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8 Features Of Creatio CRM System For Increasing Sales

CRM is an important sales management tool. But what does CRM stand for? CRM means customer relationship management. Conducting business in the absence of an intuitive customer relationship management tool has never been stress-free before. However, the development of CRM systems has made businesses less stressed and companies can now use the system to increase their sales while spending less time and money in marketing. 

8 Features Of Creatio CRM System For Increasing Sales

Creatio CRM systems are unavoidable sales assets that companies need to build unbeatable brands. makes access to market and customer related information easier and learning for sales teams for increasing sales is one function companies count on when they integrate the software into their departments. By helping businesses to advance and move from analog advertising to more digital approaches at low operating expenditures and fewer sales-rep hours, enterprise CRM features are designed to increase every company’s sales.

CRM brings a selection of key features to the business. Businesses are however free to decide on the most suitable and relevant platforms based on need, size, and company growth patterns. The business features should be simple and focused on specific roles to make business processes friendly, efficient, and controllable. 

Businesses should therefore conduct thorough market research to establish which CRM has the right features that are most suitable for the company. This is to say that not all available Creatio CRM systems will fit in your business. This article looks at some of the key features of Creatio CRM system that works towards increasing sales for your business.

1. Mobile sales

The rise of mobile technology is a great business growth factor that any company, whether small, medium sized or big, that is interested in an exponential growth cannot ignore. Sales reps could be in the field when a customer makes inquiries or when a lead checks out on a product. No leads will be there to wait for the sales team to log in to their desktops when they are back from the field activities. Mobile CRM integration therefore helps to save time while keeping customer interactions flowing from the initiation to when the deal is closed. Mobile sales will therefore increase company sales by allowing sales reps to interact with clients from the office, the field or even while in the house. This way, orders, requests and queries will be handled more smoothly. 

Also, CRM for mobile are more unique. The apps are much lighter, efficient and easier to work with. Away from the mobile interface, the mobile CRM features such as push notifications make communications faster and sales can be completed in much shorter durations. 

2. Integration, synchronization and import

Integration and synchronization with other apps is an important CRM feature that all businesses need in a customer relationship management tool as it guarantees all time relevance of the business with the ever changing technologies. This feature therefore allows your business to easily synchronize and import data from existing sources.

This feature also allows other apps such as calendar and email to fit in your industry CRM similar to the mode of integration with other data sources. Calendars are important because the widgets allow sales reps to create as well as track events and processes such as setting up meetings, orders and several other business processes. Creatio CRM tools makes it easy for your business to integrate this feature with other communication accounts so that the events your team creates on the calendar can reflect on the exchange calendar. Consequently, communication becomes easier and more sales can be coordinated and leads converted without loss of information. 

CRM therefore allows industries to integrate several functions that make it easier for them to produce reports and records, develop codes or even manage more intricate tasks by simple point, click, drag and drop actions. Users can also build databases online through using the drag and drop process, which makes CRM systems much more interactive and a big contributor to a company’s sales increase. 

3. Campaign management

Communication chains that have more defined conditions needed to effect transition of activities from one stage to another as well as monitoring the processes is made more practicable with the campaign management feature. This tool allows business to establish preset criteria used to manage successful conversions as well as to adjust real time flow of campaigns. 

Industries using this campaign management tool are able to sustain consistent interchange with leads, which may sometimes convert into sales. The feature can be used to support a number of campaign types including trigger campaigns as well as one-time campaigns. Usually, trigger campaigns get launched immediately a pre-set condition occurs such as immediately a customer fills in a web form.

Dashboard reporting
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4. Dashboard reporting

In addition to production of records, dashboard reporting features also allow organizations to generate reports through point and click actions. Accessibility of industry records and reports also makes online data and activity monitoring much easier. Businesses therefore become more profitable when they are able to generate records and reports using intuitive tools as opposed to the use of third party tools which increases the cost of completing a business process. 

5. Management of Business processes

This is a workflow management function that allows you to align, perform or approve tasks by a simple point-and-click process. It is the only way through which businesses create and monitor the flow of orders in the system, from conception to verification, authorization and finally delivery, devoid of the many paper works in the analog business process management systems.

Companies that sell tickets also use business workflow management tools to build a process which automatically generates, opens, fixes and even closes tickets. The business therefore becomes more efficient and more sales are made with less energy spent on meetings and campaigns. It also increases revenue for the company as the low paperwork reduces the number of workers who need to be paid for working on the different task completion stages. 

The visual outfits in Creatio CRM solutions are authoritative features every company needs to exploit in improving sales and marketing.  It makes it easier to respond to queries from the ever-present customer base and additionally goes a long way to bring down the high end modern market, technology driven competition. 

6. Leads management

Tracking leads from the very first communication to the point of closing deals is a very important process for growing businesses. However, this process can be made more systematic and stress free using an enterprise CRM software with in-built leads management tools. This ensures that leads are not lost along the way, and thus increases the number of conversions for the businesses as well as the company’s annual sales. 

CRM offers a way for users to seamlessly streamline pipelines and ensure sustained success in their general sales operations. You can also clear all the obstacles along the way by clearly mapping the customer journey covering all the phases of the pipeline. Additionally, the tool automates notifications which remind sales reps of when to follow up with clienteles.

Contact automation

Contact automation and the ability to harmonize data between mobile and the CRM system makes it much easier to follow up communications with your old customers without having to transfer contacts manually. However, it is more rewarding to carry out this sync using a company phone, just to ensure you are not importing personal data too. 

8. Field sales managements

This feature allows managers to track field forces as well as be able to schedule visits for every field representative. Users can view location maps, monitor and follow actual visits using geo-tags and regulate the data they receive in a way to improve data efficiencies and reliability. 

Managers can also use this system to create rules that govern field representatives based on roles or the customers they target. The online business process management software can also generate automated prompts at preset stages of customer interaction in order to give field reps appropriate hints on when to present demo products, check in or place orders. The results of all interactions occurring between field reps and customers can also be accessed immediately after the meeting is concluded. 

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