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Astra Premium Sites – Astra Premium Site License

Astra Premium Sites

Coming up with the right design for your site can be stressful. You have already heard of writer’s block. Coding block is becoming more well known. It seems some of us also get design blocks. Staring at a giant screen with nothing on it can leave us scratching our heads. What about Astra premium sites? Instead of looking at your tools with no idea how they should interact, you can utilize premium sites through Astra now. We will go over how to install these, what pricing is going to look like, and how you can take advantage of this great product.

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How Do You Install Astra Premium Sites?

WordPress is an excellent platform since it is so easy to install both free and premium plugins. For Windows, you might need an extra framework to get a GUI to function correctly. With Astra premium sites, you download a plugin. If you have used plugins before, you will have no problem getting started.

Make sure you download from the proper repository to ensure you don’t get any malware. is always a trusted site that stays up to date with the latest patches and updates. Now, when you activate this plugin, you will have access to the cloud library. You won’t need to worry about staring at a blank screen. Instead, pick a great-looking site from the huge collection that they have shown.

Astra will tell you exactly what the requirements are to run on your system and the plugins you will need. These demo sites are meant to give you an idea of what you can do with the platform. Once you pick a demo site you like, download the corresponding plugins to be able to edit things and customize them for your business. Now you can see why these Astra premium sites are so popular. Check out a demo site that you enjoy, download a few extra files, and you will have a copy for yourself!

Will It Work For Me?

Will it work for you? Many assume that they are in a specific industry that won’t have a pro site that they can work with. That could not be further from the truth. The cloud library has a large library of different businesses to pick from. Take a look at just a few of the highlights that you can get with Astra.

  • Gardening and growing
  • Hotel
  • Agency for digital and traditional marketing
  • Restaurant and catering
  • Construction including electrical, plumbing, and concrete, etc.
  • Makeup artist

This is just a small sample of what you can access with these premium sites. You may wonder what you can do if your industry is not shown specifically. Not a problem!

Take, for example; you are starting a business that is centered around vertical gardening. This is gaining more traction as people discover that you can do vertical gardening with very little soil inside a city. The gardening templates that are already in use are perfect for this. When you have the right tools, you can tweak any text, images, and videos on the site.

Quickly replace a generic logo with your own logo. Erase the text that comes with the premium site and start your own blog with the SEO phrases you are looking for. We are sure you already have some pictures that you downloaded and want to use. Easily erase the old pictures from the demo site and replace them with your own. No matter what industry you work in, you can find a similar site that has already been set up and then customize things for your situation.

Pro Pricing

Pro pricing is very reasonable, and there are multiple ways to save here. The first tier for pro is currently on sale, so if you hurry to access it, you can take advantage of their sale.

Astra Pro – $47.00 – You will get all of the Astra Pro Features so that you can start modifying those amazing-looking sites that you saw are part of the cloud library. You also will get over a hundred different free starter templates. It is hard to get a mental block with these many different templates to pick from. One-to-one support can help you figure out what you are doing as a new user. Extensive training is also offered in case you feel like you could use a little extra education. None of us can become an expert in PHP, CSS, and HTML overnight. You will pay an annual fee for all of these features, but it is worth it—an excellent deal for all the options.

Astra Premium Sites LIcense

Astra Premium Sites License – Pricing For Your Agency

If you run an agency, there are two good options for buying pro sites through Astra. The first is the mini agency bundle.

Mini Agency Bundle – $135.00 – This bundle is huge, and it will help any agency that wants to excel. You have the support provided by Astra so that they can help you on an individual basis. If you feel that there are some things you don’t really understand about WordPress, this can help when you have an expert going over all of the different options. Unlimited website usage is significant as well at this level. It would help if you had enough bandwidth so that your customers can sell their products and services. Last, of all, you also have an option to get an add-on for either Elementor or Beaver Builder. Pick the one you want, depending on what platform you use.

As we can see, this agency bundle is perfect if you are just getting started with your business. Perhaps your agency is still new. It started about a year ago, and you are still building up your client base. No problem! Astra is there for you, and they want you to succeed. A plan like this is low in price compared to what you get. For an agency that has been around for a while, there is the highest level tier.

Agency Bundle – $199.00 – When your agency is already established, it is time to expand. You will have access to many new plugins you can utilize, including Convert Pro, Schema Pro, and SkillJet Academy.

What is the SkillJet Academy? You have an all-in-one centralized location where you can get premium courses. This is a great way to train both web entrepreneurs and professionals that work for your agency. A well-trained staff will be able to get more clients, and they will also understand how to pitch different features. If you want a successful agency, make sure your employees have access to further education.

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Saving Even More

Astra pricing is very reasonable when we look at the annual charge. With the highest tier at under two hundred dollars for the whole year, you can see that Astra really cares about its users. They are giving you a huge collection of templates and plugins at a low cost. If you want to lower this price even more, think about using lifetime deals. With the lifetime deal, Astra Pro will only be $199.00. Pay for it one time, and then you own it for as long as you would like.

If you run a successful agency, there are always ways to save a large chunk of your software costs. Instead of paying several hundred dollars every year for access to all of the plugins they offer, pay one time. The cost will be $559.00, and you only pay for it one time. This really is the best deal when you think about it. If you have already worked with the various Astra plugins and themes, you know the quality they hold themselves to. You will get all the latest plugins that come out as well.

Overall, we would say that these lifetime deals are the best way to go if you already know that you like working with the plugins. It is a large upfront cost, but in the long run, you will be able to save on those monthly bills. Then, use the savings to try out some other plugins you think you might like.

Easy Installation

We covered a great deal in this guide already. Another great aspect is you have multiple ways to install the premium sites. If you are already comfortable with WordPress, search for the plugin using the search bar. Then download it from there, where you know the plugin will be malware-free. Click a button will activate it.

If you want another way to install this, go to the store that Astra has set up. You will need a username and an account to get started. Then follow these steps.

  1. Head over to Accounts and then Downloads
  2. Download the Astra Pro plugin for access to Pro sites
  3. Install the zip file that you downloaded
  4. Activate the plugin inside of your WordPress platform
  5. Activate the Astra Pro license

Of course, if you have any issues with getting things installed, you can always contact the staff with Astra. They will be more than happy to help you set things up so that you can focus on building your sites up quickly.

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