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Alternatives To Downloading Hestia Pro NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

Alternatives To Downloading Hestia Pro NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

Brought to you by ThemeIsle, Hestia is one of the best choices for design. Sporting a free version as well as a paid version, it is easy to get started with. Should you get a nulled version to try the pro version for free? Are there alternatives to downloading Hestia Pro nulled or cracked? Some might think using a pirated version of Hestia is ok. After all, you can try it out before you buy. We took a look at many of these nulled versions on the major torrent sites. Unfortunately, after a detailed analysis, it seems like the majority of them have malware. Instead of using a cracked version, why not try alternatives to downloading Hestia Pro nulled or pirated? Then you can have one of the best themes in your portfolio.

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Hestia Theme

Made by ThemeIsle, Hestia has become a hit with WordPress users. It is now one of the most popular themes on the market. How many users do they have? The user base reaches into the hundreds of thousands. If you have any issues with running the theme, you are going to have a ton of help. There are plenty of forums set up so that people can get together and share what works. This is important since WordPress is so modular. You don’t have to just worry about how Hestia works. It needs to work with all the other programs and plugins out there.

When you look at reviews online, you have over two hundred people that gave Hestia five stars. This is social proof that this is a great product. Could you use this for your own site? Would it work well for a small business owner that is just getting started?

The Advantages Of Hestia

What are some of the best parts of using this theme? Let us take a look at some.

  • You have a free version you can try
  • Large user base for support
  • Very customizable

When you spring for the better version of Hestia, you are going to extend your capabilities even more. You also will be able to customize things to a greater degree. Feel free to use the free version as long as you want. If you think you can take advantage of the extra features, buy it for a low price.

One Pager

What is the main way that Hestia really shines? One of the best ways to use it will be for a one page site. One page sites are excellent for a couple of reasons. When you try to bump up your ranking in terms of SEO, the load speed is a huge factor. What do you think will load faster? If you have a large site that has many pages or just a one pager that has a few simple images? The answer is simple.

If you want really fast load times, go with the one page site. Use just one or two images so it won’t slow you down, and keep the functions very simple. Contact information is everything here. You are trying to entice people to call in or contact you through email. Make sure the phone number is easy to see and stands out. The same can be stated for the contact email as well. If you can manage it, you may want to also have a live chat feature in the lower right corner. We want to get people on the line so you can pitch your service like cleaning gutters, mold removal, or your car detailing.

The Downsides Of The One Pager

A one page site is awesome for SEO. You can’t load things up any faster. At the same time though, there are some drawbacks. First, you don’t have as many customization features. There are only so many headers and footers to pick from. This is going to be an issue if you are used to working with multiple different layouts.

If you think that you may have an issue with the one pager, try out the demo site. Then you can see if the limited options on color schemes and layouts will be a problem. If you need more design choices there is always a theme like Astra to pick from.

The Difference Between Free And Pro

The Difference Between Free And Pro

What can you look forward to when you pay the little extra to get the paid version? With Pro you will get the following:

  • Sliders
  • Video Backgrounds
  • A Portfolio Section for your work
  • Infinite Scrolling

These are just a few of the things that you can experiment with. A slider would be a great way to display products rapidly. Say you open up an online store that sells clothing. You want to promote the line for the winter to show off several new coats and jackets. A slider is the right way to do it. People don’t have to navigate around to try and find the new products. As soon as they hit your one pager, it will start to display what you are promoting.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are also important depending on the type of business you run. Maybe you run a business where you do video for the interior of homes. This is really important in the realm of real estate now. People may not always be able to visit the home, but they still want to feel like they are really there. Use a changing video background that you edited to show off your work! People won’t need to search around to see what you can do. It will pop up automatically for you and show off your skills.

Are Nulled Programs Really Dangerous?

We went over alternatives to downloading Hestia nulled. Do we really need to go through all of this work though? It seems like it is a bit much when you can just download a free version. Some might argue that they don’t have to worry about malware. After all, most of us have antivirus protection now.

There are some issues with this way of thinking. Some torrent files and download cracked software because they think they can outsmart the people writing the malware. They will tell you I don’t have to worry about a virus because I use a checksum system. I will be notified if there was a change made to the program. What is a checksum and why is this wrong?

Checksum – A small block of data that can discover errors created when you downloaded the program.

Most of the time, a checksum is done to make sure there were no mistakes when the plugin was being sent over to you. If you check the block of data and the figure checks out, you can be sure that the full program was transmitted over. People also use this method to try and avoid malware as well. They want to test the data integrity to make sure something extra was not added into the code where somebody will take over their computer remotely.

Using A Cracked Version Of Hestia Is A Mistake

Using A Cracked Version Of Hestia Is A Mistake

Even going through all the extra effort of using a checksum, you still are not going to be foolproof. The malware can alter the plugin you are downloading. If it is advanced enough, it can update itself, so the figure your checksum is looking for is met. The malware is still there, but it is now sending you the wrong data to trick you into downloading it. When you are dealing with virus writers, they know exactly what they are doing. Learn more about why you should think twice before downloading a Hestia Pro nulled version.

If you want to feel safe from malware, the better way to do it would be to have digital signatures. When a malware writer tries to tamper with a system like this, then it is detected. At this point, you know they added something to the code. The issue is these torrent files don’t do digital signatures. Most people don’t even know to look for something like this. Do you really want to put yourself at the mercy of a hacker because you thought you could trust pirated software?

Alternatives To Downloading Hestia Pro Nulled

What are the alternatives to downloading Hestia Pro nulled? Instead of trying to use the pro version using a torrent, why not utilize the free trial? It makes sense that people want to try out the pro version before they commit to paying for it. ThemeIsle understands this thought process. They give you a full month to experiment with their software before expecting you to pay for it.

If, for any reason, you feel like Hestia is not right for you, just return it. When you return digital goods, it is very simple. Unlike a brick and mortar store, you don’t need to keep track of physical receipts and go back to a store to stand in line. You simply contact the creator and let them know you changed your mind. The makers of Hestia will be more than happy to refund the money for you. They don’t lose anything when you decide to return the product. This is quite different from what happens when you try to return a physical product to a brick and mortar store.

Keep in mind, and this month-long trial also applies to you changing your plan. Maybe you get started with the Agency plan right off the bat. You can get the agency tier for $199.00, which comes with your ability to do a white label, and you also get priority support. Perhaps you test out this tier for about three weeks and then decide you could just settle for the lowest tier instead. Contact support, and they can get you switched over right away. It is easy for them to refund the money and then give you a different tier that might better fit your company. Not everybody is going to need the agency level of service where support is a priority.

Are you ready to give Hestia Pro a try?
Click the button & try out Hestia Pro for free.

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