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Avast Antivirus Review – Will It Keep You Protected?

Avast Antivirus Review

Looking for the best malware protection? With over 400 million users, it is obvious that the free version of Avast is the best in class. In our Avast antivirus review, we are going to go over how this software became so popular. We will also go over why you should start to use it. If you currently run a business, Avast premium is going to be a must. Let’s get started with our review and talk about both the pros and cons.

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Avast Advantages

First in our review, let’s talk about advantages.

  • Great free version
  • Excellent scores from independent sources
  • Network inspector
  • Password management
  • Guards against fake sites
  • Premium adds even more options like a VPN

One of the best things to be aware of with Avast is the free version is regarded as better than many paid programs. You get password protection, a shield from ransomware, and safeguards that stop people from snooping through your system.

Password management is very important. You have to consider brute force attacks against your site. In this attack, a computer will try every combination it can to discover your password. If you have poor password protection, you can have hackers crack your password very quickly.

Brute Force

In a similar way, brute force methods are also used to discover hidden pages. Does your business have a page setup for inventory? Requests will be sent out in an automated fashion. If the attacker gets a 404 response, they will move on. For a 200 response, they hit pay dirt. Now they are going to try to get into your inventory page to gain another attack vector.

Brute forcing is also used to guess password hash values. You need to make sure you are using higher rates of encryption such as 256-bit so it takes longer to crack. Avast can help with the protection of this nature.

Cons For Avast

For the Avast antivirus review, we also need to consider the bad parts of the program. What could they do better? We always try to cover both sides of the story. As far as cons for our Avast antivirus review, we want to address the following:

  • Not compatible with all browsers
  • Password manager should be more secure
  • If you want all the features you need to pay extra

If you are used to a browser like Opera, you are not going to like using Avast. The creators made it so that only Chrome users and Firefox users will have the full run of tools. This is fixed very easily by just accessing one of these browsers, but it is disappointing that they didn’t think to support some of the other browser options. Many browser options exist under the GNU license that we would like to see supported in the future. Some of these browsers place a premium on security so it makes sense that they should be given better treatment.

Password Manager

Next, there are some improvements to be made to the password manager. It doesn’t require a master password to get in. That is a huge issue in terms of security. You would think for a company that is so aware of security issues, they would have this fixed sooner. It would only take a few flaws in security for a hacker to gain access to the password manager. From there, they would be able to create havoc for the whole system.

Last of all, for all features, you will need to pay extra. This is to be expected. Considering the level of the free software, we are fine with the developer charging extra to access all the features. There needs to be cashflow going out to the developers so they can give users support when they need help.

Added Protection

Added Protection

When you pay for Avast premium, you are going to get a whole host of tools that you need to stay competitive. When you run a company and expand, you need these security tools if you want to stay safe. Take for example the pandemic right now that is causing so many people to work out of the office. This can bring up serious issues.

Look at a tool like Aircrack-ng. When you go to a coffee shop to work, the person beside you might be brute forcing the password for the Internet using free tools. If you were not already aware, wireless has had many encryption methods that failed. WEP has been unsafe to use for many years now. What if you switch to WPA and WPA2?

Even though both of these encryption methods are more recent, these can still be attacked on 802.11 access points. Free tools like Aircrack-ng watch for traffic so it can start to suck up packets. Dictionary attacks are then used against the router at the coffee shop. As an employee, you might never think about the security of the AP for a coffee shop. You do need to consider this though since you are not in charge of the router. The password could be something that is very easy for an attacker to crack.

To avoid constant concern, use the VPN provided by Avast. Using the VPN, you create a secure connection. This will also obscure your IP address. Both of these are needed to keep yourself hidden from hackers. On top of all this, you also get access to new sources of streaming entertainment. Overall it is a win to start using a VPN. They are easy to set up and connect with. Don’t worry about following highly technical instructions.

Network Monitor

Another great aspect with Avast is the ability to monitor your network. You might not be aware of this, but right now hackers could be trying to fingerprint your machine. Computers communicate with each other using small packets of data. These can be sent to each other through TCP and UDP protocols. These same protocols can also be used to hack your machine.

Programs such as Nmap can scan your computer. TCP, UDP, and ICMP probes are sent out, checking to see what ports you have listening and active. If you don’t have any sort of firewall up, you are going to have many ports open that can be attacked. Even with a firewall though, there is still data to analyze. What is a hacker looking for?

Your machine at home or in the office runs an Operating System. Your OS more than likely is Windows 10 or the current OS through Apple. If the hacker can determine which version of OS X you are using, they can then run exploits on your machine. Each OS has their own flaws that need to be patched. Once a hacker has scanned your machine long enough, they can determine what your computer will be weak to.

Avoid these types of attacks by getting network monitoring through Avast. Now you will be warned if somebody is trying to scan your system. You can also use the VPN to disguise your real IP. When attackers don’t know your actual IP address, it provides yet another layer that they need to go through before they can ping your machine and look for openings.

Avast For Business

Avast For Business

If you are an individual, obviously you want to use Avast to protect your private data. For a company, it is even more important that you get some type of protection for your site. If you are hacked, it won’t be just your private data that is given up. You could be facing massive legal trouble depending on what data they can secure about your customers.

We have gone over many of the different ways a hacker might try to break into your system. The issue is these methods are always changing. There are criminal gangs that make their sole income from hacking other systems and installing ransomware. Unfortunately, many of them have been successful and have been paid many millions in currencies that can’t be tracked.

Right now, if you own a company, you can go onto the site for Avast. Inform them about how many devices that you have and what needs to be protected. For a small office, the cost will be right around just a hundred dollars for the year. That is a great deal.

When you have more than a thousand machines that need protection, you will speak directly to their sales team. They will be able to come up with a custom option for you and determine what is needed to stay safe. Keep in mind, they can protect any device that you are running. This could be endpoints, servers, networks, patching, and backups. Even better, all the major operating systems are represented. This includes Linux, Mac, and Windows. If you run a Linux server like so many companies, you can still work with Avast to make sure you are going to be covered.

Avast Antivirus Review Conclusion

There are many reasons to utilize Avast for home use or in the office. We went over just a few of the ways an attacker may try to gain access to your data. With new attacks constantly unfolding, it just makes sense to get a subscription to a service that is also evolving to stop hacks. We hope with our Avast antivirus review you now have a better idea of what you might encounter and how to stop it.

Are you ready to give Avast Premium a try? Click the button & get Avast Premium for free.

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