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BackupBuddy is one of the best backup plugins available on the market at the moment. It’s developed by iThemes whos famous for its other high-quality plugins such as iThemes Security, which has more than 1 million users. BackupBuddy is sadly quite pricey, but luckily that issue can be solved quickly with a coupon code. Click the button below & visit iThemes to get the latest available coupon code!

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BackupBuddy Introduction

BackupBuddy is a viral plugin that gives backup services for all WordPress websites.

The plugin comes equipped with compelling features, for instance, scheduled backups, automated real-time backups, and many more. You can also store backups off-site on your computer. BackupBuddy ensures that you receive a copy of your files on your WordPress website. BackupBuddy offers its customers a backup service that includes everything that a WordPress website needs to have. 

Through BackupBuddy, you will be able to back up WordPress plugins, WordPress media libraries, WordPress themes, and many more. After the entire process of the backup is done, you will get a zip file that will be downloaded on your personal computer.

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The 5 best BackupBuddy Pro Features

BackupBuddy comes equipped with a WordPress security plugin to protect and secure your entire WordPress website. BackupBuddy also includes various features that are built in to optimize your sites efficient running. Let us now look at these features.

1. Database and files tables exclusion

BackupBuddy gives you the chance to pick which exact file and database table you would want to place on your backups. It is understandable if you are wondering why this is an essential feature at all? The reason for that is that in a few cases, especially when you have a folder that contains high-resolution videos and pictures, you will need to save every possible byte of data that you can save.

2. Scanning WordPress for malware

You will receive a free malware scan for the working of your website. Malware scans are important to ensure the safe running of your website.

3. WordPress server tools

The server tools of BackupBuddy are a fantastic feature that is extremely helpful for hosting issue tracking. This is done by configuring server settings and capabilities.

4. Repair and scanning of database

You will have the potential to scan and repair common issues through BackupBuddy’s database.

5. Backup storage limitation

With BackupBuddy, you will be able to choose the exact limit of your storage space. The entire space of the backup will not be able to fill your stash account.

Top 3 Developer features

The developer features are some of the advanced features of BackupBuddy

1. CRON management

BackupBuddy lets you delete and view occupations of WordPress CRON on websites with low traffic. This act can also be performed manually.

2. Replacement of mass text database

BackupBuddy can update all of your texts through the database. This, in particular, is a fabulous feature for many coming URLs.

3. Data serialization

WordPress backup plugins form today’s day and age skip over all serialized data due to the complications it brings to the entire process; BackupBuddy, on the other hand, this feature does not follow this path.

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Getting a voucher code through their newsletter

Sadly, there is no coupon code for BackUpBuddy beside on a Black Friday, but there are a few ways you can ensure some deduction in prices. When you subscribe to the weekly WordPress newsletter from BackupBuddy, you can get a coupon code for BackupBuddy instantly. All you need to do is a place down your email after that and get 35 percent off on all your coupons on BackupBuddy.

Downloading BackupBuddy

Now to download BackupBuddy, you can follow the steps that follow. First, log in to the iThemes Member Panel. Next, head on over to the downloads page. Then navigate to the BackupBuddy tab. You then need to click on the download link, and you will receive a zip file on your personal computer.

Installing BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy can be activated, uploaded, and utilized just like any other type of WordPress plugin. Now install BackupBuddy, simply login to your WordPress website and navigate to Plugins, then Add New, and then Upload page. Next up, you can upload the received zip file from BackupBuddy that you previously downloaded from iThemes Member Panel. After you are finished uploading from BackupBuddy, press the Activate link that you will find on the next page. Now for advanced users, you can extract the file on your personal computer and upload the folder through FTP to your plugins or wp-content directory.

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Start using BackupBuddy

Once you have downloaded the zip file of BackupBuddy, you can follow up on the normal installation methods for WordPress plugins to activate and upload BackupBuddy on the WordPress website. Once you have successfully installed BackupBuddy, you should firstly license automatic updates for your plugins. You should also follow up on the quick wizard setup to complete your settings for all of your email notifications, backup schedules, and destination storages. You should also check the BackupBuddy website for any new campaigns and special promotions. 

How to use your BackupBuddy Coupon Code

Some coupon website, claims to offer coupon code offers of around 25 percent to all users that purchase the BackupBuddy plugin. What you need to do is to head on over to the BackupBuddy link on their website, and you will be taken directly to the website of iThemes, which are the creators of BackupBuddy. 

You will next see the BackupBuddy welcome screen, which will have a red button that says Buy BackupBuddy. Click on this button to get to show you all the premium plans. You need to choose a specific plan and click on the Buy Now button below the plan. You will be taken to the Shopping Cart web page that takes you to your selected plan’s specific details.

And you will also have to read the details of your plan and then navigate to the checkout button.

Furthermore, You can now add up the coupon codes after logging in to your new account on iThemes. Now you can enter the coupon code and press the Redeem Coupon button to get your promised discount. Now you need to scroll down to choose whatever payment method you want to make, and you’re your purchase.

BackupBuddy Pricing Discounts

BackupBuddy comes in with three separate categories or BackupBuddy so that you can choose the version that is best suited for your needs and requirements. The three versions are gold, freelancer, and blogger. Let us look at them in more detail.

1. Gold package

The gold package is priced at 120 dollars. With the gold package, you can graciously back up an unlimited number of websites. With a whole year of plugin updates, you will be taken good care of. Access to 5 gigabytes of storage space and access to stash live for a year rounds up the gold version’s services.

2. Freelancer package

The freelancer package will cost you a mere 76 dollars. Ten websites can be backed up with the Freelancer package. With a whole year of plugin updates, there is no need to worry as you will be well-taken care of. Not to mention an entire year for ticketed support. Access to 1 gigabyte of storage space and access to stash live for a year is what the freelancer version holds.

3. Blogger package

The freelancer package will cost only 48 dollars. A single website can be backed up. Plugin updates and stash will hold for one year. Like the freelancer package, the blogger package will also have access to 1 gigabyte of storage space, and access to stash live for a year is what the freelancer version holds.

BackupBuddy Coupon Code Conclusion

BackupBuddy comes hand in hand with top quality features, and this justifies all of the investment you make on this purchase. If you use WordPress and want to save data from their websites, you should give BackupBuddy a chance.

No coupon codes available. Visit iThemes BackupBuddy for the most up to date status on coupon code availability!

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