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Best Free WordPress Writing Plugins for Beginners (2022)

Best Free WordPress Writing Plugins for Beginners

This article will present the best free WordPress writing plugins for beginners as we see it.

Are you new to WordPress and searching for the best essay writer plugins? Do you need WordPress writing plugins that will take your writing to a whole new level? Whatever the purpose of creating your site is, and regardless of what niche you pick, you will definitely need writing plugins. For instance, in a niche such as photography, you will need to write descriptions for your pictures.

When it comes to content management, almost everyone – including grandparents – has heard of WordPress. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) that powers 26% of the world’s websites. It has over 44 thousand plugins available, some of which are highly relevant for professional college essay writers. 

This article will learn everything you need to know about the best writing WordPress plugins for beginners. However, you don’t necessarily have to download all the suggestions. Feel free to download only those that are resourceful for you.

In the following you can see our best free WordPress writing plugins for beginners list:



All free essay writers online want to generate not just a large amount of traffic to their websites but active engagers. As a writer, you definitely want to hear your audience’s feedback to boost your ego and justify the love you have for writing. Without a fanbase, a writer’s confidence is at its lowest. MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin that connects your site with your Google Analytics account. It reveals detailed statistics about the performance of your site. They include:

  • Keywords searches that draw traffic to your site.
  • Your best performing posts.
  • Top referral sources.
  • Top countries and cities generating you the most traffic.
  • Page Insights.

While not a writing tool, it helps you simplify the performance of your posts. Instead of switching tabs to Google Analytics, you can get all the analytics you need on your WordPress board!

The plugin is in high demand and has over 12 million downloads! You do not need any coding knowledge to use. Its eCommerce tracking add-on is excellent for writers who want to sell their writings. All the sales metrics show up in your WordPress dashboard.

Yoast plugin

Yoast SEO

Second, on our best free WordPress writing plugins for beginners list is Yoast SE. The plugin is not strictly a writing tool but a Search Engine Optimization tool. It helps you improve your content so you can rank highly for SEO. Let’s assume you run an essay writing website. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your website popped up every time someone Googles “write my essay”?

Many writers struggle to create content regularly, but an even larger number of struggles with getting their works to pop up on the Search Engine Result Pages. The chief reason why many people abandon their blogs and websites is that they are generating little or no traffic. Here comes Yoast SEO to the rescue.

This plugin helps you rank for specific keywords by prompting you to add your target keywords in relevant parts of your posts: heading, meta descriptions, titles, and body. Yoast SEO also helps to optimize your content for Google and other search engines. When done correctly, the green indicator shows, but you get a red light when done unsatisfactorily.

So far, the Yoast SEO plugin has over 15 million downloads on WordPress! If you haven’t downloaded this tool just yet, you should do it.  

Just Writing

Just Writing

This plugin is a perfect fit for writers who tend to get distracted while writing. Most expert writers use it to create content and only turn it off once it is complete. There are many distraction-free writing mode plugins on WordPress, so what exactly makes Just Writing stand out?

 Just Writing allows you to add extra commands such as cut, paste, copy, spell check, undo, and others. You get to dictate what actions you want to have in the distraction-free writing mode without having to quit it to perform those actions. 

Greg Ross is the developer of this magnificent plugin. He is also the developer of WP Statistics, another powerful plugin that writers can use. 



Tired of having to post links to your new content on your different social media pages manually? NextScript is a plugin that will do that task for you, giving you more time to create content.

This plugin posts your new contacts to all of its supported social media networks you have integrated. NextScript works with the following social media platforms: Facebook,, LiveJournal, YouTube, Google+ (Google Plus), Telegram, DreamWidth, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Blogger, Instapaper, Pinterest, and many others.



If I gave you half a penny for every spam comment received by WordPress users, you would be richer than Jeff Bezos! Spam comments are a big problem in the online circle. It is the reason why some sites do not leave the comment sections open. 

In a typical WordPress blog post, you will find some genuine comments of visitors engaging the post and tons of unrelated repeated comments. Sometimes the spams are what fills the comment section.

Instead of slaving away and manually deleting comments or doing the hard job of approving comments before they appear on the comment section, Akismet helps you remove spam from your comments. 

It is part of the Jetpack family of plugins. You do not have to install it. It is available for both free and premium WordPress websites.

Copyright Proof

Copyright Proof

If you wrote an original post, then you need to claim it as yours. In today’s digitized world where stealing content is becoming the order of the day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to prove unique content ownership. 

Let’s admit it: almost every writer dreads the thought of not getting sufficient credit for their content. It gets even more infuriating when some lazy, wannabe content creator uses your unique content without giving you any credit. 

The Copyright Proof plugin is the solution to such blatant theft. Protecting your unique works should be a priority for all writers. With this plugin installed, all your old and new posts get a digitally signed and timestamped certificate to reflect your ownership. Whenever anyone reads your post, in the end, they will see the attribute notice indicating you as the unique creator.

Apart from stamping your ownership on all your blog posts, you can opt for the anti-theft feature. The feature helps you combat plagiarism by showing you the IP addresses of plagiarizers. 

Image Inject

Image Inject 

Experts often say that one of the best blog practices includes images in your post, and they aren’t lying. Blogs with visually appealing pictures tend to do very well instead of blogs with scanty or no pictures. Check out your favorite websites. You will never find a top website without high-quality pictures.

Image Inject, formerly known as WP Inject, is a plugin that allows you to get high-quality photos without having to leave your WordPress page. With this plugin, you can search for appropriate pictures by typing in the keywords and scanning through the search results.

Another benefit of this plugin is that you get free Creative Commons Images, so your site does not end up being flagged by Google for plagiarized images. Once you pick the picture to use, it automatically adds the attribution links next to it. It produces results from trusted royalty image sites such as Flickr and Pixabay. 

Make your content more click-worthy and attractive to your target audience by inserting high-quality and relevant images in your posts. 

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

Last on the best free WordPress writing plugins for beginners list is Broken Link Checker. This plugin helps you identify all the broken links on your website and notifies you instantly. Visitors find it extremely unattractive when they click on an internal link and get the typical 404-error message. It is an absolute turn off and can prevent them from clicking other links in the post.

However, manually checking all the links on your site sounds like a dream that only Superman or a Marvel superhero can achieve without getting tired. A better solution is to install the Broken Link Checker plugin to monitor the links for you. Once it finds a broken link, you can fix it in the plugin without going to the actual post. 

Why Use WordPress Writing Plugins?

Writing is a tasking job, even for those who have the passion and flair for it. There are so many other aspects like SEO, traffic tracking metrics, and other automatic tools you need to boost your WordPress website. These eight WordPress writing plugins for beginners will help you improve your website and save you time. This way, you’d be able to create appealing content faster and more frequently. 

  1. Fantastic article. This is an amazing list collection for free WordPress writing plugins. As I am a beginner it is helpful for me to select a good writing plugin. Thanks a lot.

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