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Best backup plugins for WordPress (2022 Comparison)

Content is king and sites are investing thousands into blog articles as well as slick videos to attract customers through social media and the web. Considering how much money site owners invest into content, it may surprise you that many do not keep good backups for their sites. This is similar to spending thousands on a car and driving without the proper insurance. If you get into a car accident, you can lose it all and be left with nothing at the end of the day. Using a proper backup is the best way to ensure that your site will continue to make money for you in the long run.

Security is also a concern for many. Firewalls and constant security updates are sent out to protect webmasters from getting overrun with automated bots that are looking to devalue your site with spam links and shoddy products. In the end, a good backup is your best security. There will always be a new threat in the world of cybersecurity. Each time a hole is patched in a plugin, there will be another one that is poorly coded that could open you up to attacks. When you have a backup in place, you can operate with confidence. Even if a catastrophe occurs and you are locked out of your own account, you can still restore everything as long as you have been making regular backups. This can also apply if you accidentally lock yourself out of your own account. We all are signed up with too many sites to remember the username and password for all of them. Creating backups is like a backup set of keys to get into your home. If everything fails, you still have a copy of the page that you can always load up on a new domain and get going again.

WordPress is a very popular platform now and will remain that way for years to come. They make backups easy and simple to understand. The WordPress platform offers paid options for backing up your content as well as free options. The vast majority are very easy to use and let you operate with a relaxed outlook toward the rest of your business since you know a hacker or an accident can’t take you down permanently. 

1. BackupBuddy

1. BackupBuddy

There are many dangers to your site right now and BackupBuddy is ready to help. WordPress does not come with backups by default which means a bad command or an update can take down your site for an extended period of time. BackupBuddy has been going strong since 2010 which shows a great track record and also gives them the advantage in terms of experience. Some may bring up the objection that most hosts will offer a backup that you can use in case you have a user that accidentally deletes part of your content. While that is true and most hosts will be able to restore your work, you have to consider the risk of malicious hackers or competitors trying to take you down permanently.

In the case of a rival hacking your site on purpose or somebody with an agenda against your company such as an employee that left on bad terms, it is important to have solid backups in place. Hackers and individuals that want to hurt your company and waste your time may be aware of the host backups and take actions to get rid of these as well. When someone is actively trying to overwrite all of your content, you need to make sure you still have backups in several places so you are not blindsided.

BackupBuddy is one of the most popular paid for plugins that you can use. There are over half a million people using it right now so you can tell the product is excellent and will have great support. Your backups can be set for every day, once per week, or on a monthly basis. Your backups can be sent automatically to a third party where you are the only one that is in control. This could be cloud storage such as Dropbox, services through Amazon, Rackspace Cloud, or even just send the backup to an email address where it will be very simple to access.

With BackupBuddy, you won’t need to worry about paying for the service each month. This is not a subscription like many services are now. Feel free to use BackupBuddy for as long as you want without any additional cost. You will also be able to access their forums where other users share tips and tricks to improve performance and get the most out of the product. BackupBuddy is regularly updated which means it will continue to work even after new versions of WordPress come out. iThemes will allow you to use this for ten sites when you go with the freelancer tier which is a one time fee of $89.00 so this will cover businesses that offer many different products and services. 

BackupBuddy can also be used to duplicate a site in case somebody likes your layout and needs to make a quick clone of the site. Do you need to migrate things over to a new host? The process is made much easier when you already have a copy setup that can be sent over. Restore the site as many times as you need so there is no need to be anxious when making changes to the code to adjust your theme or content. Pricing is $56.00 for the blogger plan which is a license for one site. If you are thinking of an alternative to VaultPress, test out this product today and see if the backup service works for you.

2. UpdraftPlus

2. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is trusted by NASA, the NBA, and Princeton University. It is the most popular backup plugin that is free for WordPress users. Over two million websites are using the software right now and it makes creating backups easier than ever. You can set the backup process to happen automatically on a timer or a schedule using your calendar. Manual backups are also easy and give you more flexibility. If you have a large site with a ton of content, just select the parts of the site that changed recently and back those up. There is no need to create a backup of the whole site over and over when you are using UpdraftPlus. This will save time and increase efficiency when you just target the parts of the site that had a recent update. 

Similar to BackupBuddy, you can send your duplicate sites to several third party services. These include Dropbox, Google Drive, storage provided by Amazon, and many other cloud storage providers. If something goes wrong, just restore things from your admin panel and you will be back up and running quickly.

The plugin is free, but the premium version comes with a lot of additional functions such as tools to help you move your site to a new host, searching through databases connected to your site, and support where you will be considered priority. When you have a complete shutdown of your website and every minute counts, it is great to have priority support that can guide you and help you get back up and running so that you don’t lose your reputation or potential sales.

3. BlogVault

3. BlogVault

Coming in third on our list, this company is a little different from the other choices we looked at so far. BlogVault is a backup service for WordPress, but it also specializes in many things. Are you running a WooCommerce store that is accepting payment over the internet? You will want to look into BlogVault. As soon as you make a change to your store and it is detected by BlogVault, it will automatically start the cloud backup for you. This feature is great for busy store owners that constantly have new products coming in and need to change out multiple pictures, listings, and product descriptions. 

There will be no extra burden on your server which might slow down things when you use this software. We all know speed is the name of the game with an online store if you want to capture sales. You also will be given your own personal time machine so that you can mark particular points on the timeline as restore points. This is another handy feature considering you can mark a point each time you are about to make a large update or introduce a new plugin to your system. As you conduct business, if you notice that there is a conflict, you can move back to the point in time before you installed the plugin. BlogVault is going to give you special backups especially designed for WooCommerce. There will be no impact on your live store while the backup occurs and custom WooCommerce tables will be duplicated along with the rest of the content so that you will be back up in no time with your store.

That is it for this list from Superb Themes on the best backup plugins. We hope that you enjoyed the content and you were able to learn more about the technology as well as what option would be good for you. Check back again soon for further updates. 

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