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Astra Theme Review – An Astra Review With Our honest thoughts About Astra!

You can read our Astra Theme Review here!

WordPress users have countless themes to choose from for their projects. There are so many extraordinary WordPress themes on the market that you don’t know which one is the best for your project. The paradox of choice says that an abundance of choices doesn’t make us happier but sadder and even depressed.

We genuinely care about our readers, and we hope to bring value. So instead of letting you get depressed with so many WordPress themes to choose from and waste time testing each option, we encourage you to read our reviews.

In the following lines, we will present you with a top-notch WordPress theme: Astra. First, let’s find out the strong and weak points of the theme!

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Types of WordPress Themes

Before we introduce you to Astra and the Astra theme review, you should know that WordPress themes fall into two categories depending on their aim. Niche themes package limited functionality but are sufficient for their particular purpose. For instance, there are WordPress themes for weddings, which developers have created with the clear purpose of serving people who want a wedding site. However, I doubt that a WordPress theme for the wedding niche is suitable for e-commerce.

Multipurpose themes are more complex and are aimed at multiple types of projects. Astra and OceanWP are multipurpose themes suitable for any project.

Get in Touch with Astra

astra theme review

Astra is one of the most famous WordPress themes today, even though it was released on May 4, 2017, and that popularity doesn’t come from a good marketing strategy. Currently, Astra has more than a million active installs and a five-star rating on the WordPress directory. Its creators did their best with this theme, and they constantly improve Astra with each new version.

How to Install Astra

Astra is as simple as it is with any other theme. Here are two simple ways to install it:

Method 1

  • Go to the Astra website and click on the big and bold call-to-action button, Download now. It will redirect you to the pricing page, which lets you know that there is a premium version of Astra. Scroll to the bottom of the pricing table and click Download Free Astra Theme.
  • Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme and choose the path to the theme you downloaded.
  • Install and activate the theme.
  • Method 2
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard, click Appearance > Themes > Add New, and type “Astra” into the search form. Select, install, and activate the theme.

Reasons to Use Astra

Speed, Speed, Speed

Most, if not all, theme creators claim that their products load faster than any of the competitors’ themes. However, despite these exaggerations, Astra is really, really fast! Bloggers and developers have tested the theme’s loading speed, and the results confirmed that Astra is fast despite its multipurposeness.

A couple of factors contribute to the impressive loading speed. First, the developers used Vanilla JavaScript—a lightweight JavaScript library—to build the theme. Second, it requires less than 50 KB of resources, while other themes need at least twice as much. The fewer resources a site requires, the faster it loads! Third, the developers optimized every line of code to make Astra one of the most lightweight themes.

Some say that speed is the new SEO, and to some extent, they are right. However, building your site with Astra is a good start in getting a fast-loading site that ranks in the first positions.

Highly Customizable

Astra couldn’t have a perfect rating without an impressive set of customization options. Indeed, what you can achieve with Astra rivals that of a premium theme. Go to Appearance > Customize to play with its options or Appearance > Astra Options for a specialized dashboard.

Customize astra

Some of the options Astra offers are found in other themes, while others are specific to Astra. Here are some of the worth-mentioning solutions to personalize your site:

  • Choose the default sidebar position and personalize it for pages, blog posts, and archives. For instance, the blog posts might have a left sidebar, while a page might have it turned off.
  • Take what you can get done with the footer bar to the next level. See for yourself by going to the WordPress Customizer (Appearance > Customize) and selecting Footer > Footer Bar.

Have full control over typography and colors. Astra packages 700+ Google fonts, and you decide the base and heading typography. Then, head to the WordPress Customizer, select Global Base Colors and choose the color scheme for your site.

Easy To Use

How to use astra

The average WordPress user won’t face big issues when building a standard site. You don’t have to know HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to create a website with Astra. Instead, consult the documentation, visit the Facebook group, or watch the YouTube tutorials to learn how to get the most from Astra.

Astra Theme Review – Genuine Multipurpose

The sky’s the limit with Astra. Do you want to launch a personal blog? Astra is a perfect choice because you have tons of styling options to create a great reading experience. Do you want a WooCommerce compatible theme? Astra is your sure bet—it’s WooCommerce compatible, packages tons of options to feature the products, and loads blazingly fast.

Perhaps you want to start a SaaS business or launch a revolutionary product. Astra is also a solid solution for such a project. It pushes the envelope when it comes to personalization and branding. Add your logo and slogan and place them wherever you want in the header. You have hundreds of fonts and unlimited colors to match your business style and branding.

Finally, Astra works great for portfolios. Use an unconventional layout structure and design user-friendly galleries to showcase your best work.

Complete Pre-Built Astra Sites

Prebuilt astra sites

Many themes come with several demos to show people what they can produce with it. Astra goes the extra mile by providing ready-made websites. Install the Astra Starter Sites plugin to benefit from them.

Some of these pre-built sites require purchasing a premium add-on, but you have plenty of free templates to use for your projects. Note that each pre-built website is optimized for specific page builders, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and of course, Gutenberg.

Regardless of the page builder, the templates are amazing! The designers didn’t craft them just for the sake of a high number of templates. Use them confidently for your projects because skilled designers put a lot of thought into creating these templates.

Astra Page Builder Compatibility

Astra is compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Divi, and Thrive Architect. So you don’t have to give up your favorite page builder if you use Astra. Many WordPress experts have tested Astra’s compatibility with these page builders, and they were almost unanimously satisfied with it.

If you can’t live without Elementor or Beaver Builder, I have great news for you. Astra’s developers created two amazing plugins to complement these page builders. Unlimited Addons for Beaver Builder and Ultimate Addons for Elementor significantly extend your design arsenal.

Extended Functionality with Free Plugins

You can also considerably extend Astra’s functionality by using the free plugins released by the theme creators, Brainstorm Force. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is one of the most recent plugins released by the team, and it has 100,000 active installs and a 4.9 rating on the WordPress repository.

Free astra plugins

Install it, and you will have a few additional blocks for the Gutenberg editor at your disposal. All blocks are 100% outstanding. Post Timeline is a block that creates a good-looking timeline from your post. Table of Contents is another block that complements your blog posts. It’s a modern item that is useful for longer pieces of content. Finally, advanced Heading is useful for users who aren’t entirely satisfied with how Gutenberg stylized the headings.

Astra Bulk Edit is a plugin enabling users to edit pages and posts simultaneously—a great time-saving tool.

When you have tested whether if Astra is something for you – look for an Astra theme review and potential savings

Free of Charge

Several of Astra’s features are similar to premium themes, but this theme is available for free on the WordPress theme directory or the Astra site. Its creators pay their bills by selling premium add-ons—the Astra Pro theme and several premium plugins.

Astra Pro Review

Astra pro review

Long story short, Astra Pro is for people who want more! It offers more options, more starter sites, and more design alternatives. Here are some things you should know about Astra Pro. Astra Pro is expensive, but you can often find an Astra coupon code.

Astra Is Suitable for Online Stores

Use Astra Pro if you run an online store. Astra is WooCommerce compatible, but the pro version comes with many other useful features for online stores:

  • Infinite Scrolling loads the products on a single page, growing the conversions rate and increasing the time on site
  • Quick View lets buyers look closely at a product without opening a new page
  • Checkout Options allows you to enable two-step or distraction-free checkout
  • Dropdown Cart allows buyers to check the products they’ve added to their carts

         LifterLMS and LearnDash Integration

         If you plan to sell online courses, Astra Pro is a solid option because it seamlessly integrates LifterLMS and LearnDash, two massively used plugins by online course creators and sellers.

More Astro Pro Pre-Built Sites

A library of outstanding pre-made site templates is reassuring for any WordPress user. Luckily, you’ll get access to more quality templates if you choose to buy Astra Pro. Remember, using pirated versions of Astra Pro can be dangerous; you can read more about that here.

Astra Pro Review – Conclusions

Without a doubt, Astra lands in the hall of fame of WordPress themes. It loads fast, and speed is capital these days. Astra packages countless customization options and many impressive templates. Users with no coding knowledge can create impressive sites. All these features should convince anyone to give it a try.

Astra is a virtual Swiss army knife, and it comes with even more tools if you go for the premium version. Of course, the pricing depends on the subscription type, but overall, Astra Pro is a good investment.

I hope the Astra review got you a step closer to deciding whether or not you should choose the Astra theme.

Are you ready to get started with Astra?
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