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The Best CMS Hosting Providers in 2022

Best CMS Hosting

Feel like you are struggling to find a good CMS host? We go over the top choices in this industry. A CMS is a content management system, but it does much more than just help you keep up with all the content you are putting out. A good CMS will support all aspects of your business, including page speed, SEO, and keeping your customers happy. If you have questions about your current CMS, look at our list. We are going to go over the best CMS hosting choices.

Who Has The Best CMS Hosting?

We have gone over what a CMS is. Now we need to think about who will have the best CMS hosting. Many different factors go into this. You have the price, load speeds, and also uptime. If any of these are off, you will have a terrible host that will be tough to work with. Let’s look at the first choice while thinking about the best CMS host.

1. Bluehost

1. Bluehost

Why is this host considered good for use with a CMS? Look at some of their top features:

  • Easy setup
  • Straightforward presentation
  • Used by a huge number of WordPress users

You probably have already heard of Bluehost. Most of us have because of the ad campaigns that they run. With a straightforward WordPress setup, you only need to click a few links, and WordPress will be installed. You don’t need to worry about bringing over PHP files and putting them in the theme folder to adjust your site’s look. Everything can be done from your dashboard and a modified version of cPanel.

Not only that, but the price is right. The price is under three dollars for the month when you get started with them. Keep in mind that the low price won’t last, and it is just introductory. Still, though you have even thought about trying a WordPress site, you can’t beat that price. When you woke up to work this morning, you probably spent more on the coffee you brought from your local cafe. That is how cheap the service is.

Bluehost is very large, with a good reputation. You can test their support while you use a free trial through them. Give them some easy questions to test the response time. Many reviewers like to ask for help with an SSL certificate. They will then time out how long it takes before they get help. For the most part, Bluehost is responding to customers within just minutes. This is also when there is a large volume, and many other users will be on.

Live Help

If you have never worked with a CMS before, you will need help. No problem! There is 24/7 support with Bluehost. The live chat function will get you results fast. Maybe you are on a plane and going to another country. Also not a problem for them. You can still send over an email even when you can’t use the live chat features. Once you land and have better access to the Internet, you can follow up on the email and look at the answers provided.

If there is any doubt that you can get prompt help with Bluehost, think about this. They are considered a recommended host. They host a million sites that run on the WordPress platform. With so many customers using them for a CMS, they will be able to resolve your issues. Going to a mechanic who specializes in certain cars so they can give you quick answers.

On top of so many customers with them and around-the-clock help, you also have good integration with WordPress. For people that are not technical, it might be scary to use a CMS for the first time. What is a PHP file? How do you make a child theme? Don’t worry because Bluehost integrates well with This repository gives you access to many tools to modify how your site works and looks. That is going to save you money and time in the end. If you still have any doubts, use Bluehost for a month. You won’t be charged when you cancel, and you can cancel for any reason. That is more than fair. Give them a shot for your CMS hosting.

2. A2 Hosting

2. A2 Hosting

Another good CMS host is A2. What can you find when you go with them?

  • Many tutorials on software
  • Easy installation
  • Tips on performance

Head on over to the site for A2 hosting. They give you many tutorials at no cost. If you are having trouble getting WordPress installed on any system, the tutorials will help.

Not only that, but they also give tutorials on how to speed up your site and strip away parts that are not needed. When you work with a CMS, speed makes the difference in who gets the business. Go with a host that knows speed and how to get better performance out of your site.

Just like Bluehost, they have a straightforward installation process. It will only take a few clicks, and you will be up and running with A2. For any questions, you can contact them at any time. Also, you can check out their latest coupon code offers here if you are looking for the perfect A2 Hosting deal.

UltaHost CMS hosting

3. UltaHost

With the help of a content management system, you can quickly create, publish and promote articles.

The importance of UltaHost here lies in increasing efficiency and performance for you and all visitors who visit your site.

When it comes to building and managing the web, you must find an alternative to the tedious manual coding task, as UltaHost provides you with attractive template-based designs and an easy-to-use user interface.

As the CMS is closely related to WordPress and represents 36% of all websites, you can pair your hosting plan with UltaHost.

3. HostPapa

4. HostPapa

If you are trying to decide on the best CMS hosting, consider HostPapa. This is employee-owned, so you know they will give you extra consideration if you have issues. They are both a web host provider as well as a domain registrar. Look into their service if you need a cheap way to register a domain.

They have been active since 2004, so they have a lot of experience hosting and serving close to 30 million people. They are also active in 178 countries, so you can pick them as your CMS host no matter where you might be. Their hosting is based on cloud technology, which shows they are keeping up with current trends. They will have you covered if you need to use PHP, FTP, or MySQL for your database. Think about them for your next WordPress site or Drupal page.

What Is A CMS?

First, we should define a CMS; then, we can better understand who will provide our CMS’s best hosting. A content management system or CMS has become one of the most used tools to develop a site. Using PHP makes it much easier to make a website than before. Developers are using open-source content management systems to easily create themes for people to create a web page.

Ironically, many people already use a CMS but do not even realize they are working with one. It is not like most content management systems declare that they are CMS.

Take, for example, WordPress. Millions are using it and have never realized that this is classified as a content management system. Some have called this a factory that makes web pages. That is an accurate assessment since you only need a domain and somebody to host you, and you will have a live page.

WordPress uses a templated processor, and the architecture is considered a front controller. Requests go to a single PHP file that parses data. This is why when you have seen people download a theme; it comes with PHP code.

CMS Hosting Advantages

One of the clear advantages that you get when you use a content management system is themes. For example, WordPress lets you switch themes at will. You have so many to choose from; it would be almost impossible to look at all of your choices.

Every CMS needs a theme to be active. Created with PHP, HTML, and CSS, this controls how your site appears to the public. From your dashboard, you can bring in new themes and make them active—some need to be paid for while others are given away free from a repository of open-source code. If you would like to get more technical, your new CMS theme can be copied directly to your themes directory. You would do this through FTP and use a program like FileZilla. If you have any trouble accessing your WordPress files through FTP, contact the hosting support you have. Many times, access to your WordPress files is restricted. This is because you can open yourself up to hacking attacks if you are not careful. Your host will try to keep these files hidden from the average user.

If you enjoy specific features for a theme but want to make changes, go with a child theme. A child theme will inherit traits and characteristics from the original theme. Like how a child might have traits from a parent, like an eye color or height, traits are also ported over from the first theme. A user can go in and tweak the code and make changes. The theme is different from the original, but you can still maintain that same look and feel.

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