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Alternatives to downloading Ninja Forms NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

Alternatives to downloading Ninja Forms NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

With more than a million people using Ninja Forms, it has become one of the best forms of builders. The cost is not cheap for the full version, especially if you have multiple sites. We scanned copies that were nulled or cracked and found many disturbing things. The virus scan we did revealed several types of malware and viruses. These can erase your work, control your site to a hacker, and ruin your reputation. This article will provide you with alternatives to downloading Ninja Forms nulled/ cracked/ pirated.

Keep in mind also, and there are only updates for actual customers. The cracked versions of Ninja Forms will have no support from the developers. If you run into trouble, you can’t reach out to the creators and expect them to aid you when you are not a real customer. It is better to test the product using the 14-day refund policy. With this 14 day trial, you can experiment with the software and see if it is right for you. If not, get all of your money back and try another plugin.

Other options than downloading Ninja Forms nulled

Why are users deciding to go with Ninja Forms over other options? This plugin has a ton of features. With the new Gutenberg editor in the core version of WordPress, you have the option to create forms. Using their block system, you can easily insert forms onto your page and start collecting data from your users. Ninja Forms goes even more in-depth. With this plugin, you will have more features and choices for how you want to collect information.

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GDPR Compliant

In the past few years, we see that developers are more concerned than ever with making sure that they are GDPR compliant. Ninja Forms is going to make sure that you never run afoul of the new laws. It will not store information on customers that will put people at risk. Personal information should be considered a serious matter. Many sites are getting hacked each day, and people are being put at risk. Ninja Forms make the whole process easy with templates. Make compliance automatic with Ninja Forms, and you no longer have to worry about doing business in Europe.

Ninja Forms Templates

You can use templates that are built up for you. This gives you a head start if you fall behind in other areas with getting your website going. Why spend time putting together a form when it is already done for you? Ninja Forms had experts put together all the templates so they will look professional and work right away. The templates can address anything from contact forms where you want their address and phone number or an application form.

Use Ninja Forms when hiring new employees

If you are a company that is looking to hire new employees, Ninja Forms has your back. It can take a long time setting up all the forms and fields so that you can find the right person for the job. First, get started with a template that fits what you are looking for. Next, use the easy interface to get things set up. Last, Ninja Forms connects into systems you already have in place. Review the data at your leisure. In conclusion, it is a simple matter to get started with finding quality employees.

Boosting Business

Can Ninja Forms improve your business? Absolutely! Not only are you going to find it easier to find new workers, but they also provide great resources for setting up meetings and conferences. It is a simple thing to create a registration for your next big conference. Invite colleagues from other companies easily and store all the data in a database that is automatically linked.

You can also use Ninja Forms to …

You can also provide quotes to customers. Say you run a roofing company that is looking to expand. Customers may not always be able to reach you for a quote during the normal business hours. You can get around this by having a form set up that can collect their information. Have the potential customer fill out their information like the square footage and building materials needed. You can then follow up with them later by phone to push for the sale.

PayPal and Stripe are also supported. Once you give a customer a quote using one of the pre-built templates, seal the deal with getting their credit card processed fast. Many laws are surrounding accepting credit cards from customers. Make sure you are following the rules and go with forms that use PayPal or Stripe.

Pleasing to the Eye

The forms are designed to stand out and blend with the rest of the site. Tweak the colors and layout so that it matches everything else. We have all been there when you download a plugin that doesn’t match the look of the rest of your site. Ninja Forms is responsive, and it is going to display nicely on mobile. There is no reason to do a form twice when you are using Ninja Forms. The fields will all appear correctly on the given platform the customer decides to choose.

Pricing for Ninja Forms

We looked into the pricing for Ninja Forms, and it is high. Much higher than a lot of plugins for WordPress. Looking at their site, you can see if you just go with the first tier of service, it will cost you roughly fifty dollars. That is not even a one-time payment. You will need to continue to pay this fee each time you want to use Ninja Forms at the beginning of the billing year. Not only that, but the price goes up to about a hundred dollars after the introductory price.

This basic tier is only going to let you use Ninja Forms for one single site. That is fine if you only have one site, but many people who build sites for clients or run a business will have multiple sites. If you try to get Ninja Forms for unlimited sites, the cost will skyrocket. The introductory rate is going to cost you $249.50. Once this price expires and you renew at the start of the new year, the cost will double. Most people do not feel like they can spend close to five hundred dollars to use one plugin on unlimited sites. What is the solution?

Cracked Copies of Ninja Forms

Some may think it is a good idea to avoid the cost of Ninja Forms all together. It is not hard to Google for a nulled version of Ninja Forms. Many can rationalize this since they feel like software programmers are already wealthy. Software developers are indeed in demand, and they are paid well, but that doesn’t make it right to steal from them.

Others may say that they need to try out the software before they actually buy it. You can’t make a judgment about a plugin until you are actually able to use it for some period of time. If you like the program, at that point, you can purchase the real thing. There is a lot of trouble with this type of thinking. Let us take a look at one of these sites that provides cracked and nulled versions of plugins.

Nulled Sites

When you Google for free plugins, one of the sites that are always going to come up is WooCrack, the name is a play off of WooCommerce, and they promise you that all plugins will work great for just a fraction of the price. What is the truth about WooCrack? Is it safe to download from WooCrack? Absolutely not. Just look at some of the reviews that have been posted by users. Looking at a review on, you can see that WooCrack currently has a rating of 2.2 stars out of 5.0. This is for a good reason.

Reviewer opinions

One reviewer that gave WooCrack a score of just one star states that the burden is on the customers who thought they could save big with WooCrack instead of getting the real source’s plugin. They will promise you unlimited downloads when you go with their premium plan. This deal doesn’t even make sense! How can they offer unlimited downloads for plugins that we have seen cost upwards of five hundred dollars each year? It doesn’t make business sense.

The reviewer went on to say that they got no support on the plugin that they were trying to download. When they ran into trouble getting Gravity Forms to work, there was nobody to contact. Now they were out the money that they paid to WooCrack just to have a broken plugin. Do you want to feel like you just gave money to a company run by thieves who also can’t be bothered to support their product?

The Perks of Supporting Developers

When you buy the real version of Ninja Forms, you won’t be getting the product at a small fraction of the price. The software does cost quite a bit on an annual basis. Customers should be willing to pay this though for multiple reasons.

Before the advent of WordPress and drag and drop builders, how much would you need to pay a web developer to put together your website? The writer of this article interviewed a UI/UX expert and asked them how much they are paid. They said a typical rate is around fifty US dollars an hour! For just a simple one page website, the hourly rate needs to be multiplied by eight to ten hours. It is not a simple matter to put together even just a one-page site.

Ninja forms refund policy

The Cost of Development

Looking at the above paragraph, you can see how high the cost will be just to get a professional to layout the visual part of the site. For a programmer skilled at JavaScript, the price will be similar in terms of the hourly rate. When you start adding up the cost for all these professionals, is Ninja Forms really that high?

Plus, you have to remember that you also get support for your product. Any crack website offering plugins are not going to be able to help you. They will charge you to download the plugins and then disappear when you are running into trouble.

Use the free version of Ninja Forms. It is great for testing the product before you decide to spring for the paid version. Once you get the paid version, contact them whenever you want, and they are going to give you technical help. Now that is a great deal!

Are you ready to give Ninja Forms a try?
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