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Alternatives to downloading WP Rocket NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

Alternatives to downloading WP Rocket NULLED / Cracked / Pirated

WP Rocket is a popular method for speeding up your site overall when you are low on time. As long as you can commit three minutes, you will be able to start taking advantage of things like lazy loading, asynchronous loading and putting scripts on pause. One issue with WP Rocket is the high price. If you are an agency with many different websites, you will have to pay roughly $250.00 just to use WP Rocket on all the sites you control as the webmaster. The price might tempt you to try to get a WP Rocket NULLED version, but we advise you not to. Read this article to learn why!

The Best Way to try WP Rocket

You may feel that the cost is too high for you to really see if WP Rocket will end up saving you money in the long run. Is there a hack so that you can use WP Rocket for free? Absolutely. The best way to try it out is through the free trial.

WP Rocket doesn’t have a free trial in the traditional sense. You can’t have access to an account that will just allow you to use it for as long as you want. However, you can always go for the fourteen-day money-back guarantee. This is the perfect way to check and see if you will save money with WP Rocket.

Are you ready to give WP Rocket a try? Click the button & try out WP Rocket for free!

Nulled Software

To truly understand why hackers are giving away free software, we need to think about this logically. It takes time and expertise to hack premium software. It is not a simple feat to bypass the security for a piece of software. It takes days or even weeks to figure out how to remove security measures from the code.

If you think about the world of video game piracy, different groups will often have several hackers all working together just to break the encryption present on paid software. These warez or plugins that have been hacked are distributed through different channels until they finally land on the regular download sites. Why would hackers put in so much time to hack software and just give it away for free?

WP Rocket Interface

Free Software is Often Hacked

It seems that there is no benefit for hackers to crack software for other users and then distribute it out for free. How do they get compensated for their time? Why do they engage in behavior that could land them in prison or force them to pay big fines?

The real payoff for hackers is below the surface. While it may seem like they are some sort of Robin Hood-type figure taking from the rich and then giving to the poor, they are just cybercriminals. When they distribute their plugins, it is for a selfish motive, and they are looking to profit in hidden ways.

Free Plugins on WordPress

WordPress has a huge amount of plugins that you can access. Each one will add a new set of features and give you extra options you didn’t have before. The issue with this is that WordPress is fully open-source. It is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, the community can create great plugins for people to use, which creates a strong community.

Hackers will put together plugins because of functions that they won’t tell you about when you are downloading it. For example, they may insert a backdoor in your system. This means they can log in at any time and give themselves the same authority as the admin. They may also want to start putting their ads on your various sites to bring in revenue from their products. This spam will end up hurting your reputation with not only customers but Google as well. So again, no WP Rocket nulled versions.

Examples of Hacked Plugins

Security-based blogs will often use hacked plugins as an example. They discovered on an infected site that there was a plugin that was being given away for free. When a scan was done, something suspicious in the .php file didn’t look right.

The block of code looked like a strange combination of letters and numbers. It was just gibberish. No problem with that since many paid plugins will try to hide how their code functions, so other companies don’t copy the code. If paid plugins did not disguise how the code functioned, it would be easy to copy the PHP, and then you would have an issue where nobody would want to pay for code that is freely on display.

Decryption of the Block

Decryption of the Block

The security team decided to dive in further and see what was going on with this code that had an unknown function. It took the team several attempts and passed to see the two functions that were at play.

In this case, the first function could send an email to the hacker. This makes sense since it would not make sense for the criminal to wait around to see if they can log into sites that took the bait. Once somebody downloads the fraudulent plugin, the hacker will be alerted, and they will want to get to work.

The second function was the one that executed the payload. It would give administrative privileges to a user if you passed along a specific parameter in the URL. This would ensure that he already knew the password and now have access to your whole site. The hacker could make as many changes as they wanted now.

Be on Guard When Testing NULLED Versions of WP Rocket

Just looking at this one example for a secure site, we can start to get an idea of just how bad it would be to use a hacked plugin. These criminals are very sophisticated. You might feel like you are getting a good deal when you have the plugin for free, but you end up paying in other ways.

Once somebody else has control, it would not be hard for them to turn your whole site into a factory that will be pumping out spam links and ruining your standing with Google.

How to get a Cracked Version of WP Rocket?

Looking at the overall price of WP Rocket, you may feel like it is easier just to get a cracked version of WP Rocket. When the lowest price comes in at about fifty dollars for the cheapest version of the product, it is hard to justify the cost when you don’t know how much WP Rocket will really save you in the end.

You can try out the product with cracked software before you buy it and perhaps buy it later. Many will reason that it is just software, so it is not actually stealing. The creator of the product is not losing anything. There are a few issues with this way of thinking. Let us look at why hackers are giving away free software.

How to get a Cracked Version of WP Rocket?

The Price of WP Rocket

We have gone over just some of the flaws in the thinking you can get away with a cracked version of WP Rocket. In many ways, you will end up paying more.

If you are interested in just one site with WP Rocket, the cost is a one-time payment for $49.00. You will also get a year with their support team at this price point. That is really valuable when you think about it and allows you to contact them at any point when you have an issue. All of that for roughly fifty dollars is a very good deal. This starter tier would be perfect for somebody that is just starting their business.

The More Expensive Versions of WP Rocket

The next tier will run you $99.00. You will also get updates for a full year and the same great support team. Feel free to ask them questions about how any of the features work. It may seem daunting at first with deferred script loading and asynchronous JavaScript, but the team of experts can help you with all the issues and start to give you tips on how to succeed. You can work with three sites using this plan, so it would be for somebody with an established brand and several websites that need attention.

The last tier will be the most expensive, but it is the best deal depending on your circumstances. For $249.00, you can have WP Rocket on as many websites as you would like. That is huge. The savings will be significant if you run your own agency. Feel free to use the service for all of your clients!


In conclusion, trying to use a nulled version of WP Rocket is risky. You can get these plugins for free, but many times they come with extra, hidden features that want to give them control of your system. We looked at an example of a free plugin that could email the hacker once you install it. At this point, he just had to pass the right string along in the URL, and then it would give them admin rights. This is scary because it can undo any positive SEO and marketing that you were working on. Do things the right way and try WP Rocket with the fourteen-day money-back guarantee.

Are you ready to give WP Rocket a try? Click the button & try out WP Rocket for free!

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