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Top 8 Future-proof WordPress Themes

Everybody is promoting ways to make passive income. Either through rentals or intellectual property, it seems like many guru video creators have a way for you to sit back and collect checks. Passive income from sites is possible. It takes a tremendous amount of work coupled with some luck. If you want a site that continues to make money over time, you need to future-proof the theme. How can you do this? We will explore some of the recent changes and the themes that are keeping up. Let’s look at the top 8 future-proof WordPress themes.


Let’s kick-off your top 8 future-proof WordPress themes with Gutenberg.

If you have not been keeping up with the editor’s changes, the old editor for WordPress is gone. Named TinyMCE, this editor looked more like something you would expect to see in Microsoft Word. How was it replaced?

The core version of WordPress started to include the new editor at the end of 2018. If you want to make a new site, you will be presented with a blank page and a plus sign. Clicking on the plus sign brings up many different options that you can choose from. Even right now, while I am typing up this article, I can click the plus sign and choose from a large variety of elements to bring in.

Need a page break to create some separation? Just insert a new block and now you have a page break so that the text doesn’t look cluttered together.

“The new editor comes with a large variety of elements to pick from.”

Jeremy Herman

As you can see from the above text, it is easy to create quotes about any topic you can think of. Pictures are easily inserted and then manipulated in terms of size and where they are positioned. Even audio is going to be a snap when you are working with blocks now.

Overall, blocks have been great for most people that work with WordPress. It is much more visual and reminds people of the drag and drop builders that have become so popular. With the new block editor, will plugins like Elementor and Divi go to the wayside? How can they keep up?

Divi WordPress theme is #1 when it comes to future-proof themes

1. Divi

One of the most popular choices in terms of drag and drop builders is getting the use of this plugin for life with just a one-time payment. This is much better than many of the plugins that will charge you consistently and expect money each month. That is one of the prime reasons that Divi is considered future-proof. They can’t raise the price on you and charge you more each month. You pay for the plugin one time, and that is it. There will not be any more fees in the future.

Another reason why we like to highlight this plugin is the fact that they are keeping up with the shifts and moves in the industry. The creators of Divi were very aware when the new editor came out. They realized that the new block system responds in a similar way to their builder.

To capture more market share with a new editor out there that is free, they decided to make a block that works well with Gutenberg. This custom block acts as a small version of Divi and gives you even more choices that you would not get with just the default editor.

On top of this, don’t forget that Divi also gives you many different layouts. You won’t need to work with blocks when a premade site is already laid out for you. This is a great future-proof WordPress theme.

Neve WordPress theme is #2 when it comes to future-proof themes

2. Neve

This is AMP compatible moving into the future. What does this mean?

AMP – Open-source HTML that anybody can add to. This framework makes creating web pages quick and easy. The experience of the user is emphasized.

A framework in terms of building sites is a package that you can download all at once. You will get a series of files in folders, and all the code will be standardized. When people download the framework for the first time, everybody starts from the same point in HTML, CSS, and JS documents. This makes development more standardized. If you are developing websites, it is great to look into this AMP framework.

Many believe that these AMP sites will be the wave of the future in terms of mobile sites. Make your site future-proof in WordPress by going with a theme designed to run very well on smartphones and tablets.

Blogrid WordPress theme is #3 when it comes to future-proof themes

3. Blogrid

Do you feel like you need to try out a theme before you really put down your hard-earned money? We don’t blame you. Blogrid is a great theme because you can experiment with it for free. Download the free version from This is a great resource when you are looking for free plugins to speed up your development process.

Once you have used the free version, the price is low if you want to upgrade to the paid version. You can go premium for just $29.00. Right now, the theme is on sale, so act quickly. You can expect the following features:

  • Full support for one domain that you pick
  • The premium version of the theme
  • Access to all the child themes
  • Premium support for a full month
  • Updates to your theme for a full month

Compare all of this with other theme creators, and you will see that the price is much lower than what other companies are promoting. If you want the best bang for your buck, this is one to check out.

Astra WordPress theme is #4 when it comes to future-proof themes

4. Astra

This theme has a tiny footprint. Coming in at around 50kb, few themes are smaller. That means that the load speed is especially fast. Before you start tweaking the theme and adding your images and functions, you will have the page load in about half a second. If you want a future-proof WordPress theme, it needs to have speed.

This is accomplished by avoiding jQuery. It takes longer for the developers to put together the theme, but it helps customers. If you want a theme where the creators took their time and used vanilla JavaScript, go with Astra.

Hestia WordPress theme is #5 when it comes to future-proof themes

5. Hestia

This theme was named after the virgin goddess of the hearth. We had to add it considering how well it integrates with so many new plugins and builders. If you are happy with Gutenberg, Hestia is just going to add to the experience. They work in conjunction so that it adds more options to your arsenal. With integration with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and even Divi, this is a theme that gives you almost infinite options.

Rife WordPress theme is #6 when it comes to future-proof themes

6. Rife Free

This theme is looking toward the future in terms of accessibility. It comes in a large variety of languages that include Spanish, French, Polish, and Chinese. This makes it available to a huge amount of people. If you need any help with the theme, there is a giant community that can help.

On top of all this, they offer video tutorials that explain how to use this future-proof theme. Still, need more help? Just get the free book that is also a guide that will help you construct a portfolio site. This is a great deal considering this level of support they give you.

Minimalistblogger WordPress theme is #7 when it comes to future-proof themes

7. Minimalistblogger

Superb Themes is known for themes that are a great deal and are made with clean code. If you are looking to make a consistent income that will last for years to come, go with a designed theme. This theme will load quickly, improve your ranking in SEO, and is very easy to install. Avoid complicated guides that are needed to work with other themes. This minimalist theme is perfect if you are looking to create monthly revenue streams.

Writers Blogily WordPress theme is #8 when it comes to future-proof themes

8. Writers Blogily

Ready to create monthly payments from Google? Google AdSense is a great way to make a new income source that can last for years and years. This theme has plenty of room for ad space, so you will be able to integrate this well with Google AdSense. Everything is optimized to work with your writing team to create articles that will attract new visitors.

The creators made sure that this theme has good page speed when you load it up. With integration that includes online payment processors, you can utilize your articles to attract customers and then sell in any niche. Pick fashion, travel, or lifestyle products and services. All of them will mesh well with this theme, so you will only need one theme for all the websites you make.

Top 8 Future-proof WordPress Themes – Conclusion

If you want future-proof WordPress themes, we provided several that you can utilize to keep your cash flow high for years on end. It takes time to learn a new theme and system, so make sure the one that you go with will serve you well for many years. When you are using future-proof WordPress themes, you won’t need to take new tutorials every few years. For all things, WordPress continues to come back for software reviews and tutorials.

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