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Best Free WordPress Themes for Writing Portfolios

The digital age has made it easier than ever for writers to share their work with the world. But part of getting noticed is presenting that information in a way that most people will find engaging and attractive. 

The visual design that you use for your writing online will shape how audiences perceive the information and how they judge your credibility as a writer. For example, writers whose work appeared on cluttered sites full of ads and a riot of color can often seem less serious and credible than those whose work mimics the classic elegance of high-end books and magazines.

There are many options for presenting work online, and WordPress is the most popular service for creating a personal and professional website. WordPress has many classy and elegant designs specifically created to meet the needs of writers. 

Top 12 WordPress Themes for Writing Portfolios

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for your writing portfolio along with free WordPress themes for any niche.

  1. Writers Blogily. Celsius is a minimalist theme with a white background and elegant typography that complements the background. It is designed to support a range of formats, as well as slide-out navigation and widget areas, and it can prominently display images in an attractive way. Best of all, Writers Blogily is a free theme. Minimalism is the latest trend to follow — every year we see new books and programs dedicated to minimalism in life and work. It all affects our visual preferences in themes, illustrations, and design. There is a chance that in several years this trend will go down, but in these years you can gain lots of interested subscribers supporting your visual choice and perception.
  2. Write. The Write theme is another clean theme that features a minimalist aesthetic that is customizable in many different ways to help the user make the theme his or her own. As with other themes, it supports an array of widget areas, and it offers multilingual support and will allow you to place the navigation menu in different locations. Minimalism should be not only visual, it should also cover actual work with the theme. This Write theme is a great example of that. From the first glance, it may seem a little too simple, but in the end, it is exactly what you need — customizable, easy to use, created from zero to hero in no time. 
  3. Candor. Candor is a beautiful theme that comes free with a subscription to Envato Elements. It offers four variations to help you create a blog that reflects your design aesthetic and personality. It’s Live Customizer allows you to personalize most elements of the theme and is SEO optimized to help get your work noticed fast. It is a great theme in terms of balance. Works perfectly if you plan to post guest posts on your website, because SEO is quite important for that goal. Choosing Candor you choose a simple theme that won’t make your life more difficult than it should be.
  4. Dansal Twenty Sixteen Child. This theme is especially designed for writers and is organized with a writer’s needs in mind. In order to be maximally effective, the theme focuses on providing full support across platforms so your readers will have a similar experience no matter which device and which app, browser, and operating system they use to access it. This theme is not about the design, it is about perception and usability specifically designed for writers. 
  5. Integer. Integer is a theme designed to highlight core content. It has few extras and features a one-column format. This means that the content is prioritized and is basically the only thing that the audience sees, with no sidebars or distractions.  One-column format gradually returns to the market, so you can feel special using it among the first ones. The clearer the page, the more attention is obviously paid to the core topic. This theme is not about too many links, design spots or advertisements. 
  6. Mallow. Mallow can provide the design elements to make your site look like a glossy magazine. Its rich two-column format provides plenty of space for spacious text, sidebars, widgets, and graphics. It is especially good at highlighting images and giving them a prominent location to help the audience visualize your writing.
  7. Impose. Another minimalist theme, Impose offers a minimal list of posts you can use to display your writing and a couple of bold elements that will bring a small bit of visual flair to draw readers into your content. Nothing is too much here. Visual content is just enough to draw attention but not to make a circus of a picture. If you like balanced themes with some design flair, this choice may be logical.
  8. Libre 2. The Libre 2 theme is specially designed for longform posts, which makes it especially well adapted for writing portfolios. It emphasizes the importance of typography and makes it easy to provide eye-catching pull-quotes to keep your readers engaged. The theme makes ample use of white space to keep everything open and airy.  Giving your reader “air” or space is another form of popular minimalism. With the endless amount of distractions we face, minimalistic themes truly attract attention and allow readers “to rest.” This way you are guaranteed to have a smaller bounce rate than websites with endless visual effects which were on top a few years ago. 
  9. Davis. The Davis theme is minimal, like most of the themes on this list, but Davis shines in terms of speed. As a lightweight theme, it loads fast and makes it easy for your readers to get to your audience quickly. It also provides support for dark mode to make reading easier on small screens. In a time when speed is of the essence, you don’t want to lose out because a reader got frustrated and gave up before your site loaded.
  10. Isola. The Isola theme is also minimal, and like the others on our list, it has plenty of whitespace and is customizable. If there is one major takeaway from the themes on this list, it’s that more whitespace makes for a better reading experience—a lesson advertisers should learn! The better reading experience means more time readers actually spend paying attention to your content. The more attention to quality content — more sales. More attention — less bounce rate. Less bounce rate — better SEO results. Choosing the right theme is very important. 
  11. Opta. The Opta theme combines minimalism with elegance and makes every page look like a classy magazine layout. It is particularly well-suited to portfolios with a design that looks much like a print version might, and its image carousels can provide a spark of visual interest. There is no such thing as an optimum theme, but creators of Opta think differently. They have tried to create a perfect balance of user-friendly experience, visual accents and content parts. Only you can decide whether their approach was truly successful. 
  12. Blogrid. A final look-alike theme for this list, Blogrid is a responsive theme designed around longform writing, making it ideal for writers and their portfolios. This theme is both minimalist and offers support for compelling blockquotes, using a bit of visual flair to highlight key parts of your compelling text to capture the audience’s interest.


Once you’ve chosen your theme, you need to make sure that your portfolio is filled with great content. If you find that you need help developing professional content for your online portfolio, you should consider getting help from essay writing services like Smart Writing Service. A professional writer can help with custom papers ranging from academic essays to creative writing to application essays. Making use of professional writing can help give your portfolio a pro edge that will impress anyone you want to consider you and your work.

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