. Typically, web owners try to get the email address of their visitors and send them marketing emails. Email marketing is a digital marketing channel that has a great return on investment and is recommended by digital marketing experts. 

Newsletter example

There are some ways to capture your visitor’s email addresses. You can provide super helpful content and ask your visitors to sign up and not lose your upcoming posts. This is the method most used by famous marketing experts. Seth Godin’s homepage offers blog updates in exchange for subscribing to his email list.

For typical businesses, it’s a better idea to offer a lead magnet. A lead magnet is basically a giveaway in exchange for visitors’ email addresses. A lead magnet could be anything from a simple ebook to webinars and courses. 

Webprofit ran a viral competition and could generate 2,987 emails for a total cost of $6,661.11 in just over a month. People had to enter their email addresses to enter the competition and could get extra entries for more email addresses signed up from their referral. Here’s what their competition page looked like. 

Best business books infographic

The key here is to make sure you offer a relevant lead magnet because you only need the right people to sign up to your newsletter. Getting email addresses is only the beginning of your email marketing. You need to craft relevant email newsletters and convince your subscribers to buy from you. Having the wrong people (who are not interested in your product) in your list would only make convincing your subscribers more difficult.  

3. Provide great customer support:

People go through a customer journey before they become loyal customers. The typical customer journey consists of three main stages: 

  1. Awareness: when they first find out that they have a problem that needs a specific solution. They would start searching for the solution and come across you.  
  2. Consideration: when they get to know your solution and consider purchasing from you. They would also do extensive research and compare you with other businesses. 
  3. Purchase: they have come to the conclusion that your solution is overall suitable for them and they purchase from you. They would repeat the purchase if they find it pleasant and up to their expectations.  

It’s important to support your customers in every stage of their customer journey. Find out where they spend the most time and do their research in and be present there. If your customers are most active on social media and try to find their information there, you need to have a good social media marketing strategy in place. If your customers are more eager to use search engines, you need to have a special focus on your SEO. Do an extensive keyword research and target your customers’ most searched keywords by producing valuable content. 

You also need to make sure all your customers’ queries are well answered during their purchase process. 82% of consumers in the US said that they stopped doing business with a company due to a poor customer experience according to data from Customers that Stick.

Customer service infographic

Make connecting and contacting easy for your customers. Provide live chat or use a suitable help desk software to make sure all your customers’ queries are received and answered accordingly. 


All business efforts should finally be aligned to achieve one particular goal: increasing the number of loyal customers. Your website visitors have the potential to be loyal customers if they’re coming from a relevant and reliable source. To turn your website visitors into loyal customers, you need to have a solid strategy in place. 

You need to make sure visitors actually get a smooth experience every time they get into your website. You need to make sure your website has a reliable performance. You then need to capture your visitors’ email addresses to reach out to them and market your products. You should also take care of your customers by providing good customer support throughout their customer journey. 

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