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Best Cloud Server Hosting for WordPress Websites (2023 Edition)

Cloud servers have become popular due to recent efforts from both Microsoft and Amazon. These virtual servers are replacing physical servers all across the country right now. This technology continues to evolve, and now you can remotely access your server anytime and anywhere. What exactly are the benefits of using a cloud server for hosting? What is the best cloud server host? We are going to look into those questions with this article. Our main focus will be on identifying the best cloud server hosting for WordPress websites.

Cloud Server Hosts Gaining Steam

These virtual servers have been around for many years and are becoming more popular. If you run a WordPress website, you probably want to know if a cloud server would be right. After all, we all want to use the latest technology to beat the competition and provide better service to those who do business with us.

Best Cloud Server Hosting for WordPress as we see it:

Our article ranks the best cloud server hosts and shows the most interesting attributes. Weighing out the pros and also the cons will help us see which cloud host will be good for you when you are running a WordPress site

WP Engine cloud hosting integrates well with WordPress

1. WP Engine

WP Engine is the top choice on our list of WordPress’s best cloud server hosting. Why did they make number one?

  • Integrates well with WordPress
  • Access your server with high speeds
  • Extremely secure connection

When you go with cloud hosting done by WP Engine, you will get a cluster of servers that all work together in unison. You won’t have to worry about the load on just one server because special software will balance it out for you. When you have just one WordPress site, you never have to worry about it going down. You will have the power of all those servers working together to keep your site working. Multiple servers enable customers to relax and get hosting that is worry-free. There won’t be any downtime when another server can quickly move into place to take care of the load.

Specialized Software

WP Engine has special software, so they can use cloud hosting. It is one thing to have all those servers available to you. You still need to take advantage of the horsepower given to you. WP Engine will help you with this because they have software designed for cloud computing. Your WordPress site will be faster than usual, stay up longer, and give customers a better experience because WP Engine understands how to make the servers remotely work together. They are constantly updating the code for the servers, so they are always adapting to what is happening in the market. Can you say the same about your current host? It is not enough to just let your site sit statically anymore. You need a team behind you that realizes hosting is always changing, and they need to change with the times.

GreenGeeks is eco-friendly

2. GreenGeeks

How did GreenGeeks capture the number two spot? Look at some of the aspects that you might find interesting.

  • Scales Fast
  • Fast Loading Speed for your Site
  • Green Friendly

These guys are wizards when it comes to hosting. Don’t go with another host if you care about speed. You could compare your current host with these guys, and you will find that your site will load faster with GreenGeeks. How can that be? Well, the secret is in engineering. Like our number one choice looks at their code daily to make themselves the ultimate cloud host, GreenGeeks also has a team that engineers their hosting solutions.

Many Options

Pick from several choices when you go with GreenGeeks. They have shared hosting if you want to save money, VPS accounts for people who want more control over their experience, and cloud hosting. WordPress, designed its system to scale up quickly. This is good news if you have an online business. Say that your company starts to take off. You need a solution that can give you more resources ASAP. There is no time to wait when money is on the line. Give them a call, and they can move over the cloud resources so that you can handle more visitors and more hits.

If you are nervous about speeds, they offer a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Right now, with servers that are in Chicago and Phoenix, you should notice that the load times are fast. If you feel like another host has a better server placement, you can cancel at the end of the month. There is no problem with just getting that first month for free. Couple that with the fact that you will get the leading eco-friendly web host and fast speeds, and this one is a winner. We want to work with companies that put energy back into the grid. GreenGeeks does exactly that with renewable energy. This is an example of a company that understands what consumers want now.

SiteGround is cheap

3. SiteGround

Need a team that guarantees resources when you need them? SiteGround has amazing capabilities with its Cloud Computing. They can set you up with CPU power when needed to never experience a lag in service. Look at some of the highlights.

  • Service starts at only $80.00 a month
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • Easy to get started

This company starts at only eighty dollars for the month. What can you expect from that? You will have access to 3 CPU cores that can be tapped anytime. You also have access to SSD when you need to store things for your site. Don’t worry about people struggling to access products on your page. SSD responds much faster since these are solid-state drives. Older types of data storage seem archaic compared with the Solid State Drives that SiteGround uses at all tier levels. Keep in mind; that you will also receive five terabytes of data, which you can transfer with. It will be almost impossible to use up all that data, so there is no question about if you will hit your monthly cap. Go with SiteGround, and rest assured that you will always have the resources supplied with their resource guarantee.

Hosting Forest cloud hosting promotes renewables & green initiatives

4. UltaHost

Cloud hosting combines physical hosting with virtual servers. Cloud hosting is known for its reliability, scalability, and adaptability, making it a good choice for organizations and websites that require fast load times when traffic is high.

UltaHost has this feature, and it helps WordPress sites that need to load quickly and stay balanced without losing any of the features or stopping when 20 visitors enter simultaneously, for example.

5. Hosting Forest

Going green is a smart thing to do in our current environment. You are going to be able to have solid cloud hosting as well as protect our Earth at the same time. Check out some of the highlights.

  • Supports green initiatives
  • Promotes renewables
  • Many services to pick from

Hosting Forest is doing a lot for the environment. You may not realize this, but cloud hosting takes up a lot of electricity. Considering that a lot of our energy comes from coal and other dirty energy sources, it is important to look at companies that support green initiatives. This company works to plant more trees and provide jobs for people in the third world. On top of that, they also have great cloud hosting servers that have rock-solid performance. A great choice!

Kinsta is expensive, but one of the best WordPress cloud hosting services available

6. Kinsta

Why use Kinsta for cloud hosting? They have experience on their side and a trial period that lets you try the service before you buy. Look at some of their main highlights.

  • Free Trial to check out the service
  • Experienced in hosting
  • Around-the-clock help

Kinsta works with the Google Cloud Platform. This means you get stable service, and any problems are just isolated to a single server. If there is a natural disaster, many other servers can be moved into place to take up the slack. Cloud servers are not going to be impacted if there is a fire in a data center for one location. The software was written to compensate for this, and Kinsta has software that will respond quickly if there is ever a problem. See if they are right for you today when you use their free trial and check out the service for yourself.

Namecheap is the least expensive option

7. Namecheap

Namecheap will let you get cloud hosting for as cheap as possible. Right now, we are all tight on money. Why not see if Namecheap can save you a few bucks? You can access a domain name for less than one dollar when you use their service. We all know how important it is to go with a domain that will sound good to consumers. You can’t pick something that is not memorable. Go with Namecheap and get cloud hosting that is stable, fast, and secure.

Cloud hosting with Namecheap will avoid hardware issues you might have on a traditional physical server. Not only that, but cloud hosting is also more stable since there are fewer moving parts. Have you considered cloud hosting if you are part of a company that wants to lower how much you pay for IT?

Consider also how fast you can scale up. Upgrades are quick and simple. It is a trivial task to go into your account and add memory and disk space. Make your next upgrade affordable with Namecheap, and you won’t be sorry. Once you have tried hosting without physical servers, you might never return to the old way.

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