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Best Domain Hosting 2023

Your domain is a key part of your identity online. If a company has a poorly picked domain name, it can be devastating as it scrambles to stay relevant in consumers’ minds. In this article, we take a look at some of the best domain hosting providers for your WordPress site. This will give you a good starting point as you decide which host to use for your next domain.

Out best domain hosting top five is as follows:

WP Engine is the best domain host

1. WP Engine

What will you get when you sign up for WP Engine?

  • CDN to support high traffic times
  • Data you can act on
  • Integration with Analytics
  • A large user base to work with

WP Engine is on the best domain hosting list since WP Engine is an excellent host that gives you a wide variety of choices regarding how you want to do hosting. If you are just at a personal level, that is fine as they cater to individuals with low priced hosting. For just $25.00 each month, you are going to get the following.

  • 25K visits for each month
  • Storage that caps out at 10GB
  • Bandwidth for the month of 50GB
  • 1 Site

These are great stats and show you how much you will get at just the lowest level. If you are a business, the next tier will include a higher memory allotment and visits to service more customers. For users that need agency status, that is the highest tier and will run $241.00 each month. With the highest tier, you can work with thirty sites. An awesome deal that allows you to register a lot of domains with the host.


WP Engine will also offer many applications so you can watch the performance of your site. Don’t be left in the dark when you could be monitoring everything with New Relic. Analytics from Google is also important now for boosting your numbers. That will fully integrate into when you are using WP Engine and watching to see where your traffic is coming in from and how you can improve. Perhaps you feel your site is too slow. Give it a boost using performance tools. Your page speed can be clocked along with ways to optimize the site. WP Engine really cares about giving you the best service and making sure your domain is secure.

Siteground is the second best domain host

2. SiteGround

What can you choose from when you get a domain with SiteGrounds?

  • Cloud Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is number two on our best domain hosting list since they have a huge number of services that you can pick from. If you run a business, you are going to want to look into WooCommerce Hosting. Between Shopify and WooCommerce, you have a large chunk of the online shopping experience. Both of these platforms have big shares of online retailers, and SiteGround is increasing the share of users since they support these initiatives.

In terms of domains, they work with over 2 million. This shows that SiteGround is dedicated to what they do. They also offer a lot of guides to help you as a domain registrar. From how to unlock and lock your domain to doing a domain transfer, they have it all covered. Go with a great domain registrar today and see why so many others have decided to go with SiteGround when they register.

Bluehost is the best domain host for WordPress websites

3. BlueHost

If you want the best web hosting, go no further than BlueHost. They make it easy to register a new domain, and they are ready to help you make sure that you can easily transfer any old content to your new domain. What do they offer? Check out some of the highlights.

  • You get a free domain for your first year with them
  • A free SSL certificate is included with signing up
  • You can install WordPress with minimal effort
  • Around the clock support

You read that correctly. You will have access to WordPress right off the bat when you go with BlueHost because they made the process of installing your favorite platform take only a click or two of the mouse. Not only that, but you also get a free domain with them when you sign up. That is huge. A good domain can cost thousands. Why spend extra money when you don’t need to. Go with BlueHost, and their team is going to take care of things.

Have any doubts about the service and the number three on our best domain hosting list? The pricing is very reasonable. For just under three dollars, you are going to have award-winning support and service. If there is any question that you will get the best service, they offer the service for free for 30 days. This guarantee will refund all of your money if you don’t like the service.

Hosting Forest is the best domain host when it comes to green hosting

4. Hosting Forest

Need a few reasons to help you decide if Hostingforest is going to be right for your personal use or your company? Here are some bullet points on why you want to pick a domain host that cares.

  • They give back to the environment
  • Conscious of their carbon impact
  • Very secure
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

If you are worried about climate change and the amount of carbon we are emitting, put your money where you know it will be used well. More and more companies are starting to realize that hosting can have a huge impact on the environment.

At this very moment, the hosting industry is putting out emissions on par with the airline industry. This is difficult to believe because we are always encouraged to fly less now and reduce how much we drive. Nobody ever speaks about how we also need to be careful with how much we are browsing.

Data transmission is one of the huge factors that you must be concerned with when it comes to emissions. When you deliver a large amount of data with your site through high-resolution images and video, it costs more electricity. This has a tangible impact on the world around you. When you go with Hostingforest, they mitigate this impact by using proceeds and profit to plant additional trees. A great domain host that actually cares. Check them out today.

Kinsta is awesome as a domain host but also expensive

5. Kinsta

There are so many hosts out there it might seem like it is impossible to know who to pick. After all, when you have so many choices, which ones will keep you secure and easily transfer content between domains? Kinsta has made our list because of a variety of reasons. This host is strong for the following points:

  • Your site can be fully managed
  • The service is secure as a vault
  • Free migration from an old host
  • Very fast speeds
  • Backups that are done each day
  • Uses the Google Cloud Platform

When you get going with a company, you want one that is using cutting-edge technology. Kinsta was not disappointed in that regard. They use the Google Cloud Platform, so they are going to give you access to the same technology that Google is using right now. Not only that but the backups that they do keep your work secure. If you forget to save some of your content or you find there was a mistake made, go back to one of the daily backups that they created. It is easy to stay on top of things when you are using a superior host.

Domain Registrars

We went over a lot of different domain registrars to help make sure you have a top-notch experience when you register your domain with them. Why is it so important to pay attention to this aspect of the best domain hosting list? These registrars will be in charge of managing your domain name and making sure your brand is not tarnished.

If you spend a lot of money to register a specific name to your site and spend time to build up the reputation for your site, you want to make sure your registrar also does their job. Do they make sure that your domain is registered again automatically? If you are not careful and go with a register that doesn’t stay on top of renewals, you can have your domain name taken. When you spend this much time building up your brand, it can be devastating to take your website name. Not only that, but Google also assigns a score to your domain based on your content and SEO efforts. If you don’t renew your domain properly, you can lose out on your Domain Authority. If another competitor takes your Domain Authority from you, you can set you back several months or even years in your effort to try and dominate your SEO terms and keywords.

Are They Official?

A registrar will allow you to register domain names. How do they get this authority? Can you run into some scams? Absolutely. Not all of the companies out there have accreditation. Some will imply that they are official and have the right paperwork, but once you sign on the dotted line, they are quick to disappear with your money and nothing to show for it.

By following our list from above, you will make sure the domain registrar host is going to be top quality. Don’t be taken in by companies that claim that they can do the registration for a low price when they are not set up with ICANN.

ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Through this organization that is a non-profit, they help manage all domain names out there on the Internet. Don’t trust a company that is not in contact with ICANN since this is the standard for all hosts that can help you register your domain.

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