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Best Free And Paid Email Providers For Business (2022 Edition)

Email is part of the lifeblood of any organization. If you cut off an email for a company, it would start to flounder in a matter of days. With this stated, why don’t we pay more attention to the email client we use? Most of us automatically just use Outlook or email through Google. Are there better options out there? When something is so important to our lives, and we spend so many hours answering emails, it feels like we need to take a hard look at the email provider we use. In this guide, we take a glimpse at best free and paid email providers for business. With this, we will have a better idea of what you can get out of your free email providers and the payment options.

We would be remiss to not start with Outlook. It is one of the most widely used applications all over the globe.


We would be remiss to not start with Outlook. It is one of the most widely used applications all over the globe. Microsoft has made sure that Outlook ships with all the products that they sell, so chances are you have used it. It comes on various devices, and you can take advantage of many facets that the program offers.

  • Organized
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Very common between companies

Let’s take a deeper look at some of these advantages you get when you go with Outlook.

Organized Over Devices

When you have the desktop version of Outlook, you have the ability to keep everything organized into specific folders. When you run a busy business, you have email coming in constantly. How can you keep track of all of it? How do you organize this mess?

With the platform’s desktop version, you can make folders within folders and really break things down, so you have no problem keeping track of new developments. This is also a great way to help new employees jump in and see exactly where you are with each client.

An Example In Organization

Let’s look at an example. You are a paper company that just won over a new client so that you will be the supplier for all their office paper needs. They send over correspondence that details how many supplies they need from month to month, but these figures are constantly changing. That would get its own folder so you can keep track of the current supply numbers they need.

You may also get an unexpected email from the company you are servicing from a new employee there. Maybe it is a manager with an urgent request for printer paper that needs to be satisfied immediately. For this emergency shipment, it needs to be done quickly with the right specs. Here you can create several more folders to stay organized—emergency orders and also new contacts. By keeping a list of all the contacts you have with your client, you won’t be scrambling later when you need to contact somebody in charge over there. Keep in mind that all of these folders can have several more folders inside to break things down even further and state what has been sent out for the emergency request and the date things were sent out.


Like every other Microsoft Product, using the desktop version of Outlook also gives you a ton of shortcuts you will have at your fingertips to save time. Does it feel like half of your day is given over to just replying to things and trying to organize your inbox?

You can speed up the process by using shortcuts. Navigating your inbox, creating new folders, and forwarding important updates to the team can all be done quicker with shortcuts. Take advantage of these, and soon they will become second nature the more you use them.

Outlook Is Common

Another great thing about Outlook is how common it is. Most companies are going to be a Windows-based shop. The program is robust and meshes well with the rest of the setup that they already have running. If you can become familiar with all the shortcuts and tricks to using Outlook, this will often carry over. No matter what company you end up with, the chances are that somebody will be using Outlook. Make sure you have the skills to help out a boss who is having trouble getting their inbox organized!

Next, we need to look at the other big option that is free. Gmail is a staple for many of us. What does this offer us?


Next, we need to look at the other big option that is free. Gmail is a staple for many of us. What does this offer us?

  • Lots of storage space
  • Use it on any computer
  • Works with Outlook

Gmail is agnostic, and they don’t care if you have been forced into using Outlook. Their free email will sync easily with the system, so you don’t miss anything. Storage space is also very generous. 15 gigs will cover email for a very long time. It will be difficult ever to hit this limit if you are dealing strictly with emails between people.

If you do need more space, Gmail has also given you a way to do that. Remember, we are looking at the best free and paid email providers for business. You can pay Google to give you more space and extra options. This will be a good option if you are working with larger files going back and forth between employees and clients. If you are working with large video files or high-resolution images, it will make sense to pay extra for more storage with Google.

Email Anywhere

Another big plus for Gmail is the fact you can use it on any computer. If I head off to a business meeting at a nice restaurant and I have my pitch deck ready for a client, I am going to be in trouble if the laptop dies. When you are tied to only accessing email through a specific program, you put yourself in a tough spot when your device goes down. Gmail can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This makes it perfect when you need to show off that pitch deck, and you can just use the laptop your client brought along with them.

Other Options For The Best Free And Paid Email Providers For Business

What about paid email? We have been looking at the best free and paid email providers for business, so it makes sense we want to see some paid options.

Protonmail is an excellent choice if you are looking to get a secure paid for email. What exactly are you paying for with this service? Look at these options.

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Password protection for specific messages
  • Messages can expire similarly to Snapchat
  • PGP is supported

As we can see, when you do pay for Protonmail, you get many extras. What would be some situations where you would need this?

Other Options For The Best Free And Paid Email Providers For Business

The Need For ProtonMail

Looking through some of the features, Protonmail is very focused on security and keeping your conversations private. What kind of business would need to take advantage of this?

If you deal with sensitive information in nature, you will want to explore Protonmail. Anything that has to do with the medical industry regarding HIPPA laws says you can’t reveal patients’ personal information. This does not just apply to a doctor or a nurse in a hospital. You are under HIPPA if you are taking X-rays or even if you are just cleaning their teeth as a dentist. The government takes HIPPA very seriously, and you can suffer large fines if you violate the personal privacy that people expect with medical treatment.

Some other instances where you want to keep your information protected would be for a law office. Often, the outcome of a case can mean the loss of millions or a huge win for your firm. If you are communicating with clients, this all needs to be protected. You need to make sure your client is covered and won’t have anything exposed.

Click the button to visit ProtonMail and create a secure email for free!

Government Agencies

Another situation to consider going with Protonmail would be government-related jobs. Any business that works for the government or contracts for them needs to make sure communication is secure. Foreign powers have shown many times that they are looking to learn as much as possible through hacking and other means. Hacking teams are constantly looking to compromise computers, and on the other side, you have teams set up to counter them.

Do you want to get in the middle of a huge trial because you exposed secrets you should not have? You need to go with Protonmail because they will keep you safe with their PGP encryption.

In conclusion, many situations where a business will need to pay a little bit extra to keep their communications secure and make sure the data does not leak. Think about your own company for a moment. What would happen if data leaked from your email? If you run an ice cream shop, you are probably ok. Still, many companies could use the help of something like Protonmail, where things need to be secure. Take advantage of all their features to make sure you stay safe.

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