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Do you want to stay safe from malware and hackers? New types of malware are coming out all the time. Ransomware is attacking health care facilities. Crypto-mining software is being used when you browse compromised sites. How can you protect yourself? Avast is a great tool that protects you on many levels. Can you get an Avast promo code? We will cover how you can find an Avast promo code in the future and how to save money now.

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Current Avast Promo Code

Right now, if you want to save money on this anti-virus software, click our link. If there is a current deal running, you are going to be able to take advantage of it. When you check with Superb Themes on a regular basis, we will always keep you updated on if you can get a deal on software. Why pay full price when you can check our guides and take advantage of the deals? Once you have an Avast promo code, you take some off the final price for premium.

Avast Premium Discounted

What is the price for Avast? You pay roughly $40.00 for the year, and that will help you with one device. The payment will be on an annual basis. A much better deal will be if you pay just ten dollars extra. With that annual plan, you can extend Avast to ten devices. It is easy to see which one is going to be a much better deal here.

Even better, they have a great free trial. You won’t need to do anything with a credit card. If you are worried about a surprise payment, there will be no issue when you sign up. The fact you don’t need a credit card also helps people from other countries who want to try the service but may not have the right kind of card. What can you expect when you go for a premium?

  • Safe shopping and banking
  • See-through fake websites
  • Halt hackers in their tracks
  • Block ransomware

It would be best to stay protected in our new world that is constantly coming up with new attacks on people.


You may think you won’t need to protect yourself with a premium product. The risks really are too high to ignore. Technology magazine and site Wired recently reported that there have been some high profile attacks done against two dozen hospitals in the United States. As Covid sweeps over the world, cybersecurity professionals say this is just the start.

We know that these health care providers have dedicated people that are always on hand and watching their network. All of this health information is very important, and it is lives that are at risk. Cybercrime against people, in general, is increasing right now.

What is a trojan? Think back to the time of ancient Greece. The trojan horse was given over as a gift while soldiers lay in waiting. Once the trojan horse got past the walls and the guards, the soldiers’ payload rushed out to take over the city. The same can be said of software. You download a program you think will help you when it puts you under attack.

How Does It Work?

We went over how a trojan horse program works and how Avast can protect you. What about ransomware? How can you guard against this?

If the hospitals are being targeted, the organization will have its whole system frozen if you want to have access to patient records, you need to pay up. Ransomware doesn’t just ask for $5,000 anymore. The average has ballooned to $200,000. Do you have that kind of money?

250 hospitals were crippled due to ransomware with the Ryuk attack. If they can get past the defenses set up by a hospital, the average user needs to make sure they always have some sort of protection active. Your data is valuable, but most people can afford to pay thousands of dollars to get their data back.

Avast will alert you if it thinks you are downloading a trojan program. It warns you when there are fingerprints for ransomware in a specific program that you are downloading. You can’t afford to not work with software that will watch out for suspicious files. The cost is just too high.

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Coupon codes for Avast VPN

We went over one way that Avast protects you. Let’s cover another vector for attack. Avast gives you access to a VPN. What is this? The virtual private network covers your tracks. It has the following benefits including:

  • Hiding your activity online
  • Use any Wi-Fi source safely
  • Access additional streaming content

A VPN can be a fun way to get around geo-restrictions that companies place on streaming content. Watch the latest episodes for Doctor Who when they come out on the BBC. See your favorite soccer match, even if you live in a totally different country. If you have been on YouTube, you already know some of the videos are restricted. Get around this using a VPN provided by Avast.

The cost is meager and comes in under ten dollars each month. Besides extra entertainment at your fingertips, you can also shield yourself from hackers that may be lurking at your local cafe.

Stop tracking with a discounted Avast VPN

Say you want to enjoy Starbucks and sit down in a store while you get some work done. Very typical for many workers. Did you know you can be at risk when you access their router? How does this work?

If somebody else is listening to the traffic and watches your packets, they can intercept them. You might think you are going to Google, but it is a web page that they set up to look like Google. This man in the middle creates the illusion you are browsing the web like normal. In reality, you are having every move watched.

It Could Happen to You, Too

Think that this could never happen to you? The NSA will impersonate Google to try and catch cybercriminals. Even Comcast will inject their own JavaScript into pages, showing the ads they want customers to see. These kinds of attacks are happening all around us, and at times, big corporations and the government are doing these things.

To protect yourself, use Avast and use a VPN. The private network will create a tunnel. You will be secure and hide what you are doing from prying eyes. This will stop the government from tracking you along with criminals that are just waiting to show you a false site for banking or finance.

Keep in mind also, using a VPN and Avast is just the first step. It is also good to arm yourself with information. Tools like TLS, which stands for Transport Layer Security, will authenticate connections. Use this to stay on guard and make sure that nobody is watching your trail online.

A Free Product

Most free products come with a catch. Many would assume that free antivirus software is going to be basic. Fortunately, in the case of Avast, they give their free customers excellent protection. This builds up trust with the consumer and motivates them to invest in premium. If you receive a report that a free program blocked several intrusions, you will be more likely to use the paid versions.

Avast’s free version gives you many different features you would normally only see in a paid copy of the software. We urge everybody to try out the free version so they can see what it is like. Test out a free VPN as well. Many that don’t understand the technology will find that using a VPN is not as hard as you would think. It is very obvious when the connection is running, and you can pick the server you connect to. On top of this, the speeds are great. If you don’t want people to know what you are downloading, use a VPN, and then you are permanently in incognito mode.

A Network Scanner To Look for Suspicious Traffic

Vast gives you a network scanner to look for suspicious traffic. You have a password manager who really helps when working in teams at work or with many people in your house of different devices. Browser protection will warn you if they think you are going to a fake site. Get notified if there is a man in the middle attack that is in progress. It really is amazing to think they give all this away for free. Show some appreciation and try the product along with a premium account. The cost is right around fifty dollars for the year, and it works for ten devices.

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AVG And Avast Promo Code

One other thing to note if you are familiar with antivirus software. In the past, if you used AVG, this was bought out by Avast. The two products never merged, so they are still considered separate companies. Experts reviewed the engine for both AVG and Avast to see if there were different ways to block malware. The engine is the same, so you can also use AVG Free if you want the same results. In the end, it is the same product with a different name.

Keep coming back for more promo codes and coupons on software. Superb Themes will always have excellent reviews for software.

60% discounts available on Avast. Click the button to visit Avast & claim the coupon code!

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