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Alternatives to downloading Beaver Builder NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

Alternatives to downloading Beaver Builder NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

Beaver Builder is a well-known drag and drop builder that makes it easy to construct pages with WordPress. With a huge user base, there is a good amount of support online if you want to use Beaver Builder to construct your next big site. Looking at the pirated versions of the software, we did a scan of the cracked copies and found they had malware that can harm your computer. Using a nulled or cracked version could leave your site under the control of hackers. Trying to reverse this is going to be hard and can cost you your reputation with Google.

Beaver Builder Nulled Versions do Not Have Support

Another big issue when using Beaver Builder nulled versions is the lack of support. Your nulled copy may work for a time, but you won’t have the latest features without any updates. Eventually, a Beaver Builder nulled copy will no longer work with your version of WordPress. It is much better to take advantage of their free trial. Using their 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test out the plugin to see if it is right for you before spending your money.

Beaver Builder is a Great Drag and Drop, Builder

Web design is becoming easier, and it is largely due to plugins like Divi and Beaver Builder. For the most part, there is no need for an IDE since there is no coding needed! Beaver Builder is a drag and drop builder. Just like the name implies, you can look at different elements you want on the page and pull them onto the page. Select from text blocks, video, or images. It all flows together nicely with the grid system, so nothing looks crowded, and everything displays properly. Ditch the HTML and shortcodes. It is time for an easier way to build your sites fast!

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Cracked Versions of Beaver Builder

Want to try out Beaver Builder? The cost is $99.00 if you want the basic model and $199.00 to upgrade to the Pro version. That is quite costly to charge close to a hundred dollars for the standard version. Is there a way to get the basic version of Beaver Builder for free? Are there ways to hack your copy of the standard Beaver Builder so you can upgrade it to the Pro tier without paying extra?

There are many issues with this thinking. If you go out to your favorite search engine right now, many different sites insist that they can give you a free copy of this software. When you investigate further, many of them seem legitimate. They will even give you an explanation as to why you can download the program from them for free. The site will say that the software is under the GNU license. What exactly is this, and is it accurate to say that Beaver Builder should be free?

GNU and Beaver Builder

If you click on some of the sites that offer to give you a copy of Beaver Builder for free, they will tell you that it is fine since Beaver Builder works under GNU. This stands for GNU’s, not Unix. This does exist, and it is used to license-free software. The users, in the end, do what they wish with the software. If they want to share or change the software, they are allowed to.

In reality, Beaver Builder went with GPL. Richard Stallman envisioned GPL. He came up with the idea to combat some software companies trying to set up monopolies at the time. With the idea that software that can aid people should be freely shared and modified to become better, the idea caught on with many programmers that wanted to create a vibrant community that was all helping each other and pushing the technology forward.


Is Beaver Builder actually being given away for free? Is the claim accurate? Can we just take the plugin and not actually give back to the creators? Let us take a look at what the creators themselves said. The creators were working on plugins and themes, going all the way back to 2009. This means that they had a lot of experience with releasing products and understood fully the different ways they could license their products.

At first, they were apprehensive about going with the GPL license. After all, this would let anybody come in and distribute a product like Beaver Builder. For a creator, that can be a huge issue. You don’t know what will happen if you give people the ability to modify your product and then start offering it up for download. How will it reflect on you as the actual creator when people can alter the product and then distribute a version that may be worse?

Beaver Builder Releases Under GPL

After much deliberation, Beaver Builder decided to release their product under the GPL. This was with knowing that other people could even sell their product and distribute it over the Internet. If you Google for a free and cracked version of Beaver Builder, you can see exactly what happened. People are charging five dollars for the right to download Beaver Builder even though they are not the code authors.

In the end, though, the creators feel good about their decision after much debate. Why is this? How can they feel comfortable with people charging others for a product that they created?

Beaver Builder Refund Policy

Altruistic Reasons

When asked why they went the GPL route, the creators said that they wanted to work with the WordPress community. Some may view the WordPress community as many small groups that, at times, will collaborate to accomplish things and distribute code. It goes much deeper than that, though. The WordPress platform is what brings everybody together. It is the catalyst that brings about changes in web development and gives everybody the ability to create a website without amazing technical skills.

The creators realized that with the whole community of WordPress users working in tandem, all of them would be able to accomplish much more than what a few individuals or groups could do. They also felt like all themes and plugins that work with WordPress are derivative of WordPress. With that in mind, it made sense to go with GPL for Beaver Builder since it was put together to help WordPress users.

Distributed Versions of Beaver Builder Nulled

One of the reasons why the creators of Beaver Builder were so comfortable with people redistributing their work is that they knew others would do it no matter what. Pirated software is big business. Why is this? Well, there are multiple reasons. If you offered cracked plugins, think of the ad revenue. People who come to your site to pirate software will also be clicking on your ads as well, giving you a boost in revenue. Not only that, but cracked plugins might also contain backdoors.

These backdoors can give a hacker control of your system, and then your computer becomes a zombie in their army of controlled computers. This swarm of computers is known as a botnet and can be used for profit. Pay two thousand dollars, and my botnet will DDoS the competition for eight hours straight during Black Friday. You can see how having control of computers and offering pirated copies can quickly add up for real profit.

Pirated Plugins

Looking at the above paragraphs, you can assume that somebody will steal your software and offer it up for free, no matter what. If your plugin is popular, somebody will try to profit from your hard work. We can see this with popular programs such as Windows and Adobe. These programs were so popular, and Adobe had to move to a system where you could pay each month to use the program, and Windows now allows you to use the software for free until you activate it with your code. Both companies struggled to stop people from pirating their work, and that continues to this day.

The creators of Beaver Builder felt like giving no mind to the pirates was actually freeing. If they no longer had to be concerned with cracked copies, they could just focus on giving their real customers the best product for their money. There were no more concerns over track down websites that we’re giving away Beaver Builder for free. In reality, this can often turn into a game of whack-a-mole. You may shut down one site, but another will take the place of the first one.

Instead of focusing on becoming the software police, Beaver Builder, as a company, decided to open up the software to anybody who wanted to modify it and spread the word. In the constantly changing world of software, it can be more beneficial if people know about your program instead of letting it start to wither in obscurity.

Advantages of Paying for Beaver Builder

Advantages of Paying for Beaver Builder

The creators of Beaver Builder using the GPL license felt that they still have a great commercial plugin that customers will want to pay for. Their first point is that when you download from a website like WooCrack, you have no idea where it is coming from. There are no reviews for pirates sites. How can you trust the word of somebody that is giving away software for free? They may have bundled the plugin with malware, and they are waiting for you to install it so that they can take advantage of your WordPress site. It is very common for criminals to package their own Trojan programs with software that they did not create. They have nothing to lose. It won’t hurt their reputation if their users get a virus. All in all, there are many advantages when NOT downloading a Beaver Builder nulled version.

Missing Support

Don’t forget, when you get a cracked version of the software, there is no support to help you. A hacker will not give you tips on how to use the plugin that you just got for free. The creators of Beaver Builder want to support developers that they believe in. If you see a creator has made a useful product, wouldn’t you want to support them? Then they can continue to release updates so that you can keep using the program. If people don’t support creators, the software will eventually no longer be in use because it won’t be updated to work with current versions of WordPress.

Take advantage of the refund policy for Beaver Builder. If you don’t like the drag and drop style, return it for your money back. For customers who feel like the cost is too high, just use a discount code and percentage off the total. There are many ways to save when it comes to software.

Are you ready to give Beaver Builder Pro a try?
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