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Best Free Blog Hosting Services [2023]

Best Free Blog Hosting Site

Blogging is no longer just a hobby and a way to show off what you did on the weekends. The world of online blogging is now considered a big business, and corporations are eager to sponsor blogs and video content. How did blogging become so popular? What hosts offer free blogging options? We will look at all of these aspects with our article about the best free blog hosting site.

In the infancy of the Internet, blogging was more of a hobby than anything. You could talk about many topics and connect with people across the country and even across the globe. It created a way for people to link up with each other and create a community. That dream has continued today, but it is so much more. As the Internet increased in size, so did opportunities for blogs. No longer was it just about creating a cool community. Now businesses want to invest dollars and start to sponsor blogs that gained traction.

Couple that with the fact that SEO is growing at a tremendous rate, and you can see why blogging is more powerful than ever. With SEO content, you often target keywords and phrases depending on how difficult the words are. Blogging provides the perfect opportunity to rank for those words that are going to bring in customers.

Best Free Blog Hosting Site

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to blogging. That is because it is open-source and also free. A giant community has built up around WordPress, adding more plugins and helping sites grow. If you want a great platform to get your message out, pick WordPress to do it. Some may want to use Wix or services like Weebly, but these really don’t compare. It is hard to migrate content away from these services. They also won’t have as many options when you want to customize things. Which hosts offer free blogging options?

The following best free blog hosting sites list are not free but of high quality:

Kinsta offers free blog hosting

1. Kinsta

What makes Kinsta a good choice for blogging? Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

  • Low Price
  • Better loading times with their CDN
  • Secure with SSL use
  • A generous 20,000 visits for the lowest tier

Kinsta is number one on our best free blog hosting site list for a good reason, even though it is not free. They offer many features and options that other companies just ignore. It really is a host where you can pick and choose which features will work well for your company.

When you sign up with them, you are going to have the choice of what data center you want to use. There are 24 to pick from, so there will always be close to making sure you have quick speeds. It is important to always go with a host that has a good number of centers spread out. Kinsta also uses the Google Cloud Platform, so you never have to worry about where your work is saved. Even if the unexpected occurs and you get hacked with all your work deleted, you can just access the saved work on the Google servers and be back up and running. That is the power of cloud computing and using a solid company known for great backups.


If you don’t know your way around WordPress yet, don’t worry about it. Many of us are still learning constantly with this platform that seems to evolve so quickly. When you go with a host and want free blogging, it is important to pick one with a team of trained professionals. Kinsta has experts on staff that are well-versed in using WordPress and how to get your plugins working with your site. Go with a company that employs a knowledgeable team.


When you get your free blog going, will you be secure? Kinsta has instituted active and also passive protocols. There will always be a shield up around your work, but it will also respond to attacks on the firewall. The security team will be alerted if somebody starts to probe at your ports and tries to get in. Backups are also done regularly to save your work. If you have any doubt you can handle your own security, just use Kinsta and let the experts do it.

Stage and Launch

Kinsta has many different options to pick from, and some of them can be highly technical. From Nginx to MariaDB, not all of us are experts that can write a PHP file quickly that will work first try. With that in mind, Kinsta has created a way to stage things before you launch and go live. Test everything and play with it before you show it off.

Try it Free

Not convinced? Blog for free with Kinsta for 30 days. If you don’t like the service, contact them for a full refund—no sense in using something like Wix when you can use Kinsta for free for a full month.

WP Engine offers free blog hosting

2. WP Engine

What can WP Engine offer?

  • Consistent Uptime
  • Solid Customer Support
  • 30 day Trial

WP Engine is the one to go with if you are looking for a great company that lets you try the service first. Offering a thirty-day guarantee, anybody curious about the hosting quality can experiment with their service first. Consumers that are shy about money are sure to enjoy blogging for free using this service.

Siteground offers free blog hosting

3. SiteGround

If you are looking for a free blogging solution, another excellent choice is SiteGround. What can they offer you?

  • The stack was made for speed.
  • Cutting-edge tech focused on speed
  • The latest versions of PHP and HTTP/2

If you are looking for speed with your blog, you came to the right spot. SiteGround is a specialist when it comes to getting your free blog loading quick. Feel free to use all the latest tech, including innovative protocols such as HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, OCSP Stapling, etc. If you are technically minded and demand the ability always to use the fastest technology, you will love signing up with SiteGround.

Custom Software

How can you know that SiteGround actually can hit the speeds that they claim? Their software was made in-house by experts. Using a combination of Linux Containers and Apache, you already know that SiteGround is keeping up to date with the latest web hosting. You can think of it like a custom car that has everything not needed, just stripped away. In the end, you are left with a tuned engine that is built to hit top speeds. The developers over at SiteGround continue to amaze with their proficiency.

SiteGround For Free

You might be nervous about using SiteGround and paying for an annual subscription. A blog for free first using their policy. You can use the service for 30 days for shared hosting plans and get all of your money back. You can use these for a full two weeks before you have to decide on the cloud hosting plans. Both of these are very generous and allow you to blog for free with this host. They want to make sure the service matches what you expected.

Bluehost offers free blog hosting

4. BlueHost

Number four on our best free blog hosting site list is BlueHost. If you are looking into free blog hosting, you want to pick a host that understands every hosting aspect. BlueHost is the one to pick if you want a team that can do it all. Check out some of the features that they offer to you:

  • Full-on Website Service for all aspects
  • SEO on Demand
  • PPC Help
  • Migration Help

That is a lot considering BlueHost is one of the largest blogging hosts out there. If you have any doubts about your ability to work with WordPress, let them handle it all. They are going to be able to manage any WordPress site fully. This means when there is a bug fix or some huge update; they will be there to correct the issue with the latest patches. Don’t worry about your website not being up to date. They will keep a close eye on your business, including the design, your marketing efforts, and your content. It can be hard to find good writers, so BlueHost has made that part easy.

BlueHost For Free

Check out the platform for free when they use their money-back guarantee. Like many hosts, BlueHost wants to make sure you can use the system for blogging for free before you put down your dollars. If you don’t like the service, let them know and get your money back before the end of the month.

Hosting Forest offers free blog hosting

5. Hosting Forest

Care about the environment? Show where your priorities are with Hosting Forest. Key highlights include:

  • High Uptime
  • Very secure
  • Supports the Environment

If you are concerned with climate change, you are not alone. It is such an issue the hosting industry is paying attention now. The emissions due to websites are actually substantial. There are ways to lower the impact, and that includes planting more trees. You should use a host that is aware of their impact and a group of people that really care about the Earth. This is why Hosting Forest is on our best free blog hosting site list even though it is not free.

Conclusion – best free blog hosting site

Don’t get started with a system that will be difficult to use and even harder to move your site. Wix is ok at what they do, but WordPress is much better in almost all aspects. Feel free to use Hosting Forest for free when you are blogging. Their annual plans can be used for a full month before you need to make a decision. For monthly plans, check out the service for two full days and then decide if you want to continue the service. This is a great way to check out all these hosts for free. You won’t have to wonder if the service is good now!

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