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Take advantage of our 150.000 monthly visitors & sell your WordPress plugins and themes on SuperbThemes. We take care of license keys, support and much more!

Why Sell Your Products Through SuperbThemes

We don't believe in bloated sales pages. Submitting a product on SuperbThemes takes less than 10 minutes. We only need a few assets and a description from you to create a high conversion landing page for your product.

  • License Keys

    All customers will get a unique license key they can use to unlock automatic theme and plugin updates. All products are GPL, but we restrict access to theme updates and downloads through licensing for you.

  • Customer Support

    We take care of all customer support. If one of your users is having trouble using your product, then we'll take care of that for you. Our customer support who stands ready to help your users every day.

  • 150.000+ Monthly Visitors

    We do everything we can to attract potential customers to our website. We get more than 150.000 unique visits from organic search and referrals every month.

Fees & Earnings

When you choose to sell your theme at SuperbThemes, then we'll take care of all customer support for you and licensing. Even though that has some daily costs, we do our best to keep our fees down.

Whether you choose to sell your product exclusively on SuperbThemes or not, the commission for each product sale is 55% - 70%. That means you'll earn more than double the commission*, up to 120%, with us compared to other marketplaces.

Exclusive Products

Exclusive products can only be sold from You'll get revenue from every purchase made from your themes landing page.

For example, if a customer buys the yearly subscription, then you'll get up to 70% revenue every year it gets renewed!

Non-Exclusive Products

You can sell a non-exclusive product anywhere you'd like, for example on your own website or on another marketplace.

You'll get up yo 70% of every sale for your individual theme sale. That means you won't get any revenue from our other pricing plans Business Subscription & Lifetime Access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wait for an email reply if you can easily find the answer? We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions.

Are all products sold on SuperbThemes required to be GPL licensed?

Yes, we only allow GPLV2 or later products on our website. When we review your product, then we’ll ensure that it follows all of the GPL requirements.

Will your customer support need my help?

Don’t expect our customer support to reach out to you. They’ll handle your customers’ issues by themselves most of the time. You might receive an email from them if there is a significant bug in the theme or feature requests. All feature requests are optional to implement.

How does the license keys work?

The short explanation: When customers purchase a product, they get a license key, which lets them download and install theme/plugin updates directly through their WordPress interface for a period of time chosen during the checkout process.

We make sure that your customers do not distribute your product illegally and ensure that they only get theme/plugin updates for the amount of time they have paid. Customers can purchase more updates and premium support on-demand through their dashboard.

How do you attract new customers?

We have a lot of strong affiliate partners who refer new customers to us daily. That, combined with a strong organic search presence, allows us to attract 150.000+ visitors monthly.

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