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Best Cheap VPS Hosting 2022

What are the limitations of using a private server that is just one of many on hardware many miles away? To the surprise of many, even though you work with a virtual system, you can run any software that would be used on just a single machine running your operating system. In this article, we will present some of the best cheap VPS hosting possibilities.

If you run a blog for personal reasons or SEO-based articles to attract more customers, you can also put up new posts using your virtual private server. Like a normal machine, you can FTP into the virtual machine and transfer files back and forth, so you never have to worry about losing your data if something becomes corrupted or goes down.

What are some cheap options for VPS hosting that are still reliable? We have compiled a list of the top three for you to check out. 

  1. A2 Hosting
  2. Hostpapa
  3. Siteground
  4. Ultahost

A2 Hosting VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting

With A2, start with managed VPS access for the low cost of only $25.00. You get a great deal with this, including 4 GB of RAM and 75 GB of storage for your operating system and all the programs you need to have a high-speed and responsive site. You will also get 4 CPU cores and access to SSD for faster speeds. A free SSL will be included so that customers will feel comfortable shopping with you and be more inclined to use your services. Root access means you have total control of what happens with your virtual servers, so feel free to configure things how you would like.

The Right Operating System

Maybe the chosen operating system is not working for you, and you want to make a sudden switch over from Windows to a Linux-based system. Since you are a root user, that will not be an issue, and you can make changes on the fly. A2 has a great tutorial on installing a new OS with your VPS or just refreshing your operating system if you need a new copy active.

VPS hosting through A2 not only lets you change the OS on the fly, but you can also adjust resources quickly as well. All of the specs listed for the RAM, CPU, and disk space can be changed if you are willing to pay for higher tiers of service. Maybe your business just took off like a rocket, and now you need access to more resources across the board. It is possible to borrow resources from another VPS or increase your spending so that you can handle a spike in traffic. Flexibility is a big plus with a VPS, and hosting will often have a hypervisor that can make sure resources are being shared optimally. 

HostPapa VPS hosting


What are the advantages of going with Hostpapa for your VPS needs? You can host as many sites and domains as you need. You will only be limited by the number of resources your current tier allows for, so feel free to develop as many sites as you can and experiment with how much your VPS can handle. This is great if you work for an agency that controls multiple sites for clients and you need the flexibility of upgrading their resources at any time. Developers that construct apps will also be happy about this since it gives them more flexibility to just focus on coding instead of thinking about how many resources a project will take up.

A Secure Solution

Using a VPS through Hostpapa is excellent because you often will find you have all the dedicated server options even though you have many Virtual Private Servers on just one machine. You can configure your server for increased security, performance, or useability, depending on your needs. Starting at just $19.99 for the month and including five different tiers of service, you are sure to be able to find a perfect match with Hostpapa that is going to meet your requirements for a low price.

Siteground VPS Hosting


This host moved from the regular VPS plans to more cloud-based solutions. It still comes at a great price, and you have the ability to scale up things when your business is doing well or even scale down if you need to tighten the belt. Keep in mind that cloud servers are virtual servers, but a VPS is not always based in the cloud. That is an important distinction to remember when you are looking at different hosts for your VPS.

Siteground is excellent with its hosting services since you have immense control over the hardware even when you are several times zones away. They will always have spare space ready for you to place your site for hosting. With rows and rows of hardware, each one can support a large number of Virtual Private Servers, which means space is not a problem. Keep in mind also that your plan can be fully managed. If you are not comfortable with loading up a new OS on a computer that you can not physically see, just contact their staff, and they will run you through how to accomplish everything or even do it for you so that you won’t need to use SSH to go in and make changes.


Ultahost is one of the greatest VPS hosting providers on the market with customers from India to Germany. The pros are great speed, power, and flexibility. But, besides the apparent speed and quality, what makes this provider unique is the affordable VPS hosting price range.

As the name suggests, UltaHost offers fast servers with lightning-fast speeds. Additionally, this hosting provider is reliable, secure, secure, and reliable. Performance qualities, Ultahost offers low prices for quality products.

Furthermore, you can pay for Ultahost hosting with bitcoins. The company’s VPS hosting is offered at super-low prices and a 100% money-back guarantee, and it comes with simple features.

Why use VPS hosting

Is your business poised to take off in the near future? Are you looking to expand with more options and a better website that needs more resources? You might want to consider a VPS. Since so many things in the world of technology are acronyms, what exactly is a VPS, and how can they help a business on the brink of making it big?


VPS is just an acronym for Virtual Private Server. Some may call these VDS or virtual dedicated servers, but that is not nearly as popular as VPS. Hosts such as Namecheap and Bluehost provide hosting services but keep in mind that not all of them offer access to a virtual server. How does a virtual server work?

When you think of a server, you may imagine a single piece of hardware with cables plugged into it that will hold the files for your web pages and the backend where all the data is stored. When somebody requests to see something on the page, the server will respond and send back the asked information.

Virtual servers work in different capacities. You may have one physical machine with many different virtual servers on that one piece of hardware. If you are a customer, you will be given access to log in and access your virtual server, but you will not have access to the other servers on the machine that belong to other customers. This can be likened to having your own dedicated server because you have the option to set up the security or operating system that you want.


Say you are interested in hosting your content with Linux instead of Windows because you feel that security is stronger with Linux. Since you have a private server, you can make that choice and make as many changes to the operating system as you like. Namecheap has a starter plan that is just $11.88 a month. Instead of hosting that you would normally see that gives you a limited number of installs for WordPress and a certain number of hits per month, VPS gives you limitations on the number of resources you can use. The bare-bones plan with Namecheap includes 2 CPU Cores, 2 GB RAM, and 40 GB SSD RAID 10 for storage. This plan also comes with a lot of bandwidth that totals 1000 GB. Other customers on the same hardware piece will have similar plans and similar access to the hardware to use as they see fit.

Reasons to Use a VPS

One of the strongest reasons to use a VPS is that you can increase your hardware requirement on the fly and just pay extra to have access to a faster server. Going back to Namecheap’s example, if you move up to the next tier for Linux hosting and pay $19.88 a month, you double your CPU cores to 4, and you will have 6 GB of RAM and 120 GB of SSD Raid 10 memory to use. This amount of storage will be more than enough for most websites and respond very quickly since you are using Solid State Drives, which have speed advantages over older memory types. Even better, your bandwidth is also increased to 3000 GB. If you picture serving requests and sending data out as water going through a pipe, you just tripled the size of the pipe you are using, which means it will have the ability to send a lot more down the pipe.

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