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AliDropship Review

AliDropship Review

Why is AliDropship popular? With a score on Trustpilot of 4.8 out of 5.0, this shows you that people are huge fans. With our AliDropship review, we go over exactly what this plugin can do and who it will benefit. We cover all the pros and cons to make sure you are informed before you invest your money. Let’s get started with our AliDropship review so you can find out if you should be taking advantage of it.

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What Can You Expect?

If you are brand new to dropshipping, that might hold some people back. Don’t worry about it since many people just getting started with the concept, and they were fine. In fact, when you get this plugin, it will actually help people that are new to the concept.

With the pandemic sweeping across the globe, many people have been turning to e-commerce. It is great for social distancing, and a plugin for Alibaba can help a lot. When you use Shopify and WordPress, you can easily do a business that allows you to sell products at a profit and take advantage of not having a brick and mortar store.

Even if you have no technical knowledge, you can use plugins along with WordPress to bypass things that would have stopped most businesses a decade ago. Plus, AliDropship will assign you a helper. This expert will always be available with great customer service skills and a good knowledge base about the product. They will help you past any obstacles with AliDropship.


What features should you expect with this plugin?

  • Integrates well with WordPress
  • Works well with WooCommerce
  • Saves time on importing products
  • Helps with images and descriptions

That is a lot of features. AliDropship gives you two separate plugins. On the one hand, you have your plugin for just your standard WordPress site. You also have a plugin that meshes well with WooCommerce. If you are an online entrepreneur, this is going to be awesome.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let us be clear on what dropshipping is. What does this term mean?

What Is Dropshipping?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let us be clear on what dropshipping is. What does this term mean?

Dropship – The entrepreneur holds no inventory. The supplier fulfills orders made online. Most drop shipping is done with online stores, and products are held in a warehouse or shipped over from other countries.

In many cases, the products you offer on your site come from countries that can make the products cheap. Depending on what you want to sell on your site, it will determine which country you will source from. If you are interested in doing anything with the garment industry and want to start selling shirts, pants, or shorts, you will probably source from India. Products such as accessories for hobbies that you sell on a niche site can be sourced from China.

Shipping Time

One of the main things to concern yourself with before you buy this plugin will be shipping time. AliDropship makes it very easy to construct a website fast that will be able to accept credit cards online. Don’t get overeager and extend yourself too far as you promote your products online. You will need to get samples of the products to make sure they are going to be acceptable. Not only that, what is the shipping time going to look like?

Before you promise anything to your customers, you have a good idea of what the window will be for shipping. If somebody expects Amazon level shipping times and wants it the next day, your dropship product won’t work. Products going from China to the US by boat can take months to arrive. Using planes for shipping is faster but will eat into your profit margins a great deal.


What are some of the best parts with AliDropship?

  • A huge inventory of products to pick from
  • Start up a site in any niche
  • A reliable supplier from China

It doesn’t matter what kind of products you want to promote. Maybe you are an expert on reptiles, and you have a lot of articles that you are excited to write about taking care of pets. That is great and will find an audience quickly if you have good information people are searching for. With so many different products that you can find with your supplier in China, you can start selling pet feeders, dishes for water, and decorations for the aquarium.

This is a huge advantage because you won’t need to limit yourself regarding what kind of business you start. If you have any topic where you are an expert, that can be turned into profit through SEO articles and an online store. Talk about really doing what you like for a living. Who would not want to talk about their hobbies and then pay your bills with your expertise? Products like AliDropShip make that possible.

Reliable Products

This plugin lets you easily import products to your website. You will save time on taking pictures and writing up descriptions. Beyond that, though, you are also going to get a reliable supplier. That is a huge concern for many sellers.

First, there is a language barrier when you are importing products from either India or China. Owners may feel it will be hard to get good customer support if something is wrong with their order. Since your products are coming through AliExpress, you will have recourse and contact somebody if your products are not correct. That is worth a lot when you are sourcing from one of the most well-known websites, and they strive to make sure the customer is happy. This lets you avoid shady fly by night companies that may just take your funds and then disappear.

For our AliDropship review, we also wanted to point out that you can easily social proof your own site.

Import Reviews

For our AliDropship review, we also wanted to point out that you can easily get social proof of your own site. Not only are you pulling in products with a click, but you also bring in the reviews as well. If you are a new store owner, this gives you a boost over the competition.

Think about the last time you bought something online. If you got it from Amazon, what were you more likely to buy if you compared a product with no reviews and fifty reviews? People will pay money just to get good reviews for their store. You don’t need to do that when you work with this plugin. The reviews will be pulled in from other sites. People will be more apt to buy from you, and you also weed out products that don’t meet the bar you set.


It would not be right if we only listed the upside for using AliDropship. The plugin is great, but it still has flaws.

  • WordPress has a learning curve.
  • Only a few themes.
  • You have to pay extra for some of the options.

For those of us that are familiar with WordPress, we love it. It takes out a lot of the hassle and time for making a website. We may even assume that everyone is in a similar boat, and they are adept at using plugins for WordPress.

Sure it is much simpler to work with, but if you are looking to start a business with no experience, you might be better off with a service like Wix and Squarespace. You won’t be able to use AliDropship, and you won’t be able to export your site, but at least you will be able to get a site up. WordPress and plugins work best when you feel comfortable setting up a digital space for your business.

Locked Down Designs

Another thing to consider before you buy this plugin is that they have limited themes. That makes sense. This plugin was not supposed to come with a huge number of themes and layouts that are already made for you. You would purchase something like Divi if that were your concern.

They also don’t give you much flexibility with where things will be placed, such as your menus and the footer. If you want something really custom, you will need to edit things on the backend. The plugin is great at setting up a shop quickly and efficiently, but it was never created to take the place of plugins based around making slick layouts and designs.


The pricing for this plugin is very reasonable when you look at an AliDropship review. You only have to pay a one-time fee, which is $89.00. There is no monthly fee you need to continue to pay. Just pay once, and you can use it as many times as you want.

If you are not comfortable making a site and don’t like Wix or Squarespace’s option, you can have a site made for you. This will run you $299.00 on the lowest tier. This is certainly a good deal considering buying Divi, a drag and drop builder, and it will cost you over two hundred dollars. The web designers need to be compensated for the software and expertise that they incorporate. Overall, having a site and store ready to go for less than $500.00 is a good deal. When you invest in a brick and mortar store to start a business, you can be looking at an investment of six figures on the low end. Now you can try out a business idea, and if it fails, the sting won’t last long.

Conclusion For AliDropShip Review

This plugin is awesome for anybody that wants to jump into dropshipping quickly. You will get a reliable supplier and one of the cheapest suppliers as well. It is easy to set prices, and then you take home the difference as profit. Pay close attention to shipping times before you make promises with customers and order a few samples to ensure your goods will be of high quality.

Are you ready to give AliDropship a try? Click the button & try out AliDropship for free.

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