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Alternatives To Downloading Visual Composer NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

Alternatives To Downloading Visual Composer NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

Visual Composer already comes with a free option that is full of excellent options for web designers. If you want a great drag and drop builder for free, Visual Composer is one of the best options. Many have noticed that the pro option comes with even more features. Should you be tempted to download a cracked copy? What are the alternatives to downloading Visual Composer nulled, cracked, or pirated? We are going to take a brief look at Visual Composer and what it can do for you. This article will also cover why you want to avoid a cracked copy and what you should download instead.

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Pirated Copies Of Visual Composer

The web is full of piracy and copyright theft. Why is this? Piracy is big business in ways that you might not expect. Take for example the multiple torrent sites that brag they can offer you free versions of expensive programs that can cost you thousands each year. Despite many steps taken against piracy, expensive programs such as Photoshop continue the battle against users that don’t want to support the product.

Some are tempted to try out these free programs. It can be rationalized that it is not actual stealing because you are not taking a physical product off the shelves. The mistake that they are making is that theft is only hurting them in the end. Many movie piracy sites will have crypto mining programs running that utilize resources from your computer to gain profit for them. Even countries like North Korea have engaged in using computers from other countries to gain profit through this new type of currency.

When you download a program from one of these sites, they may be using your computer to mine currency for them. Even worse, they may package the software with code that is hidden and working behind the scenes. This software will notify them by email when somebody installs the program. Once they have tricked you with free software, they can give themselves full access to your system. Do you really want to give a criminal full access to your computer? There is no telling what they might use your system for. If you want to avoid this you need to think about alternatives to downloading Visual Composer nulled, cracked, or pirated.

Using Visual Composer For Free

Pirating Visual Composer makes little sense. The developers of Visual Composer have already put out a wonderful product and give you access to it. Most people are not aware of how easy it is to install and get started. When you are first starting off, you may be browsing their main page to check out the features. There is an option to download the builder as a zip file, but we recommend a faster and easier way to get everything installed.

From your dashboard, simply look on the left hand side. You are going to have an option for plugins. Click on that and then search for Visual Composer. It is that simple. The correct program should be the first one that comes up in your search. Download the plugin and then install it. This saves you the time of trying to input a zipped file that is saved to the memory of your desktop or laptop.

Once you have everything activated, you will see the option to go with the free version or the pro version. Before considering pirating the real thing or buying it, why not experiment with the free version first? This way you can see if the software will be right for you or your team. From here, the Hub will ask for an email. Use any email that you want. If you don’t want to receive spam later, use an email that is fake. It won’t matter and you will still be given a key to access the plugin. That is it. Copy the key over and plug it into the system. Now you are ready to make your first page.

Using Visual Composer For Free

Many Choices

Once you start to see all the different options that you get with the free version of Visual Composer, you will notice this is the best out of all the alternatives to downloading Visual Composer nulled, cracked, or pirated. Using your navigation on the left side, click the icon that will take you to the Visual Composer Hub. If you hover over the icon, it will show you what each icon does here. It should be right above the checkmark that allows you to publish your page.

From this Hub, you are going to notice that Visual Composer gives you a ton of choices for a free option. You can take your pick from templates, elements, headers, and also footers. If you are not interested in paying for Visual Composer, they did a good job of dividing up everything into the paid model or the free version. You won’t have to search through pages of options to put together your free site.

Free Templates From Visual Composer

Now that you have your first page started, let us go through some of the basics that you can accomplish with the free version. Go to templates if you want a head start. No need to make a page from scratch. Just pull a layout that is already created. You can pick from a basic landing page, simple blog article, or a photography portfolio. That is just scratching the surface. If you wanted to, you could create a great site from just the free options that they have here.

Go ahead and click on a template that you like. You will see a spinning icon that indicates it is downloading. When it is done, click the plus sign and you will be brought to a new page. Here you will notice how easy it is to change everything. Change the text by just clicking on the page and then typing. Everything is very intuitive. When you upgrade to a paid version, this is how it will work. Very easy to work with.

Take for example changing the text for one of these templates. The words will be highlighted to clearly show you what you are working on. From here, there are so many ways you can customize what you are looking at. Change the font with just a few clicks from your mouse. Shift the font size up or down. Check out what the alignment looks like and watch everything change in real time. If you don’t like a change you made, you have two clearly marked arrows on the left side. Now you can undo changes so that you can revert back to the site that you had just a moment ago. In our opinion, this builder is one of the easiest to use and one of the easiest to install.

Free Elements

I have worked with the free version for some drag and drop builders. While they say the builder is free, they give you hardly anything to work with! You won’t have a good idea of how the software works when you are given just one or two templates to draw from. Visual Composer is very generous with their free version which is why we can recommend it. Even with the free elements, you can see how much they are giving away for free.

Take for example social media. Unless you have not been paying attention for the past several years, social media is exploding. Less people are looking toward the news and television for information. It is becoming more popular to have an expert in the field recommend what you should buy. If you want to become a person of influence in your field, you are going to need a slick website and a way to advertise your different social channels. Visual Composer makes this a simple thing to accomplish.

Need to embed the location of your business? There is a free element you can insert for that. Perhaps you want to embed a popular post that you did with your Instagram. Not a problem. Just go to your elements and then click on the Instagram icon. The spinning icon indicates it is downloading and then the plus sign will allow you to insert the post. Everything is taken care of for you so that you won’t need a coding background. Plug in the URL for the Instagram post, select the dimensions, and even animate it if you are trying to grab the attention of people. You won’t find many free versions that give you this level of control.

Alternatives To Downloading Visual Composer NULLED / Cracked / Pirated Conclusion

Alternatives To Downloading Visual Composer NULLED / Cracked / Pirated Conclusion

We looked at some of the issues that can pop up if you are using a pirated version of Visual Composer. Instead of worrying about viruses and malware, you would be better off using the free version. We gave you a short tutorial to show you how easy it is to install and what you can do with so many free layouts. Continue to check back on a frequent basis with Superb Themes. We are always doing reviews on the latest in software and letting you know what the best free products are. We hope to see you back here again soon.

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