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Alternatives to using Grammarly NULLED/Cracked/Pirated

Alternatives to using Grammarly NULLED/Cracked/Pirated

If you do any writing for school or in the workplace, you probably have heard of Grammarly. It can identify most of the spelling errors that occur in your writing plus grammar that needs to be adjusted. All of this is free and no charge. If you want the pro version, it costs $29.95. Is there a way to avoid this charge and get a nulled Grammarly version? We took a look at several copies of Grammarly that were nulled and didn’t like what we found. It seems that hackers have put malware into many of the online copies that are NULLED.

Amongst other things, we took a look at Grammarly Pro versions that were nulled and didn’t like what we found. It may not seem like a huge issue if malware is in the program if you can get it for free, but this can result in your stolen personal data. Not only that, but you may also end up losing your job. What if you infect the whole network with a stolen piece of software? It is much better just to use the free version first. Get used to the program and then buy it for real. Furthermore, using cracked versions is morally wrong.

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The Cost of Grammarly

Many may criticize the fact that it costs close to thirty dollars each month to check your grammar and spelling, which is the primary reason people look for Grammarly alternatives. Google Docs and programs like Word from Microsoft already do things like this. Why would you want to pay for something that is already offered?

Many text editors will indeed give you many of the features offered by Grammarly. You may also feel like you can’t handle another monthly bill. You have a cell phone to pay for. Maybe you also still pay for cable television even though you are thinking about cutting the cord. With times that are difficult for most economically right now, it might seem like a good idea to save money with cracked software. We will go over several reasons why you want to avoid this type of thinking.

The Difference with Grammarly

Writing is important. This is a blunt fact that we all need to accept. If you are interested in buying a product and then you see sales material that is full of strange language and spelling mistakes, odds are you are not going to buy the product. We have all seen people offering services online where their control of the language is not quite there. That makes you feel like if you use their service, it won’t be of high quality.

When you are in school, it is even more important to make sure your writing is on point. When you are in a college or university, your grade depends on your ability to communicate your ideas and points. If you do poorly, you can hurt your final grade and attempt to get a good-paying job.

How to Save on Grammarly

While it is true that nobody wants yet another monthly bill, there are many ways you can save on Grammarly so that you don’t feel the need to seek out a nulled copy. First, you could think about paying quarterly for the service. When you go for this option, the price will drop to just around twenty dollars every month. That works out to $239.76 for the year. When you go for the annual plan, the price drops even further!

When you go with an agreement where you pay for Grammarly for the full year, you can get the service for $11.66 each month. That is practically just ten bucks each month to make sure you are writing well and not embarrass yourself at the next big board meeting or on your term paper. The best way to think about this is to try out the free version first, get used to how the program works, and then decide if ten dollars each month is worth it. No need to use a cracked or nulled version of Grammarly.

Last, of all, consider also that in many cases, you are going to be able to use Grammarly as a write off on taxes. Any software you are using in your business will be used to offset taxes at the end of the tax year. Who runs a business where no writing is involved? We all do enough writing to justify using a program that will help you communicate with people better.

Is it Really Worth the Money?

Is it Really Worth the Money?

We have gone over why we don’t want to get a cracked version for Grammarly. We also have considered some of the best ways to save money on this amazing piece of software. Is it really needed when you can access MS Word for free?

Word is better than having just your own eyes to scan through the document. MS Word helps you find very obvious and glaring errors. The thing is, though, it won’t catch things like homonyms that are misused. What is a homonym?

This is a word that sounds the same as another word, but it has a different meaning. Examples would be one and won. Another example would be the flu and flying. Grammarly is in tune with picking up on mistakes like this. Artificial intelligence is at a much better point to catch context than MS Word.

If you are a person that is just learning English or perhaps it is a second language for you, Grammarly is what you need to make sure you are not making mistakes that are going to create a lot of embarrassment and confusion. When you communicate with people over the Internet, just one mistake with a homonym will bring your whole business into question.

Think, for example, if you use the sentence “We worked hard yesterday and won that game.” What does this even mean to me? How about this example. “I was working too hard and didn’t take care of myself. That caused me to catch the fly.” Native speakers will be very confused as the words are being used with the wrong context, and that will reflect poorly on you.

Should I try the Free Version?

We covered some of the really big mistakes that Grammarly is going to help you with. Should you pick the free version instead of using MS Word in the future to review your work? The answer is huge, yes! When reviewers and professional writers tested both of them, they found that using the free version of Grammarly would be much better than MS Word.

Grammarly was developed with the focus on making sure you don’t make spelling mistakes or grammar errors. That is the sole intention of the piece of software. It just makes sense that it would be more in tune with your writing and catching errors as opposed to MS Word, which does a large variety of things.

When you try out the free version, it will let you know mistakes have been made and then prompt you to pay for the service so that you can see where you went wrong. At just ten bucks for the year, you won’t have to worry any longer, knowing that there are issues with your writing that you are not aware of.

An Education in Grammar

Not only does Grammarly inform you when you made a slip-up, but it will also provide a small note that gives you an idea of what you did wrong. This is useful for those that didn’t pay attention enough in school. Consider it an extended education. You can use the explanation and decide if the note is accurate, and you need to change what you wrote.

Perhaps you disagree with the explanation, and you want to keep things the way they were before. That is completely fine. Grammarly will not force you to change anything. We all know about the notorious Oxford comma. Some writing styles will demand that you use the Oxford comma while others tell you to omit it. When you use Grammarly, you make the final decision.

Help for Those That Need It

Consider all the people who may be at a disadvantage and need to use a program like Grammarly. Individuals with learning disabilities have reported that using a system like Grammarly has helped immensely. People with dyslexia have found that Grammarly has been just what they needed to help them read better and write for large audiences.

Keep in mind, each time you make a mistake with the paid versions, it will be highlighted so that you can learn from your mistake. The notes provided will slowly train you on how to avoid similar mistakes in the future. If you are not taking advantage of this software, you won’t be progressing in your writing or use of the English language. It is important always to be learning and advancing in areas like this to continue to rise in your career and seek out better opportunities. Why even try a pirated copy of Grammarly?

Grammarly Nulled Alternatives Conclusion

We have talked about why it would be such a big mistake to use a cracked/nulled copy of Grammarly. This excellent program is very cost-efficient, and you can always consider it a business write off. Avoid malware and go with the annual plan if you are worried about the cost. It will open up many more doors for you in the future.

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