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Best Divi Plugins – Which Should You Use?

Best Divi Plugins

Divi is one of the most popular plugins that you can get for WordPress. With a thirty-day guarantee on their product, many new users are streaming in to try the product. When you pair this with the fact that Elegant Themes also will release free builder packs, you can see why Divi is so popular with many out there. How can we make Divi even better? What are the best Divi plugins that we can use? If we can determine the best Divi plugins, we can use that as a launchpad for even better sites and more efficient code. Let’s get started!

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Divi Breadcrumbs

On its own, Divi is a great way to make a site and have it look professional quickly. There is always a way to take something great and make it even better. Why not check out a popular extension for Divi called Divi Breadcrumbs? Now, you may ask what this means. What does Divi have to do with breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumb navigation gets its name from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. If you remember back to the time when you were a child, perhaps your parents read this story to you. Hansel and Gretel had to create a path so that they could get back to their home. They didn’t want to get lost in the woods, so they broke up a piece of bread and then used this as a trail that they could follow.

In terms of website navigation, breadcrumbs are considered secondary navigation aids that will show users how their position on the page relates to the website’s rest. A good example of this will be if you sell items used for lawn care. One of your visitors clicks on a weed wacker, and they begin to read reviews for it. On the page’s side, the user can see where their location is about other kinds of products. If they want to switch to reviews for lawn mowers, they can tell that they have to go back several screens where things fork off. This is a powerful way to help your user get the right product.

Divi Is Helping Your User

No doubt Divi is great, but your navigation can always be better.

Divi Breadcrumbs will not apply to every site. If you are only selling one or two products, the user will not easily get lost on your page. The same would go for a landing page. When few elements are making up your site, breadcrumbs are not needed.

However, with a complex site, you may think about this product. It can help boost sales because you are improving navigation. Don’t frustrate your user with a site that feels like a maze. Show them clearly where they are at all times. This saves them time and increases the probability of conversion. Using analytics would be a good way to see how users are interacting with your site. If it seems like users are spending a lot of time moving back and forth between pages, that would be a good time to use breadcrumbs. You can always watch customers in real-time as well to see how they act. Then you will know for sure if you have a navigation issue.

Divi Shortcodes

Feel nervous when you need to code something in WordPress? A collection of shortcodes might be the answer. How does it all work? A good example will be if we want to embed a video. The code might look something like the example below.

<video controls width=”1000″>
  <source src=”videofile/demovideo.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″>
  <source src=”videofile/demovideo.webm” type=”video/webm”>
<div style=”border: 5px solid black ; padding: 10px ;”>
<!– Add a comment here to inform your user if their current browser will need to be updated. –>

When you take a look at this code, it can seem not very clear. If you are not familiar with HTML, this could look like gibberish. Here, you are bringing in video controls for the player. It would help if you also were specific about where the source is coming from. On top of all this, you have styles to worry about. How big should you make the border? What about the padding? Will this fit in with the rest of the site?

Shortcodes Available

If you feel like you are getting overwhelmed even thinking about embedding a video using the raw HTML, you can take advantage of shortcodes. These make it easy to embed a video with just a line of code! That is a great way to save time. What would this look like?

[ video]

Simple as that. Remove the space that we inserted, and now you can start embedding the video. This is much easier than if you try to do several lines of code. Speed up how fast you work with your site and quickly add new features and functions.

Best Divi Plugins to choose from

Divi Themes Has Many Options

When you think of the best Divi plugins, you are going to love Divi Shortcodes. You can save hours for a developer you might have spent typing out all those lines of code. Now, you can easily insert your shortcodes. Add sliders so that your products look better, and it will attract the attention of users that visit the site. Make a contact form with just a single line of code! Create nice blurbs that get your point across that do not rely upon many different code lines to look professional.

If you have ever wanted to add a map that will make it easier to find your store, you will realize how much time shortcodes can save. Don’t spend hours trying to learn how the API works. Using shortcodes inside of Divi, you will have all the professional features and not spend even a second working with code. That is the best way to put out professional sites quickly. The plugin will not take long at all to install. It just takes a few clicks of the mouse.

Divi Hacks

Many of us wish that we could be coding experts. It would come in handy so often if we had the skills to go in and make swift changes to our HTML and JavaScript. The problem is, how do you find the time to become an expert with coding while you are also running your business? It is a hard balance to come across. That is why you need a plugin extension for Divi to hack the drag and drop builder.

Divi is already excellent for taking your site-building skills to the next level. If you have ever tried to put together a site on your own using just the raw HTML, you quickly will learn how tedious and difficult it can be. You alter your code and save your work so that you can flip over to another screen and see what the change did. Divi makes it so that all changes are happening in real-time. With the plugin Divi Hacks, you will be taking this even further.

Divi Plugins Are Flexible

Customers have described it like the Swiss Army Knife that can do anything with Divi. Why download many different plugins for Divi when you could get this one along with a few others? You can change mouse-over effects, the way your pictures look, and the various font styles, so everything looks like a site made for five figures. You are going to be in control of making the customization now. The best thing is that you won’t need to put even a single line of code in. All of it is done from the control panel.

The Settings Panel

All of the nice effects you will see on the screen are controlled from one central command area. Like the cPanel you might use for your WordPress site, all of your Divi site changes will go through the settings panel. If you don’t like the look of something, move the slider over. Now you have disabled it, and it will no longer register on your site.

These can be many different things like tooltips, the custom background looks you have built, custom SVGs, and even buttons to interact with the user. When you head on over to their site, you can see some of the features that are working already. Buttons will move to get your attention. This draws in the user’s eye and makes them more likely to investigate other parts of your site. Vector graphics that can scale might be difficult to work with. Make things easier by using these hacks. If you feel like one of the hacks is not working for you, turn it off. Your site will be back to normal.

We really like how easy it is to implement a number of these tooltips and looks. If you want a plugin that allows you to take on several different team members’ roles, you will want to use this set of tools. You will be able to work with graphics, your site’s content, and the overall layout. While it might seem like a lot taking on so many different roles, you will be able to save significant amounts of money with just this one plugin.

Best Plugins

Best Divi Plugins Conclusion

In conclusion, we can recommend each of these plugins. You are going to enjoy the fact that coding is minimal with all these. Take on the role of multiple team members when you use these. Avoid hiring a content writer or a UI/UX pro. These will give you the edge you are looking for. For more plugin reviews, continue to visit Superb Themes for more information.

Are you ready to give Divi a try? Click the button & try out Divi for free.

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