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Best AdSense Plugins for WordPress 2022

Google AdSense is one of the best ways to monetize your WordPress website. And while you cannot generate huge revenue immediately after starting a blog, you can still make a side income. Let us run you through some of the best AdSense plugins for WordPress.

In addition to affiliate marketing which is used by more than 81% of the brands, AdSense monetization offers a good income stream, especially when Google ad revenue is growing rapidly (recorded 134.81 billion USD in 2019). 

One way to monetize your blog is by using a WordPress AdSense plugin. WordPress repository has tens of thousands of plugins for adding functionality to your WordPress site. In this post, we will talk about Google AdSense and some of the best AdSense WordPress plugins. 

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an easy way to make money online. You don’t need to have minimum traffic to earn via Google ads, but it won’t be much use if you have like 1-2 visitors per day. 

WordPress makes it easy to manage different sources of generating income. For instance, if you have affiliate links, you can use plugins to easily add and manage these on the WordPress dashboard. Similarly, if you have a blog with coupons, you can use the Coupon Reveal Button to add the coupon revealing functionality without learning a single line of code. 

On top of it, you can use a page builder like Elementor for creating a beautiful landing page or for customizing different parts of your website. You can even add a social follow button somewhere on your website and improve your followers. This will not only help you get more followers but also improve your authority to an extent.

There are also a lot of WordPress plugins that are specifically for Google AdSense monetization.


1. QuickAdsense

Quick Adsense is a popular ad management plugin in the WordPress directory. It offers complete flexibility to the users and helps insert Ads code into the post. You can even use it to place ads on different parts of your blog and test the visitors’ response and analytics. It allows you to place the ad in the middle of the post, beginning, or anywhere else on the post.

In addition to a custom location on the post, you can also use it for the sidebar widgets. However, the sidebar widgets support only up to 10 ad codes.

Overall it is a simple AdSense plugin with limited customizable options. You don’t need to be a web developer or know anything about coding to use this plugin. It has a simple configuration interface that lets the user add the code with a simple copy, paste.

Quick AdSense Reloaded

2. Quick AdSense Reloaded 

Quick AdSense Reloaded is a more modern plugin with over 70,000+ active installs. It is a freemium AdSense WordPress plugin that is a better version of precursor Quick AdSense.

It claims to be coded with no overhead and is used by sites with a lot of traffic. Although you’d need to go premium if you want to add the AMP functionality, the free Quick AdSense Reloaded is mobile responsive so that you can implement responsive AdSense advertising on your site.

You can also do selective monetization by disabling the AdSense on certain devices like phone, tablet, or desktop. The best part is that the plugin has no external script dependency, i.e., all plugin code resides on your blog. You will get hands-on with more advanced features like custom AdSense positioning, visibility conditions setup, and so on.

Easy Google AdSense

3. Easy Google AdSense

Easy Google AdSense is a perfect plugin for monetizing and improving the performance of your AdSense advertisements. This advanced plugin uses 

An advanced machine learning feature to decide the best ad for your post based on the content. Next, automatically place smart ads on your website.

You can enable this plugin to provide relevant ads to your visitors. This is especially useful when you don’t want to compromise the user experience of your visitors. It carefully examines your site and shows ads only if it performs well.

You don’t need to go around and place every ad code manually, like in most of the other plugins. All you need to do is enter the Google AdSense publisher ID, and it will show ads at optimal times.

We’d say it’s a good AdSense management plugin, but if you want to improve the user experience, don’t forget to focus on other aspects. Improve the quality of your content. You can use plugins like Superb Tables for creating a responsive and lightweight comparison table.

The tool works with all advertisements, including text ads, video ads, and in-feed ads, and it helps manage your advertisements by checking other ad codes on your site. Plus, you can set up this plugin in a few minutes. 


4. AdPush

AdPush is a simple addition to our list for earning money by placing ads on posts, pages, custom posts, search results, widgets, categories, or even tags. You can place ads at any location sitewide for improving the monetization revenue.

You can easily link up your Google AdSense account with this plugin and manage available ads right from your WordPress dashboard. Besides video intelligence integration, you will also get access to features like multilingual and RTL compatibility. The getting-started documentation is straightforward to grasp, so that you can use this plugin pretty easily.

WordPress Ads Manager

5. WordPress Ads Manager

WordPress Ads Manager is a beginner-friendly plugin to help you maximize your AdSense revenue. You can easily use it to configure Google AdSense. It’s focused on providing a simple interface, so even a person using Google AdSense can use it for the first time. You can easily specify the alignment or condition for where you want to show the ads.

If you want, you can even disable AdSense codes for specific posts or pages; this helps those who don’t want to ruin the user experience by showing ads on irrelevant places on the website.

Final words on AdSense WordPress plugins 

WordPress AdSense plugins are as important as Yoast SEO. You cannot manage and monetize your website via AdSense without these plugins. WordPress plugins are all about dynamic functionality. 

For instance, if you want an option that allows you to place ads on custom places, go with QuickAdSense. For something more sophisticated, you can select Easy Google AdSense. The latter is not only an advanced option but will also take care of the user experience. 

UX is one of the most important aspects, especially for AdSense monetized websites. Once you have installed the AdSense plugins, don’t forget to add optimization plugins like WPRocket to improve the performance of your website. Another way to offer a better user experience to your audience is by optimizing images. You can use EWWW Image Optimizer for compressing images for free. 

At last, when you are running an Adsense website, create survey forms, or collect feedback. You can use NinjaForms for making eye-catchy forms for your website. 

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