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Alternatives to Avada WordPress Theme

Alternatives to Avada WordPress Theme

Avada is one of the themes for WordPress that always sells consistently well. Emerging onto the scene back in August of 2012, this simple theme has accumulated sales past the half a million mark. That is quite impressive when you think about how many themes for WordPress have been released. The marketplace is crowded, but Avada stands out in a sea of other themes looking for users. In this article, we have listed some of the best alternatives to the Avada WordPress Theme.

Alternatives to Avada WordPress Theme

If your current business needs a different look, check out these Avada alternatives. None of them are expensive and have been reviewed countless times by users that understand quality.


1. Divi

This is number one on our Alternatives to Avada WordPress Theme list. With a simple to use of drag and drop builder, Divi is very similar to Avada. They have their own huge collection of templates and prebuilt sites that you can look at. When you buy Divi, the price is a one time only deal so that you won’t be paying subscription fees. If you feel like something is missing from the Avada library, use Divi for a change and create something new.

Genesis Theme

2. Genesis Theme

StudioPress wants to help you win more clients and create sites easily. They have free themes you can use to get used to how they function and theme packages that are going to have everything together so you can get started fast. StudioPress has been at the forefront for years in terms of creating great tools to build your site. An excellent alternative to Avada.

Genesis Theme

3. Neve

Are you using Elementor, and you need a slick theme that works? Check out, Neve. Themeisle coded this very well to make sure you won’t need to be technical to make fast edits. For users that are working with AMP pages, Neve is designed to integrate with AMP perfectly. Another great choice you can use instead of Avada.


4. Astra

This is the fastest-growing theme of all time! With more than a million people using this, you know that it is a great theme that will have a lot of support from the community. Plenty of starter templates are in place to get you used to use their system. It also specializes in working seamlessly with WooCommerce. If you are in the eCommerce space, try out Astra today.


5. Minimalistblogger

Created by Superb Themes, these guys really outdid themselves with this one. Customize your headers and logos with this beautiful theme. There is a free version you can check out to let you see if this theme is for you. When you upgrade to the paid version, your theme will be optimized for SEO and boost your ranking to the top of the search results. Check it out today.


6. Storefront

If you are involved in eCommerce, you have to try out Storefront. As the name implies, it was made by the same developers that work on the Core versions of WooCommerce. This has a ton of different layouts and colors that give you unique looks. If you can’t find what you are looking for with Avada, give Storefront a try. You are going to love the results for your online store. The codebase is light and easy to customize. Extend on it if you want to customize your experience even more.


7. Sparkling

Number seven on the alternatives to the Avada WordPress Theme list is Sparkling.

This theme is minimal so if you feel like Avada was cluttered, try out Sparkling. This is great for fashion tips or cooking blogs. If you like a clean approach to design with a theme that is easy to set up, Sparkling is going to have that compact look that will work out of the box. It is also versatile so that you can view it as a Swiss Army Knife. Avada falls short in some areas, so make your next page in Sparkling if you want to emphasize your social media presence and display multiple blogs feeds at once. Excellent addition to the arsenal.


8. Nisarg

Last on our list of alternatives to Avada WordPress Theme is Nisarg.

Do you need an art blog, travel blog, or photography blog? Nisarg is an excellent choice for you. Built-up using Bootstrap 3, you will have a look that will work well both on desktop and mobile. You can also customize the theme’s look so that your header image is your own logo and adjust things like the background image, background color, and accent colors.

Nisarg also does very well with cooking and recipe blogs. Display your latest creation in the kitchen using glossy photos that are going to jump off the screen. Everything will be laid out so that your users will want to keep clicking through all your content. This theme specializes in many creative areas, which gives it some advantages over Avada. If you are a creative that wants to make a statement, go with Nisarg and enjoy what the theme can do for you.

The Advantages of Avada

Some of the biggest advantages that you get with Avada are how streamlined the process is and the absence of a programmer and a developer. Many times, as a small business owner or an entrepreneur, we need a website up quickly. While you might specialize in the product you sell, it is not likely that you will also be an expert in web design and programming in many different languages.

That is where Avada comes in. You no longer have to keep up with changes that are happening in both CSS3 as well as HTML5. When you take Avada for a test drive, you will see that all the code is set up for you behind the scenes. It can take quite a while to code a site by hand, so why not save some time so you can focus on what really makes your site successful?

To summarize, Avada has the following advantages when you use it for your site:

  • No coding needed
  • Multi-purpose builder
  • Fast Builder
  • Easy to Navigate

When you add all of these factors up, it is easy to see why so many are reaching out to Avada’s creators to learn more and see what this awesome builder can do for them.

Multi-Purpose Themes

When you are looking at themes, there are two broad categories. You have very general builders. This is not a bad thing. If you like the look and color scheme of a particular theme, it means you can keep using the same theme for each site you do. If you run an agency, this is great. Clients will come to you with many different ideas and industries. You can help them all with just one theme when you are working with a multi-purpose theme.

Having just one site that does it all has additional benefits as well. Once you have learned the details and inner workings of a theme, you don’t want to switch to a new theme constantly. This can mess up your workflow as you now have to think about tackling a problem with a new set of tools. When you are a plumber, you approach each job with a set number of tools at your disposal. Changing your toolset for each job will cut back on your time and force you to think about new ways to accomplish your work each time. Stick with a general theme like Avada, and you will be able to accomplish most sites with very little time invested.

The Best Aspects of Avada

Not only is Avada able to tackle most problems, but it also comes with a long list of features. Look at some of the things that it can do for you. They include:

  • Drag-and-drop page building
  • A huge library of elements to use
  • A massive library of templates and prebuilt sites
  • It is easy to insert video.
  • Many different headers to pick from
  • Multiple animation effects
  • Support for WooCommerce and Gravity Forms

When you add up all these awesome aspects of Avada, it is easy to see why they have such a high amount of downloads. They are on the cutting edge of what people expect from their drag and drop builder. Avada is also constantly improving and getting better when they issue updates to all these features to make sure they keep working with the latest version of WordPress.

The Downsides of WordPress and Avada

Avada is a comprehensive theme. This has a lot of advantages that we have looked at, but you have to remember that there are downsides. If you need a particular website, you might have difficulty getting the right result with Avada.

Say, for instance, you are an artist that has a virtual gallery. You want to easily display your artwork so you can attract new customers and make online sales. An artist’s website is going to have a certain look and feel to it. When you are going for an online gallery, the creator will seek out a theme that specializes in displaying artwork in a format that is simple to navigate.

Specific themes can apply to all sorts of specialized fields. You can create an online eCommerce store. Design a lineup of new clothes for the season that just came out. As you start to explore Avada’s alternatives, you may realize you need a different theme that focuses on what is important to your web page.

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