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Top 10 Clean WordPress Themes 2022

Studies show that a cluttered website, with ads posted everywhere, tends to lose its visitor within the first ten seconds. In this day and age of competition, where everyone is in line to grab people’s attention online, clean websites have become the first requirement for everyone. We have tested more than 100 themes to find the best clean WordPress themes of 2022. This is our top 10 Clean WordPress themes list.

Best Paid Clean WordPress Themes

Divi WordPress Theme


Divi is one of the most popular and diverse paid themes on the Internet and the number 1 on our top 10 clean WordPress themes. It comes at a very affordable price of $89 per year. This seems like a bargain considering how many features and other services you get along with this. However, if you believe more in permanent ownership, there is also an option of a one-time-only payment of $249. One of the very remarkable features of Divi is it allows the user to build visually. Many themes tend to focus on getting codes and other entry points for data from the user. On the other hand, Divi is all live, letting you change its interface right there, with no backend confusion for beginners. We’ve written an article on Elegant Themes Coupon Code; it works for Divi and other themes.

Neve WordPress Theme


As a sure number 2 on the Top 15 Clean WordPress Themes list, we have Neve Theme. Like Divi Theme, WordPress sensation Neve Theme from Theme Isle is one of the WordPress themes gaining popularity in recent years. So far, more than 60,000 installations of the Neve Theme at and many more are likely to come in the coming years. We highly recommend Theme Isle products in general, and Neve Theme is one of their best products.

Astra WordPress Theme


Astra layouts avoid the usage of unnecessary colors. It is important to remember that extra colors aren’t always beautiful to the customers or people who visit the website. Eventually, this can easily reflect in the sales being made as well. People who use Astra for their website or blog on WordPress can avoid such issues. The simplest and cleanest appearance of Astra helps customers a lot. Due to the simplicity, the websites can load a lot more quickly, and the functions can also be performed very efficiently. Astra’s simple and clean designs with helpful features help the customers concentrate on the content.

Hestia WordPress Theme


100,000+ users cannot be entirely wrong – It is a great product, which is why Hestia is number 4 on our top 15 Clean WordPress Themes list. The theme, which is the flagship by Theme Isle, has for a long time been one of the favorites on the Internet, together with WordPress theme giants such as Divi theme and Avada theme. Theme Isle does not disappoint Hestia Theme, which is high quality and provides an excellent opportunity for your blog or website. If you are unsure if the theme is for you, we recommend trying the free version of Hestia first.

Geoplaces5 WordPress Theme


This SEO-friendly WordPress theme creates a beautiful city or multi-city directories with WordPress. It is a fully functional online directory system with a front-end submission system, built-in Monetization, Custom Fields, Google Maps support, and much more. GeoPlaces 5 supports custom fields and inbuilt post types like Events and GeoPlaces. It is easy to use a theme, with intuitive customization and listing management options. In addition, it comes with inbuilt coupons and discount modules. Along with money-making features, the theme also comes with a simple Payment processing & Transaction Management system.

Online Shop WordPress Theme

Online Shop

Next on our top 15 clean WordPress themes are the Online Shop Theme. Online Shop is a free eCommerce WordPress theme that is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. It has a beautiful demo with the one-click demo import option. The theme is customizer-based and comes with highly customizable sections. It is compatible with Page Builder by SiteOrigin to custom-build your inner pages. Besides, the theme offers you custom widgets, unlimited sliders, unlimited pages on section, featured section, custom sidebar areas, layout controls, and so on.

BeTheme WordPress Theme


Eventhough BeTheme is an older theme, it still deserves a spot on our Top 15 Clean WordPress Themes list. BeTheme is one of the paid themes being offered on Themeforest. The pricing for it is pretty low compared to Divi, yet it offers many the same stuff. The theme is available for download at $59 for six months, which can be extended to a year-long service on an additional payment of $17.36. Availing this now is the best option because otherwise, this extension would cost a whopping $23. BeTheme focuses on easy, one-click updates that let the owner and user get into the seamless world of a clean website.

the7 WordPress Theme


As the case was with BeTheme, The7 theme deserves a spot on the As a sure number 2 on the Top 15 Clean WordPress Themes list for old time sake.

It is a theme that packs incredible features at a minimal price. You probably will not get any of these features in a single theme for this low price anywhere. Only for $39 for six months, this theme offers unlimited customization in a completely organized, neat layout. The main selling point of this theme is the six premium plugins being offered in the package. If you are in a designer’s block of sorts and cannot figure out what kind of a website to build, The7 has more than 40 templates to offer that can be tweaked to your liking.

juptier WordPress Theme


For only $59, finding a multipurpose theme is nearly impossible. But this one here is not. This is a responsive theme, meaning it readily adapts to changes that you make right on the website and does not necessarily need a background dashboard to control every little detail. This comes in particularly handy when you are looking towards changing widgets’ positioning and how they end up displaying on the landing page.

Bridge WordPress Theme


The bridge Theme is the last paid theme we have on our list. For $59, you get a WordPress theme that has successfully been used and approved by more than 100,000 people all over the world. This includes entrepreneurs, writers, e-commerce executives, and other people from all walks of life who found this theme perfect for their website. In addition, the bridge brings more than 350 internal themes, offering the most exceptional level of customization.

Best Free Clean WordPress Themes

Writers Blogily WordPress Theme

Writers Blogily

Writers Blogily is a free WordPress theme that genuinely gives off the premium feel that otherwise is only available with paid themes. Having a solid 4-star rating from some 1000+ people who have made use of it, the theme ensures brand consistency and tonality, all the while maintaining a crisp, neat look for your website and its visitors.

Blogrid WordPress Theme


Blogrid is what its name suggests. It aims to bring neatness to the fold by optimizing the space being used. In a lot of free themes, the problem is the inefficient use of spaces involved. Blogrid gets rid of this problem by effectively bringing all your posts, products, or anything else you wish to advertise in a safe distance, with minimal losses and a proper header announcing your cause out loud.

Opus Blog WordPress Theme

Opus Blog

Opus Blog is a free, minimal, and lightweight WordPress blog theme. This theme is a post format ready WordPress theme with added custom widgets and customizer-based theme options. In addition to that, it has header options, slider options, promo section options, sidebar options, single-page options, and more. Likewise, Opus Blog has gone to the top option, copyright option, related post option, etc.


  • Post Format Ready
  • Featured Post Widget
  • Author Information on Single Page
  • Related Posts Option
  • Drop Cap Option
  • Elegant Layout
  • Dedicated Support
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Translation Ready

Griddist WordPress Theme


Griddist is pretty much the same as Blogrid when it comes to free themes. However, the difference arises when it does not use the same square grid that one might expect from platforms like Instagram. Instead, it merges text and images to form an appealing invitation to a blog post or a product on your website while keeping neatness as its priority. The theme also gives you options regarding customization, along with widgets that are super easy to use.

Blog Builderly WordPress Theme

Blog Builderly

Number 15 on our Top 10 Clean WordPress Themes list is the Blog Builderly theme. Blog Builderly is a theme for everyone. Whether you are a writer looking to make the world sway with your phrases, or an entrepreneur looking to make a mark in e-commerce and then dive right into traditional trade, Blog Builderly is the right choice. It offers customization as best as any free theme could and makes sure that the website stays pleasing, always.

Clean WordPress themes for Writers

Writers have it good. With fewer books being published every year, the market for online book reading is continually growing. This has given writers a new avenue for penning their thoughts. Apart from e-books and online book services, many budding writers now manage their websites where they blog regularly or write about what inspires them. This has developed into a widespread industry all over the world. The first thing a writer wants is a reader staying on their website for long. And that is only possible when the layout is neat. Thankfully for WordPress users, there are lots of clean and tidy themes to choose from. What do you expect a website to be when you visit it for the first time? That’s right! A neat and clean outlook is the least you expect to be present. 

Clean Paid Themes

Themes can either be paid or free, and you may choose whichever suits you, but there is always an advantage in having a paid item rather than a free one. Paid themes always tend to have more customization options and offer you complete control over the thing you manage. These themes also come loaded with multiple options and updates, which the owning companies keep sending you for better, improved performances.

Another one of the popular photography themes is Oshine. It is a creative and multipurpose theme suitable for building websites that are perfect for photographers and freelancers. The creative agencies can also use the theme. This theme has about 43 attractive demos and over 100 pre-built sample pages that can be installed for use in just a single click. Designed with professional photographers in mind, this theme also has a modern and classy design, stunning sliders, carousels, password-protected galleries, etc. Like the other Photography themes for WordPress, this theme also has the purpose of making your site unique. It allows users to have unlimited possibilities for layouts and have complete control over colors, typography, and multiple header styles. We have a list of all our favorite premium themes here.

Clean WordPress theme free Download

A clean theme is just as important for the owner as it is for a visitor. A customer will indeed run away the moment they do not find the website easy to navigate, but on the backend, the owner too gets to face a huge load of problems because of this. Not neat, cluttered themes give website developers nightmares, as they have to sift through thousands of files and add just looking for one text box that needs editing. With such problems in mind, it is super important to employ a clean theme for your website, which keeps your conversion rates high and makes sure you have no problems updating your website.

Clean free & responsive WordPress theme

Clean themes are super necessary, as we have mentioned so many times before. Apart from the convenience, they offer you editing through the website and the potential clients or visitors, making their trip and navigation easy. These clean themes also serve as a great marketing tool. Imagine having to tell someone about a website; after you tell them what it does, there have to be more advantages. The primary one can be, it is so easy to use!

Best simple, clean WordPress themes

We cannot emphasize enough how bad of an impact a cluttered website delivers. This is why it is essential to choose neat themes, use them to the best of their abilities, and never overwork them. Overworking a theme means that you tend to display every little feature available, leaving no room for breathing inside the website, giving the visitors an eyesore every time they decide to come to you for help.

This is one of the most popular themes for WordPress in terms of photography skills. This is why it also happens to be the best-selling photography theme in the ThemeForest market. In terms of ratings and popularity, the theme earned about four point five stars out of five average ratings from the users.

Clean eCommerce WordPress themes

Having briefed you about the many choices you get when it comes to clean WordPress themes, it is now only your call to either side with the paid versions or go on ahead and use a free one. Each one comes loaded with its advantages, and is greatly centered towards different types of users. But if you are involved in e-commerce, it is always best to invest in your outlook, which calls for paid themes to be used for WordPress. The limitless customization they offer is all your brand needs to take off. After all, nothing soars with cut wings.

There are several themes available for people to check out, and they happen to have most of the favorable options that people want to look forward to having the most. A few themes need to be analyzed to understand what kind of photography theme is popular for WordPress these days.

Free Themes

Free themes are perfect for people who are ready to make an online presence but do not want to invest too much in it as they have other avenues to take care of. We have a selection of free themes that deliver the best of their services and try to get as close to the features being offered by the paid themes as possible. Out of the four themes being offered, feel free to try any, and see how your websites’ conversion rates rapidly go up.

WordPress is one of the best and most popular website platforms that are available today. It is used by over thirty-one percent of all the websites online. Not only are there numerous personal blogs for people to check, but there are also several big and popular brands that are using WordPress to create their websites. Due to all this, it happens to be one of the major platforms used by photographers to showcase their work and portfolios.

Cheap themes for photographers

The clean themes for WordPress are the minimalistic themes that are developed to suit certain design tastes. These themes are crisp and clean. Generally, they feature a satellite menu page of about three columns. These are very effective in reducing clutter, making the whole usability process a lot more streamlined. The clean themes are designed to present site content with more sophistication and make the content look a lot more elegant.

The marketing websites and the web developers responsible for developing the clean themes have to be a little extra careful. They have to be mindful of their design when they are offering their final product. The whole layout and website design can play a considerably important role in one’s marketing strategy. One of the major mistakes that marketers and business owners make while using the whole website is that they make the website’s design very colorful and cluttered. 

Professional Photography themes

It is important to remember that extra colors cannot be beautiful to the customers or people who visit the website. Eventually, this can easily reflect in the sales being made as well. People who use clean themes for their website or blog on WordPress can avoid such issues. When one is redesigning a website or building it all up on the platform from scratch, one needs to be careful not to overdo things. The clean themes easily help to aim for a clean and simple layout for the WordPress site or blog.

A website or a lovely blog will easily catch the customer’s eye through the content it publishes. Those platforms do not need to resort to extremely bright and shiny colors to catch the customer’s eye. By keeping the websites dimple, subtle, and concise through clean themes, people can easily generate more sales. The information given on the clean themes is actually to the point. In many cases, the blog and website’s overloaded information can convince the customer to go elsewhere for the required content. So, the people who use clean themes can easily ensure that their visitors focus on the invaluable service offered.

The simplest and cleanest WordPress themes help customers a lot. Due to the simplicity, the websites can load a lot more quickly, and they can also perform their functions very efficiently. Simple and clean designs with helpful features help the customers to concentrate on the content as well.

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