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The Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers 2022

One of the best sources of income for your blog is affiliate partnerships with popular affiliate networks. In this article we have made a guide on how you can become a successful affiliate partner to some of best affiliate programs on the web and earn money on your blogs traffic. We have used some of our own experiences as affiliate partners and the owner of an affiliate network to give you some useful advice.

Please remember, that the best affiliate programs for new bloggers not necessary are the ones that offer the most money for every new client instead you should find some programs which have limited competition and are popular. For more advice and great tips on how to survive in this very lucrative business read more here.  

Great affiliate programs to join as a new blogger

Since you are probably new to affiliate marketing, we have gathered some of the affiliate programs that have the highest pay-off and the most transparent affiliate programs in the most popular affiliate areas that are realistic for new bloggers to make a living from promoting.  

We recommend the following popular and widespread affiliate programs in the main affiliate marketing areas.

Tours4Fun travel affiliate program

Best Affiliate Programs Travel

Travel is traditionally one of the largest online affiliate markets and a main source for a lot of affiliate companies’ earnings. There are many affiliate programs travel websites to choose from depending on your geographical target area. In the US we recommend Tours4Fun, which is a great affiliate program is a part of the ShareAsale affiliate network, which is always a good choice. Tours4fun’s affiliate program rating at ShareAsale is 1000+, which is the best rating they have.

WP Engine affiliate hosting

The Best Affiliate Programs for Web Hosting and Domain

We recommend WP Engine Hosting’s affiliate program as the best affiliate program for web hosting and domain. The program has one of the highest payouts per sale in the industry and is a popular web hosting service, which is often equal to a good conversion rate. Currently, WP Engine offers up to $ 200 for new customers, remember to register for WP Engine through ShareAsale. WP Engine is furthermore, one of the web hosting providers that are the most active when it comes to buying other web hosting companies. The affiliate program is rated 177 by ShareAsale, which is a bit surprising since our conversion rate is quite high.

Ties affiliate program

The Best Fashion Affiliate Programs

If you are a fashion blogger or somehow have fashion aware visitors, then the Ties affiliate program might be a great match to you. According to the affiliate ShareAsale, is one of the affiliate programs that has a high conversion rate per visitor, making it one of the places where you have the greatest opportunity for new customers and increased earnings on your blog. Affiliate Program gets 1000+ rating from ShareAsale, which is the highest possible ranking at ShareAsale.

Do it tennis lifestyle affiliate program

The Best Lifestyle Affiliate Programs

“Lifestyle” is a very broad term but is quite an attractive market with a variety of different product areas. We recommend Do it Tennis, which is a lifestyle product from the attractive affiliate program with a good conversion rate and excellent payout. Tennis is in a market where there are a lot of active players but not that many physical shops with a decent product assortment. Affiliate Program gets the 1000+ rating from ShareAsale the highest possible.

Herbs direct affiliate program

The Best Health Affiliate programs

Health is another very broad affiliate area which covers a lot of different products and affiliate programs. The health category covers all kinds of products, but we have chosen Herbs Direct, which is an affiliate program that has a high conversion rate and an excellent brand. Affiliate Program gets 1000+ rating from ShareAsale, which is the best possible with ShareAsale.

National dept relief affiliate program

Best Affiliate Programs for Credit Restoration:

Credit restoration is another very large affiliate area online. There are many different affiliate networks to choose from in this category. We recommend National Debt Relief, which is a good place to start in the credit restoration market and considered by ShareAsale to be one of the best affiliate partner programs in the area. Click here to get to the National Debt Relief Affiliate partner section. The affiliate program is rated at 1000+ which is the maximum at ShareAsale.

Roamright affiliate program banner

The Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

Insurance is also a major area of ​​affiliate marketing. There are also a lot of different Insurance programs to choose from. We recommend RoamRight, which is a sober and an excellent brand specialized in Travel Insurance. Affiliate Program gets 1000+ rating from ShareAsale

That Was Some of the Best Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers on the Market

The above list is a good tool for inspiration for bloggers that are new to the affiliate area. We have listed some of the most stable programs with a relatively high number of users and not necessarily the programs that have the highest payout. It is a common misconception that you should go for the programs with the highest pay-off rates. The most important thing when selecting your affiliate programs is that it is an affiliate partner that is trustworthy and has traffic and has a high conversion rate.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Many bloggers are interested in monetizing affiliate marketing then maybe affiliate. In short, affiliate marketing is advertising for other people’s products through your own website or blog. For example, if you have an article about the best providers of Computer hardware, you have the opportunity to insert affiliate links in the article for a producer for a computer hardware producer. If some of the readers of your article click through to the advertiser’s website and make a purchase, you will receive a percentage of the revenue from any commissioned sale.

Traditional Ads and Affiliate Advertising

You can advertise for another business or product in different ways. Either you can choose to place a “traditional” advertisement provided by the advertiser for a product or business on your website or blog, if someone clicks on the advertisement and makes a purchase, you will get a percentage of the sales value. At the same time, some of the popular blogs receive an extra fee for putting the advertisement on their website in the same way that newspapers get paid by advertisers. In this context, it is important to emphasize that paid ads are only on high-traffic blogs and websites.

The other possibility in affiliate marketing is to put an affiliate link in one of your articles and receive a fee for purchases done by customers using your link. In the early WWW days advertisers also paid per click referred to their website but that is not that common anymore.

Affiliate Payment Possibilities

Affiliate programs can pay bloggers for traffic in several different ways. There are roughly four dominant ways that affiliate pay bloggers for their traffic:

  • CPA. The CPA model is the most popular affiliate payment model in most affiliate programs. In this model you get paid per sale made by a customer referred from your blog or website. This model will have a relatively higher one-time payment than in the other types of agreements. On the other hand, a CPA is a one-time one payment and other payment possibilities often leads to a higher fee-per-customer in the long run.
  • Hybrid deal. Another often used affiliate payment form is the hybrid pay model. In this affiliate payment model bloggers will typically receive a relatively small fee per customer referred but also continuously receive payment for the referenced customer based on the referred customers future buys from the affiliate partner. This model often results in a higher payment per the customer over time than the CPA model, but of course the hybrid model involves the risk that the customer buys very little thereby resulting in a very low fee for the blogger that referred the customer in the first place.
  • The ongoing payment models. A third affiliate payment model is the ongoing model where you will not receive a one-time fee from referring a customer to advertiser but get paid based entirely on the referred customers activity. Often this affiliate form pays off in the long run, but there are of course a great risks associated with this affiliate model that the customer buys very little from the advertiser.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) A fourth version is the Pay-Per-Click model, where you get paid per clicks from your website to the advertiser’s website no matter if the person using your link is a customer or not. This affiliate payment method was a more common payment method in the early Internet days, but is not as common for small bloggers today. However, the method is still frequently used in particularly lucrative industries.

Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step Guide

When you start working in affiliate marketing you need to understand the basics. Here is a short affiliate step-by-step guide:

  • Platform. You need to have a blog or website, newsletter or another kind of platform from which you will try to generate traffic.
  • Traffic. Another crucial factor for becoming an affiliate is that the platform you want to use has relevant traffic. Affiliate marketing has an advantage for the advertisers that the old-fashioned print media does not have and that is that affiliate marketing is mostly performance dependent.
  • Sign up for affiliate programs. Once the platform and traffic are in place, the blogger is ready for affiliate marketing. In short, you need to find the affiliate advertiser programs that are most relevant and lucrative to your platform and traffic and sign up for the best affiliate programs.
  • Insert affiliate links. It is fairly easy to insert an affiliate link on your website. All affiliate programs have a marketing section on their website and all you need to do is to copy the link from the advertiser’s website and paste the link on your blog or website.
  • You are now an affiliate, and hopefully good revenue will come to you in the future. It should be emphasized that the affiliate market is a tough market. It is possible to make millions of dollars, but there is also a risk of not earning a cent. It all depends on your traffic and the way you advertise.

Managing Affiliate

The most important Person in your affiliate partnership with the affiliate programs is your affiliate manager. This is a real person who is the person in charge of providing you with the tools and information you need. It is the manager who makes sure everything goes right in the partnership between you and the advertiser. But it is also the affiliate manager who tries to push you to deliver the best possible results for as limited a payout as possible. Therefore, you do not always have to take the affiliate manager’s guidelines for face value, but make sure that you have a good relationship with your affiliate manager. You are now ready to make money as an affiliate!

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