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Best Form Builders for WordPress 2022

Forms have been evolving since the early days of the internet. Back in the day, you might have been using forms that were very bare bones that had no CSS to make them look appealing. The days of coding all your forms by hand in HTML are over as form builders for WordPress are becoming more well known. If you are creating websites, this is excellent news because it is going to speed up your workflow and allow you a lot of flexibility for what your website can offer.

What are some of the things forms can do for us? It allows users to plug in an email address so they can subscribe to your newsletter and keep up to date with your site. For sites that are more lifestyle based with a large community, forms allow people to ask questions and add their own comments to articles that you post. This will keep your growing community engaged and coming back as they start to interact with each other. Have a job that needs to be filled? Use a form to accept applications and find the right candidate. 

One of the most important features though of forms has to be performing purchases. As e-commerce continues to explode, forms are being used to take orders and process credit card information so that products can be shipped around the globe and arrive in a matter of days. With all these advantages that we can use, what are the easiest programs to use to set up forms on our page so that we can add more functionality to the site?

WP forms


With over three million users, you already know this product is great! WPForms lists itself as the simple to use drag and drop builder that is going to jumpstart how you are putting together forms. The simplicity of using this is beautiful and lets you pull in elements onto the form page to customize it on the fly. If you would rather have someone build the form for you, WPForms also comes with many premade templates that are already waiting for you and ready to go.

Mobile is growing by the day which is not a problem for WPForms which gives you forms that are already customized for both smartphones and tablets. Your forms will appear correctly on mobile and be responsive to the smaller screens which means customers can make orders, give you feedback, or apply for a job, all while they are on the go. 


Many sites are already using Aweber or Mailchimp to send out email blasts or newsletters to keep in steady contact with their client base. Does WPForms integrate well with these services? Absolutely. WPForms is already configured to connect with Aweber and Mailchimp so when you set up a form to add people to your newsletter list, they will automatically be added to the email list for your favorite program and be waiting for your next marketing campaign.

WPForms also works well with Stripe so that customers can purchase things through your forms or use Paypal. In the past, it would have cost a large sum to have a developer come in and set up a form that would accept credit cards online. Those days are over as you connect with just a few clicks and watch as the forms take down the type of payment, shipping address, and details from your customers. Form notification will also let you know as soon as you get an order to make sure that your shipping times are speedy!

WPForms hit number one on our list with so many features and ease of use. Over a hundred templates are ready to be used if you don’t feel like putting together your own form, but they also offer Smart Conditional Logic when you want to dig in and put together a form that is more complex. You don’t need to know any coding or CSS to make these look great which means it comes highly recommended.

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ninja forms

Ninja Forms

Also promising drag and drop functionality, Ninja Forms comes in second place on our list. Advertising a very easy to use platform with a ton of features, you will be able to build up forms in a matter of just minutes instead of hours. There is a wide variety of things that you can get help with using Ninja Forms. Do you need to accept payments for a store? Are you trying to build up more leads so you can grow your business? Do you need to generate a PDF? All of these can be done through Ninja Forms.


Ninja Forms doesn’t have the largest selection of templates to pick from, but the ones that are available are going to cover almost everything a business would be looking for. You have your typical contact forms so that you can reach customers later, as well as quote requests that would be great for any company in the trades such as plumbers, roofers, and general contractors.

There are also premade forms to accept job applications if you are looking to build your team, signup forms to add people to your list in MailChimp, and questionnaires in case you want to get feedback on your service and site. You can easily change the text on any of these templates to give instructions on how to fill out the form or other tips that will help your users. 


What is the price to use all these options? To the surprise of many, Ninja Forms is free. You would expect to pay a monthly fee for all of the options and tools that they give you, but Ninja Forms will only charge for paid add-ons. Even better, when you purchase an add-on from them, you have a 14 day guarantee or you get your money back. This is huge when we all know at times, a plugin will just not work with your current site. Maybe the version of WordPress you are running is just not compatible with the add-on and you need a refund. Ninja Forms will be happy to help.

Is Ninja Forms a good plugin to use? A huge advantage is the free option. Don’t worry about spending money each month with the free tier which allows you to try this out with no cost. Not only that, this can get your forms going quickly with total integration by inheriting fonts and the color scheme for your current website so that everything will flow together with the WordPress theme you already have. This might be a downside for somebody looking to customize their look, but the average user is going to love the free option and the fact that CSS styling is going to be brought in from something they already have up.

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build forms with Elementor


Elementor comes in last on our list of form builders. Elementor has been struggling to dethrone Divi as the number one theme for a while now, but keep in mind, Elementor has advantages. Divi is going to run you $249.00 if you want unlimited access. If you are looking to use it for the year, the price drops to $89.00. Contrast that with Elementor which has an option that is totally free! Not only that, many people are going to already be comfortable using Elementor since it is so popular. If you have already built up your page using Elementor, why struggle and start adding plugins when you are not sure they will integrate smoothly with your existing page?

Elementor has plenty of tutorials online that will show you how to make contact forms in the free version which means you won’t pay a thing to construct nice-looking forms for feedback. You will need to use a free form builder plugin along with your free version of Elementor to get this to work, but it can be worth it to business owners that are more mindful of the cost. No sense in paying for a plugin when you are not sure that it will work with your current setup. 

Don’t like your options with the free version? You can always upgrade to Elementor Pro which is going to come with options for building forms. Even better, if you dislike using the setup with Elementor Pro, you could use a plugin from WPForms which is first on our list. There are so many ways to mix and match paid programs and free ones when you are using Elementor, anybody will be able to find the right combination that will work well together and still be low on cost.

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It can be tough picking the right form builder for you. With the options provided on this list, there is a good mix of both free and paid services that will allow you to try out several different plugins until you find the one that works for your existing site. As the industry evolves, we will see even better options in the future. Check back with Superb Themes often to see what else is on the horizon. Have a great time making your forms now!

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