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Top 10 Carbon Neutral WordPress Themes that Pollute the Least

When you think of web development, do you think of the impact on the environment? Most people don’t. After all, how much can a website really hurt the environment? But the truth that carbon-neutral websites do hurt the environment to some degree. Here we will present the top Carbon Neutral WordPress Themes on the market.

Surprisingly, websites do contribute a significant amount to carbon emissions. With so many people focused on going green, it is shocking that this does not get more coverage. Some hosts and theme creators are focusing on the environment more with their work. They want to set a standard that shows you can innovate with technology and still save the planet.

The Best Themes for the Environment

When we look at carbon-neutral themes, we want a simple theme to work with and won’t transmit a lot of data. We took the time to compile a list of themes that do exactly that. Let’s take a look at the most environmentally aware themes we can start using now.

Minimalistblogger is the theme that pollutes the least

1. Minimalistblogger

Made for the minimalist in mind, this blogging tool cuts out all the code you don’t really need. It loads fast because there is not a lot of code for the system to interpret. Boost your business and help save the environment simultaneously. Users won’t notice the lower data transmission rate because this theme was made with fast loading in mind from the beginning—our number one choice.

Blogfeedly is the second most  carbon neutral WordPress theme

2. Blog Feedly

Another theme with a minimalist point of view. This was built from the ground up to keep the code clean and efficient. It also meshes well with all the popular ad networks. Tap into some new affiliate income streams when you start adding ads in places where they will be noticed. Another great choice for those that care about carbon emissions.

Simple Responsive Blogily - An environment friendly theme

3. Simple Responsive Blogily

Optimized and clean code. Things are going to load faster than before and put less strain on the system for all your users. Show you think about the environment when you use an efficient theme to make your next big site—an excellent choice for a great price.

Neve theme

4. Neve

The creators of Neve know a lot about efficient coding. Built to be conducive to AMP, this is going to take mobile pages to the next level. When you reach out to everybody on mobile, make sure you are doing it in the most efficient way possible. Neve will make sure you transmit vector graphics, and CSS effects the right way with smaller file sizes.

Simple Blogily is eco-friendly

5. Simple Blogily

It can be hard to find the balance between a theme that is simple yet elegant. This theme does well to show off the great design skills of the team. Simple doesn’t also have to mean lower quality. Check out this theme today and see what a simple layout can do for you. Customers love the way things pop when the page is not cluttered.


6. Nisarg

To be efficient, you need to upload images at scale instead of using CSS all the time to make sure the images scale with your page. WordPress themes do a good job of this so that all images are responsive and show up correctly. Check out this WordPress theme that was made with Bootstrap. It is going to look clean on desktop, tablets, and phones.

Environment friendly theme design

7. Adaptable Notes

Remember to also use a third party company for large media files that are green or going green. That is easy with this theme. It can support large files and make them look great. Data centers focusing on efficiency can serve up the content to visitors while still not sacrificing speed. Adaptable Notes are going to impress you with how small the code is.

Olsen Light

8. Olsen Light

Clean and sleek code. Olsen Light makes it easy to compress files to make data transmission seamless and not sacrifice quality. Images will still look great with this theme as you use it in conjunction with a service that can compress images. This is another great way to use less electricity for everybody while still showing off your products.

Modern Storytelling has a low Carbon Footprint

9. Modern Storytelling

What kind of story do you want to tell? With a flat but professional look, users will understand the minimalist vibe as you keep them up to date on their favorite hobbies and industries. Like all of these carbon-friendly themes, the code is reduced to lower the strain on resources.

Catch Sketch WordPress is a eco-friendly WordPress theme

10. Catch Sketch

The final WordPress theme on our list of carbon neutral WordPress Themes is Catch Sketch. Looking for a green friendly theme that is also free? You have come to the right spot. This will help you attract customers or inform people about a cause that might be important to you. Carbon is going to be lowered since you use a theme that was made with efficiency in mind. Lower the data transmission rate and help create a better future for all of us at the same time.

The Real Impact on the Planet

For most people, the Internet is just thought about in the abstract. We use it for shopping, watching movies, and ordering food. It has made life very efficient in many ways as we can access any information at the click of a button. Things can be shipped to our doorstep in a matter of days to meet any demand.

This efficiency and convenience come at a price. As shopping has grown to be more convenient, it encourages consumption in a variety of ways. Things that we may not have bought years ago because of the effort it took to head to the store during a busy Saturday are now offered around the clock. Not only will you get saddled with many items you might not have a use for, but just window shopping online has an impact as well.

The Lowest Carbon Footprint

For some, it might be a simple way to spend a few hours. You head to the mall and go window shopping, looking at various items you don’t really intend on buying. This has moved over to the Internet and comes with a toll similar to the carbon emissions we put into the air to get to the mall.

When you view a website, it uses electricity. There are a data center and server that has to present the site to you. None of this has zero impact on the Earth. Think of mining for cryptocurrency. This currency was received by solving complex mathematical algorithms. As blocks were solved, it would produce a digital currency that you could spend on goods. While the idea is good in theory, it also used an enormous amount of electricity to run through the various blocks. Crypto-mining to this day still has a huge impact on the environment.

Carbon Emissions

Where does the electricity come from that runs all of these data centers and servers? Much of it still comes from burning fossil fuels. While the world is trying to move away from coal to power homes and our Internet, it is difficult to break away and rely only on renewable energy. While solar, hydro, and wind are all on the horizon, it will take time to make the shift completely.

In the meantime, the Internet is creating 2% of global carbon emissions, which is Carbon Neutral WordPress Themes matters. Many people were encouraged to fly less because of the emissions created by planes. In reality, the Internet creates an equivalent amount of carbon when matched up with planes around the world. This shows how bad the problem is and how much we take the Internet for granted. When you are browsing and looking at things online, you are inadvertently contributing to climate change. What can be done about this?

Data Transmission

Some websites can estimate how much of a carbon footprint is created by your website with each visitor. Using benchmarks, the number one way to reduce your impact on the planet is by lowering data transmission. Bombarding customers with video and graphics that take up more energy and electricity increases data transmission the most. If we want to bring down emissions, we need sites that don’t have wasted data being transmitted.

Making Efficient Pages

How small is your page? Knowing this baseline is your first step in figuring out what you can cut. By making an efficient site, you will also give your users a better experience so that everybody will win. Your SEO will improve, and users on a shaky connection will still be able to view your content.

Mobile users are also going to enjoy a huge boost when you cut out all the fat. Many visitors on mobile have data caps that they can’t go over. When you reduce data transmission to save the environment, you can also save them money! There is practically no downside to making sure you are using themes that are going to be carbon-friendly.

Conclusion – carbon neutral WordPress themes

It is an interesting thought when we realize even the websites we browse and create can affect the world around us. We know it is more important than ever to make sure we use themes that are efficient with data usage. Keep coming back to Superb Themes, where we review the latest in technology and best plugins for WordPress.

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