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Appmysite Review – Is It Worth It?

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How much does it really cost to make an app in 2021? The truth might be hard to believe at first. Even with so many advancements in coding and creating websites, the cost for an app on the low end will start at 40k USD. That is just the price you will pay starting! Need something more complex? Our research and knowledge in the industry have told us the price won’t be below. For a complex application, expect to go well over six figures. To hire a seasoned pro who can quickly put together an application, you are looking at paying them 90k on an annual basis. One solution is Appmysite. In our Appmysite review, we wanted to review what this can do for you. Should you give it a try? Let us get started with this Appmysite review!

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Why You Should Consider Appmysite

First, we need to look at why Appmysite is needed. Next, we want to cover if this will be a good solution for your current products and services. Applications have never been more popular. This holds for mobile applications as well as the ones found on desktops.

In the first paragraph, we went over one of the big hurdles you need to cross. The cost of developing an application is high. Unless you are a coding wiz, you will need a successful business that can fund app development. Moreover, that application will need to be updated. What about security? All of these are factors that need to be carefully considered.

This is why Appmysite is gaining more popularity. First, you can bypass the concern of hiring a pro to craft a customized application for your product. More importantly, you can do everything on your own. There is no complex training needed to get started. If you have ever wanted to get your brand in the app store, now is your chance. In our Appmysite review, we will cover both pros and cons of this service. Let’s get deeper into the topic with the pros first.


To get started, what are the pros to be considered?

  • Cost is low compared to using a developer
  • Easily create applications for any operating system
  • You are in control instead of the developer
  • No coding is needed

When putting an application together, one of the biggest factors is control. Most importantly, will you, as the business owner, have control over what goes out to the public? When dealing with application developers, you may find that they charge a low-cost upfront, but the product that they produce in the end is below the industry standard. If you are a business owner who likes to feel like they control every aspect of the business, it is important to be in charge of what goes out with your application.

Next, working with Appmysite can help make sure you hit any deadline that has been set with your business plan. In the above paragraph, we talked about getting back the product that you want on your timeline. Developers may be extremely busy and move bugs or glitches with your application to the back of the queue. It isn’t easy to find quality developers that are strictly committed to your project. Moreover, if they are only focused on your one application, the cost will reflect this.

Example Business Plan

Creating your own application without the help of developers ensures that it comes out when you expect it. Combine this with a new product launch or a new service launch. For instance, if you are a clothing company rolling out a new lineup for the summer, your site’s application must also launch by that date. All aspects of the business must work together in tandem. Using a service like Appmysite can make sure the app development happens correctly. Our Appmysite review wanted to highlight these factors that make it a good choice for simple applications.

Think about how much stronger your next ad campaign would be if your new products were launched simultaneously as a custom application. Customers will regard your brand differently when they see you are on the cutting edge of technology and marketing. Applications also provide new avenues for sales. For example, your application can make buying online with a mobile phone easier than using a website on a mobile. Utilizing new revenue streams like this shows your company is becoming future-proof. The increase in importance for applications will continue to grow. Ensure your company is ready and find the best ways to put out new applications on all platforms.

Cons To Consider

Applications are just getting more complex. A lot of this comes from the fact that new technologies are always evolving. In fact, applications today may include integration with IoT, blockchain, or VR functionality. For cases like this, you will struggle to integrate them well with your application. The drawbacks include the following:

  • Not suitable for complex applications
  • Should be updated on a regular basis
  • Coding is not needed, but you still should be aware of security concerns

While coding is not a concern, you should still think about the security of your application. For example, when an audit was done of the AppleApp Store applications back in 2017, it was discovered that close to a hundred of the applications were communicating over channels that were not encrypted and secure. This is a huge problem if you want to protect your customers. In fact, if your communication is not secure for your app, it can lead to snooping and your customers having their personal information leaked.

In general, you won’t need to learn complex coding methods to bring your application to the market. Still, you will need to understand basic security for your application to avoid litigation and penalties from the government. Moreover, you will not be able to create complex applications without the help of a developer. Just like WordPress themes can only be taken so far, you can’t expect the same level of quality you would get with a developer. Keep this in mind as you plan out your business strategy. You might need to scale back your goals and aspirations if you plan on a complex application involving VR and AR capabilities.

Appmysite Review Pricing

What is the pricing like? We know that pricing out a plan for an app developer will have a high price tag. Can you cut costs when you go with Appmysite? Absolutely. One of the big selling points is you don’t pay for an application until you are comfortable with it. They allow you to construct the application and then see how it works before you pick a plan. You can think of this as an Appmysite trial period. It won’t expire, and you can always come back to pick a plan when ready.

Starter Plan – The starter plan is the lowest-paid tier. It features the following:

  • Use it on Android
  • Syncs well with payment gateways
  • Dynamic menus
  • Works well with WordPress and Woo products
  • Unlimited push notifications

This is a great deal for the low price of only $9.00. The fact that you can get your application into the store for a little more than a hundred dollars USD for the year is an excellent deal. If you are on a budget and can’t afford the cost of a custom developer, this will be the next best thing. Since you can monetize the app soon, it will pay for itself. For example, just selling one WordPress theme for twenty dollars would cover your expenses for several months. You will struggle to find a better deal when creating apps for the market. What about the next step up?

Pro Tier

What about a higher level of pricing? How can we get into the App Store? This will be on the mind of many of the business owners. If you don’t have access to the store set up by Apple, you leave out a huge chunk of your potential market. How much does it cost to expand the demographics that you can appeal to? To the surprise of many, the jump in price is not very high. Pricing is still under twenty dollars for the month. You have access to Apple customers, and you can also have more people working on the project. Let’s take a quick look at the highlights.

The Highest Tier – You get even more options at the pro level.

  • Distribute your app on Android and Apple
  • Reach more audiences
  • White label the product

We all know that the Apple platform is trendy regarding mobile devices. They set trends for what will be popular regarding mobile hardware and applications. However, getting your application into the App Store is not accessible, reflecting the increased price. You will be charged $19.00 monthly but can collaborate with three team members at this tier. For example, if you work with a content writer, UI/UX pro, and yourself, you can access the application, making development much easier.

Appmysite Review Conclusion

In conclusion, we can see that this is a great way to get started with your first app. Of course, you won’t have the same capabilities as a custom app, which is reflected in the low monthly cost. Feel free to use it as long as you like and experiment with the interface before picking a monthly plan. With costs this low, a monetized application will quickly pay for itself. We give this product a big thumbs up!

Get Appmysite for $9 per month!

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