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Alternatives to downloading Neve Pro NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

Alternatives to downloading Neve Pro NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

With excellent scores from GTmetrix and a focus on mobile, it isn’t hard to see why Neve Pro has so many users. It is one of the best themes on the market for developing pages for mobile. The cost begins at $59.00 and goes up from there to well over a hundred dollars. Some might be tempted to download a hacked version of the Pro theme. We analyzed many of the various cracked copies we found online. The results were startling. Antivirus scans revealed that these cracked copies are plagued with malware that can seriously harm your system. Therefore and because it is illegal, a Neve Pro nulled version seems like a bad idea.

On top of the fact that hackers can gain control of your site through hacked themes such as a Neve Pro nulled, we also have to consider the support aspect. Updates to the theme are provided only to paying customers. If somebody has a technical issue, the site where you got the pirated software won’t be able to help you. It is better to support the creators and check out the service with their 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to experiment with the product and see if it is for you for no money down.

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Why are users moving toward Neve? Let’s take a look at some aspects that make this a theme that is attracting users fast.

Aspects of Neve

When you get the personal version of Neve, you will only pay $59.00 on an annual basis. What comes with this?

  • You can boost Elementor
  • Scroll to the top
  • Create Custom Layouts
  • Boost your blog
  • Support for a full year for unlimited websites
  • Updates for a full year for unlimited websites

These are some great reasons to get started with Neve and try out the cheapest tier. When you pirate this program, you won’t have any of the updates that are offered here. If your version of WordPress gets upgraded, you also need to be able to upgrade your themes. Doing otherwise can create conflicts between plugins.

Keep in mind, and you are also going to get support as well for the year. We have all had experiences where something with your WordPress site doesn’t work quite right. Are you willing to waste time with a pirated copy that might have buggy code, or is it better to pay the low annual fee and have somebody to speak about?


Higher Tiers for Neve

When you run a business, you have greater needs than just a regular user. Many times, people are running complex stores using themes like Neve. If those stores go down, it can be thousands in lost revenue. When you go for the business plan on Neve, you only pay $99.00 for your annual charge. What does this come with?

  • You have access to premium sites
  • Added WooCommerce features
  • Priority Support

When you depend on WordPress for a large chunk of your income, these are going to be features that you need. If something goes wrong with the site, you need support right away because each hour that you are down, translating to a lot of lost revenue.

Agency Use

Neve also has plenty of options when you want to use the theme for clients. When you are with an agency, you can pay $159.00, which will get you all the options mentioned above. On top of that, you also have the ability to do white labeling. If you are selling web solutions to others using your agency, white-label solutions can become a great revenue stream you can get started. On top of that, you also have priority chat and live chat support. To recap, look at everything you can get when you get the highest tier of service for the annual price of $159.00.

  • Premium sites to use
  • WooCommerce Boost for your Agency
  • White Label Options
  • Priority Chat
  • Live Chat Support

If you are serious about making money with your agency, we urge you to look into all the options offered with the highest version of Neve.

Lifetime Ownership

If you have been using the theme for quite some time, you may realize that the Neve theme will be an ongoing cost for you. In a case like this, you can also explore the lifetime option. For an agency, you can have lifetime use for just $499.00. What are you going to get when you go with the license that lasts for your lifetime?

  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Priority Support

This is for users that know they want to use Neve on a consistent basis. If you are not sure that you will be using Neve for a long time, you would be saving money by just going with the annual fee. Weigh out everything between price and also what you want to do with the product. It is great that Neve offers so many different options where you can get the best price and most use out of your themes.

Neve theme Cracked

AMP Pages

One of the big reasons to go with Neve is when you get support for AMP. What exactly is AMP? It stands for Accelerated Mobile Page, and it got started by Google and Twitter. With both of these huge companies behind AMP, it is good to pay attention to what is going on with the new technology. We all know that when you can win favor with Google or Twitter, it is going to improve your rankings and also your revenue.

What are some advantages for AMP?

  • It is stripped-down HTML
  • Lightweight
  • Fast Loading

Neve was built from the beginning to work well with AMP. HTML pages are going to pop up for mobile much faster than usual. By taking out the parts that are not needed, you will lower your bounce rate and improve your SEO ranking. It is not only Google and Twitter, either. Many other large companies are supporting this initiative, as well.

Open Source

AMP is also open source. Anybody from around the world can support AMP. For developers, adding to open source projects like this is a great portfolio booster. Show off your skills at coding and improve the community at the same time. WordPress is open source and has been able to take advantage of that status by having people from all over the globe add to the project.

Cracked Versions of Neve Pro

We have looked at many reasons why we would want to use a paid-for version of Neve Pro. It comes with a huge number of advantages, and it is well designed for the mobile platform. Why are hacked versions of this offered? The reason may surprise you.

While it might seem like you are getting the plugin for free, you are paying for it behind the scenes. WordPress is the most used site builder. There were other competitors in the past, but WordPress has easily surpassed the rest of the competition to the point where it is the default builder for most people. The most recent figures say that WordPress controls more than 35% of the Internet now. This CMS continues to grow, and we forecast that the future will continue at a steady pace.

The wide amount of people using WordPress has created a giant target for hackers. More hackers target Windows versus Apple products. Hackers want to break into as many computers as possible. There might be some malware for Apple computers, but it won’t yield as many results. Similarly, people are targeting WordPress heavily since they want to compromise as many computers as possible.

Automated Attacks

While many don’t know this, there are constant attacks against WordPress sites around the clock. These automated bots are always looking for a way to get into your system using exploits. By downloading a cracked version of Neve, you are actually letting the hackers into your system. They no longer have to look for a hole in the security because you created the chink in your armor.

Installed programs like pirated plugins will notify the hacker that created the plugin and added the malware. Once they know your system has been compromised, they will give themselves full privileges. As the admin, they can use your site to send out spam, attack other computers, or create fraudulent SEO. If you had a good standing with Google, you could kiss that goodbye.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Instead of opening your system to hackers that want to infect your whole network, use the thirty-day guarantee that Neve offers. You are going to be able to use the theme for free for a full month. This gives you plenty of time to get used to the intricacies of the program. If you don’t like how it operates, return the theme, and you will get a full refund. This is the right way to try a theme that won’t put you at risk.

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Are you ready to give Neve Pro a try?
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