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Alternatives To Downloading UpdraftPlus NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

Alternatives To Downloading UpdraftPlus NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

UpdraftPlus makes it a trivial task to backup all your work automatically. With just one plugin, you won’t have to worry about doing backups on your own since the system will do it for you. There are multiple copies of UpdraftPlus you can find online that are nulled or cracked copies. Should you use these to see if the software is a good fit? We used antivirus software on the torrent versions of UpdraftPlus and noticed that things came back with multiple versions of malware. What are alternatives to downloading UpdraftPlus nulled or pirated? We went through free options you have that can help you avoid getting hit with a virus.

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Free Trial For UpdraftPlus

Most plugins give you an option to get the plugin for two weeks or a full month for you to make up your mind. UpdraftPlus is awesome because they will let you use the software for as long as you would like! That is right. The free version works very well.

You may automatically think that this is too good to be true. How could they make any money off a totally free service? The trick is to get the customer comfortable with the plugin and once they like the workflow, they will become a paying customer. If you check with our site frequently, you can see if there are coupons being offered so that you can download the pro version at a deep discount.

UpdraftPlus For Free

If you get the free version, it is fully functional. At no point is it going to delete your backup information so don’t worry! They have a range of features that are going to really surprise you. Let’s look at a few.

  • WordPress Backup
  • Remote Storage
  • DropBox, Google Drive, FTP
  • Email Reporting

That is a huge amount of features that you can take advantage of when you don’t have the money to pay. If you run a WordPress site, you need a backup ASAP.

Some might contend that a backup is not needed. You might argue that you don’t torrent strange files. How would you get a virus that might compromise you? The truth is that this can only protect you so much.

Zero day exploits are constantly popping up. What does this mean?

UpdraftPlus For Free

0 Day Exploits

Going to WordFence is a great way to get more information on hacking and how to keep your site safe. From there, we have a guide to zero day exploits which helps us understand them better and the need for security. What is a zero day exploit?

Zero Day Exploit – a vulnerability that has not been disclosed or patched by software vendors.

To understand the term, we can go back to the hacking and warez scene of the 1990’s. Here, hackers would break into giant mainframes and steal software to share with their friends. This scene actually still continues today as people trade commercial software with each other. This of course is completely illegal but people continue the tradition.

For these hackers, when they would put up new hacked software, they would put it into different categories. For software that was available for thirty days, that would go into a folder that was marked 30 day. The most valuable software though would be things that had not been released yet. The software was brand new and even the public didn’t have access. These valuable programs were zero day programs.

Hacking Continues

Just like meme culture and online lingo, this phrase zero day has continued. We no longer use a BBS to try and access a zero day program stolen from Bell Labs. Instead, now hackers are looking for exploits that have not been released to the public. These are the zero day exploits that even the vendor doesn’t know about. This means there is no patch out there because people don’t realize it is an issue.

To give you an idea of how serious this is, consider the case of the Stuxnet worm. For this hack, four different zero day hacks were used that most people didn’t know about. The hack targeted the nuclear weapons Iran was trying to develop. If you think you can’t be targeted by a zero day virus or exploit, keep this in mind. The Iranian machinery was destroyed by this virus. Would you want something similar to happen to your computer?

Guarding Our Data

We now have a better idea of the threats that exist out there. All of these are good reasons why we would want to invest in software like UpdraftPlus. In many cases, it is not if your system will be hacked. The issue is when you will be hacked. Are you going to be ready?

By having a remote backup or several remote backups ready, you can save yourself time and grief. For people that are not using any sort of backup, they are playing with fire. All it takes is one issue and you will have your work wiped out. This could equate to hours spent trying to catch up again. Do you want to risk having thousands of SEO articles all deleted at once? For a large site that gets hacked, many take months to get restored back to normal if there is no backup in place.

UpdraftPlus made it very simple to backup your WordPress site. You have many different options to pick from as to where to save the information. You can choose from Dropbox, Google Drive, File Transfer Protocol, S3, Rackspace, or even your own email.

This means you can pick any storage that you might be familiar with. Dropbox is very popular with many large companies and allows you to easily save large files and pass them over to people on your team. You also have FTP where you can transfer a backup that you have over to your computer. This is great if you feel like you can’t trust Google to keep your data private. Hold the backup on your computer so that it is always in reserve. Another popular option is email. You control your email and it won’t matter if all the files on your computer are wiped then.

UpDraftPlus Paid Version

What are some alternatives to downloading UpdraftPlus nulled? We went over the free version they give you. Are there any other alternatives to downloading UpdraftPlus nulled? There is of course getting the paid version.

When you go with the pro version, you are going to have access to a ton of new tools that you didn’t have before. You get the following:

  • Clone Tool
  • Migrate more easily
  • Detailed Scheduling
  • Encryption

We can see how valuable these options really are.


If you have trade secrets that you need to keep hidden from plain sites, you need to invest in the pro version. Competitors are going to be very interested in a backup version of your website. Think about all the data they could get from you if they were able to get a hold of a backup. All of those customers and orders that you need to take care of are now in their hands. They could tell where you are getting your products. In turn, they may even try to disrupt your supply chain and make trouble for your suppliers overseas.

When you run a business, it is not just important to have a backup for your website, it also needs to be secure. When you go with UpdraftPlus Pro, your data is going to be secure. With their level of security, the competition is not going to be able to get into your files even if they manage to breach your computer or your email. That should make it easy for you to rest at night knowing that this company has your back and the encryption is going to be strong.

Alternatives To Downloading UpdraftPlus NULLED / Cracked / Pirated Conclusion

Cloning And Migration

Another thing to consider with the pro version is going to be the ability to clone a site. If you want to expand your business and have a few spin off products, this is a great way to do it. You can keep all the same styling from the first site and easily port it over to a new domain. That makes it very simple to create web sites in rapid succession.

It also makes it easy to move your operation over to a new host. There won’t be any concern of losing data when you make the move because everything is cloned and there are multiple copies available. If you feel your host is too slow or you could get better service with somebody else, use this feature to make the switch with no fear.

Alternatives To Downloading UpdraftPlus NULLED / Cracked / Pirated Conclusion

In conclusion, we don’t recommend a cracked version. There are many alternatives to downloading UpdraftPlus nulled. You don’t need to risk a virus. Instead, go with the paid version after you try the free trial. You can use the free version as long as you would like until you want to upgrade. At that point you will have free upgrades, support for the year, and a full gigabyte of storage. That should be more than enough for your WordPress site.

Ready to give UpdraftPlus Premium a try? Click the button & try it out for free.

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