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8 Reasons to Use DevOps as a Service

DevOps is transforming the app development industry.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a collaboration between custom software development and operations and is a new approach to app development. It has rapidly evolved over the past seven to eight years. It combines a range of tools, approaches, concepts, and the use of cloud services like Amazon Web Services. Ultimately, making the process of app development faster, and more effective.

What is DevOps as a Service?

Organizations may not have an in-house DevOps team or time to build their own DevOps department. DevOps as a Service, or DaaS, is a delivery model that is provided by a third-party company. These third parties already have a built-in experienced DevOps team and help integrate solutions into your business. 

What is the goal of DevOps?

The main goal of DevOps is to speed up the process of app development by shortening the development lifecycle. This is through cloud based configuration management, automated testing, and devops tooling. Through all of this, the product should have a continuous flow from idea to the end user. Ultimately making your product more effective and efficient. 

What Are The Advantages of DevOps as a Service?

 Development teams can benefit greatly by using DevOps as a service, especially through the use of devops consulting and devops expertise. When looking into optimizing your company or organization, you want a service where you can reap the benefits. 

Significant Improvement of the Product Quality

One thing that makes DevOps valuable is that it includes a process of continuous testing. This is important because throughout testing, any issues, faults or deviations will be spotted quickly. 

This means it can be resolved before the product is released, ensuring maximum quality.

Better User Experience

DevOps works by splitting a project into small batches. This offers more opportunities for feedback from end-users. It also allows developers to incorporate this feedback more easily into the product development lifecycle, thereby building a better end product. 

Improved Performance of the Software

Unlike the traditional app development approach, a well implemented DevOps program can offer improved software performance at a faster rate. This is possible because stability and innovation are not just the responsibility of a single department, but of the entire team. This is something that hastens the process while also delivering a better end product. 

Minimal Costs of Production

Using the DevOps approach can also reduce production costs and save your company money. This is possible because you can reduce the amount of engineers used. It also takes less time to develop, and maintain and update through hosting, which will all require fewer resources. Ultimately, lowering the cost of production while keeping the quality high. 

Faster Deployment

Speed is one of the most critical benefits of using the DevOps approach. This is because unlike the traditional app development process, DevOps encourages features and updates to be delivered quicker and more often. This is done through the devops infrastructure and tooling. This is something that can help your company retain its competitive edge while also pleasing both engineering teams and users. 

Faster Problem-Solving Abilities

There are various processes within the DevOps approach, such as collaboration and consistent feedback. This means that any problems can be identified quickly and resolved before they become a major issue for your client. 

Reliable Infrastructure Managed by Code

DevOps also offers a more consistent infrastructure that’s far easier to scale than the more traditional approach. Using infrastructure as code tools will expand your operations without the hassle, and ensure business as usual while you do it.

Improvement in Productivity of the Organization

You can expect to see an upswing in productivity and efficiency when using DevOps best practices. This is because the DevOps approach allows your team to focus on their specialized projects. It also opens up communicating with other teams effectively. In turn, this supports collaboration and prevents everyone from working in isolation. 


Who Benefits From Using DevOps as a Service?

There are many advantages to switching to a DevOps approach. Your company can benefit as a whole when implementing DevOps as a service, which can ultimately increase collaboration across the organization.


DevOps developers will be able to work much more closely with their operations team. This can streamline the entire process and allow them to create a better product. This collaboration gives you a much better chance to fit your clients needs. 


The use of automation in DevOps means that simple, repetitive tasks are completed faster and more consistently. This in turn means that operations run more efficiently, and they are easier to measure and track. It also means that it is easier to demonstrate the progress your company has made. 

Product Managers 

A DevOps approach can also make life easier for product managers. When a team is working in a faster and more efficient way, it allows product managers to focus on other tasks at hand. 

System Administrators

DevOps is also great for system admins (SAs) because it provides them with much better opportunities for vertical and horizontal movement. This is because DevOps teaches skills relevant for progressions such as collaboration and communication. Therefore, SAs can much more easily surpass their original roles, while maintaining employability in a rapidly changing market.

Test Engineers

DevOps also has the power to revolutionize the app development process for test engineers. It does this through automation, which makes getting new features online far faster than with traditional development approaches. 

End Users

Lower costs, a better product, and a faster production time are all direct results of using the DevOps approach. All of these factors will impress your end-users. However, there is another vital advantage to using DevOps in app development. 

Feedback and tracking are built into the process. This means developers can more easily understand the needs of the client. The client can ask for changes during the process, instead of after. They can also track the progress of the build out. This can help better manage their expectations and relieve some of the pressure on their team. 

What are the Disadvantages of using DevOps as a Service? 

Not everything is perfect. Of course, there are some disadvantages to switching to a DevOps approach. 

Initially Takes Time

Even though the DevOps process can be faster and more efficient when it’s up and running, it initially takes time.  Even if your team is well versed in DevOps, you will still need to establish a rapport with the client. It will also take time to walk the client through the process of what all DevOps entails. This can mean the beginning of the project is slow going. 

Requires Culture Change

DevOps isn’t a philosophy where you can pick and mix strategies. Instead, you need to overhaul your entire company culture. This is something that needs to be done over time, and with plenty of training and support. 

Demands Collaboration

When working with any new approach, teams need to exhibit flexibility and communicate effectively. Training will be required when adapting to a new model, which is why collaboration is key when using the DevOps process. 

Requires a Specific Level of Software Development Expertise 

Using DevOps can be nearly impossible, if you do not have the right level of software development experience or expertise. You need to be able to understand what it is your client is looking for and how to execute those ideas. 


While DevOps may be costly and sometimes time consuming, it offers a wide range of benefits for those working in app development. Your company can reap the benefits of team cohesiveness, faster deployment and ultimately, customer satisfaction. 

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