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5 Cheap WordPress CRM Plugins For Small Budget Companies

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a type of software that uses data analytics methods to analyze large amounts of data with the intention of improving its interaction with customers and the overall business. 

In the past, a company would require more personnel and multiple platforms to achieve what CRM software has in one place. It benefits the communications between different departments by merging the different ways of contact, such as calls, emails, and meetings. 

Companies that started using off-the-shelf CRM or decided to hire CRM developers to create a customized one have reported a 300% increase in conversion, but it also positively impacts the productivity at the workplace and the trust that customers develop for the company.

This list will provide you with some of the best platforms in the field of CRM in their respective categories. No two companies are the same. Even two companies in the same industry and size will have differences in workplace culture, productivity methods, and various other fields. Finding the perfect CRM solution for your company can be difficult. However, each one of these platforms can prove quite helpful in boosting the relationship with your customers. 

1. One of the best CRM Plugins on the market

HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM software on the internet, and it also offers a free WordPress plugin for your website. Although there are paid plans with advanced features, its free plan has everything you need for a personal website or a blog. 

With a good-looking interface, even people that aren’t very tech-savvy will understand its features and make the most out of it. HubSpot has tools that allow you to implement live chats and conversational bots on your website and provide analytics that will enable you to segment your audience.

An essential part of keeping in touch with your audience is email marketing for promotions and new information. HubSpot allows you to implement a newsletter and automated emails. You will get everything you need for a website or an online store. 

Suppose you are running a large company and require HubSpot’s extensive paid features. If you need advanced marketing automation features and large amounts of websites, be prepared to spend some money. 

2. Best alternative for HubSpot

If for some reason, you aren’t a fan of HubSpot, many alternatives will suit you just fine. Although HubSpot’s free plan is an excellent option for individuals, HighLevel is more focused on creating an affordable pricing plan for agencies. 

HighLevel offers full control over the menu items and even allows you to dig deeper into customizing its features through CSS and Javascript. Different companies have different needs, and while most SaaS solutions offer fixed plans that include a feature that not everyone needs, HighLevel allows you to create a custom plan. 

Other CRM platforms on the list have features that can be categorized as marketing or HR tools. HighLevel also offers a tool that’s called Gohighlevel, which enables you to build a website and connect a domain to it. If you already have a website, HighLevel will allow you to create and improve your landing pages. 

3. The most affordable CRM plugin

When it comes to a CRM plugin that offers the best features for the least amount of money, WP ERP is the best choice. Although there are free plugins and plugins that have free plans, such as HubSpot, WP ERP will provide you with the most amount of features for the least amount of money.

WP ERP allows you to customize your plan and allow you to pay only for the required features. It has a slider on its pricing page that will enable you to choose the number of employees using the software and create the price for the plan accordingly. 

This plugin is the jack of all trades as it offers features of various categories in the package of CRM software. HR, CRM, Accounting, Recruitment, and features in many other fields. On top of this, it offers integrations with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and many others.

4. The most reliable CRM plugin

With over 30,000 active installations, Jetpack CRM is one of the most popular CRM plugins on WordPress. Jetpack offers a free plan that will satisfy most of your needs as a freelancer or an entrepreneur. Jetpack also provides affordable paid plans that offer third party-integrations. 

Jetpack will allow you to boost engagement with your users and increase your revenue. This software is an excellent choice whether you are trying to build a business out of a WordPress blog or you have a physical business that you want to expand using the internet. 

Jetpack’s paid plans will enable you to integrate your website with platforms such as WooCommerce, Mailchimp, and others, enabling you to create an even more powerful website. 

Handling invoices and transaction is a necessity for online businesses. With the support for eCommerce plugins and payment processes such as Paypal and Stripe, Jetpack is the perfect option for online stores and retailers. 

5. Best CRM plugin for small enterprises

WP-CRM is a customer relationship management plug that’s been designed especially for small businesses. Its easy-to-use contact management system will allow you to manage the information received from your client and minimize the chances of missing out on professional opportunities. 

Even if you don’t know to code, WP-CRM can be used without having to learn a lot. But, if you have some level of mastery in coding, you will have the power to customize certain aspects of the plugin, such as customer reports, the display of specific data, and extra fields.

WP-CRM offers the majority of features that other CRM software offers, such as project management, invoicing, reports, and pricing. But there are extensions that give you acces to third-party integrations such as Zendesk, Dropbox, Slack, and many others. 

WordPress CRM Plugin FAQ

If you are new to running websites and optimizing the performance of businesses, certain questions come to your mind. Here are some answers that will help you save time on your journey. 

What is the best CRM plugin for WordPress?

Although nobody can say that one CRM plugin is number one, there are solutions, such as HubSpot, that certainly offer a lot more than other platforms. However, for specific situations, such as people looking for a CRM to help them with their blog or a small business, platforms such as WP-CRM might prove more useful. 

The best option is to set out some key performance indicators for your company and then research whether CRM is the component you lack. If data points that you need to work on optimizing departments such as customer engagement and conversion, one of the plugins from the list should do the trick. 

What is the easiest CRM for small businesses?

Easiest CRM for small businesses is the one that requires minimal effort to install and manage. Whether you work your website personally or hire someone else, software such as Jetpack and HubSpot is very user-friendly. 

What is the 20/80 Rule of CRM?

The 20/80 percent rule is also called Pareto’s principle. In CRM and sales, data has shown that repeat customers represent 20 percent, yet they bring 80 percent of the total revenue. 

Repeat customers are more likely to spend more money during the holiday seasons and are more prone to purchasing new products from your company. 

What are the three types of CRM?

There are three main types of customer relationship management software which are:

  • Operational CRM,
  • Analytical CRM, 
  • Collaborative CRM.

The names of these CRM types are pretty much self-explanatory. Operational CRM is made for increasing leads, Analytical CRM helps businesses gather information about their customers, and Collaborative CRM brings HR features that connect various departments of your company. 

Is paying for CRM plugins worth it? 

There are many free or cheap alternatives on the market regarding CRM plugins. They will probably meet the needs of affiliate websites, personal blogs, online stores, and other businesses run by a single person or a small team. The effectiveness of these plugins drops when it comes to agencies or large enterprises.

Since there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for CRM software, you must do extensive research on your company’s requirements and the parts of it that require optimization. For example, CRM software that offers HR features will allow you to manage your team and do various CRM tasks without purchasing multiple software. 

CRM plugins such as HighLevel and WP ERP are great options for various businesses as they allow you to tailor the pricing plan according to your needs. 

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