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Best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress 2022

If you run a website, you are probably already familiar with Google Analytics. If this is the first time coming across the term Google Analytics, this guide will help you get up to speed and also show you how to utilize the data. As data becomes increasingly valuable, you need to start taking advantage of what is available to you for free. Let’s take a look at some of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress.

MonsterInsights - A great Google Analytics plugin

1. MonsterInsights

Number one on our best Google Analytics plugins list is MonsterInsights. If you have ever wanted to combine Google Analytics with your WordPress dashboard, you need to check MonsterInsights. This product is going to make analyzing your data much easier. With this plugin, you will finally look at all of your custom dimensions and critical data points right there in WordPress.

This is going to save you a lot of time. You won’t need to switch back and forth between all of your accounts anymore. Will it be difficult to get this up and running? Not at all. With MonsterInsights, getting those monster insights is easy. If you are familiar with Google Tag Manager, it will not be a problem to install this plugin so that it can start to review your data.

If you are not familiar with the Tag Manager, that is ok. Google has provided a free course that will walk you through all the steps. Very similar to the classes for Google Analytics, you will have short videos to watch. After you go through each of these video courses, it will walk you through clicking on the screen. This comes in handy because it builds up muscle memory and will allow you to complete each step without thinking. Take the quiz at the end and get certified!

Custom Analytics

Once you finish installing the code snippets so MonsterInsights can work with your account, you can start to make data-driven moves. Suppose your latest ad campaign fails in real-time, pivot, and moves to a new ad set. This gives you stats live so you can act accordingly. One of the worst feelings is when you have a huge ad spend going, and you wake up the next day to find that you just blew through your funds with few sales. Keep track of where your money is going with this plugin.

On top of all the data reporting, you also can customize the data even further than before. While analytics has a ton of options, this plugin adds even more. If there are metrics that don’t apply to you, edit them out. It could be that you want to show some things to your sales team, but you don’t want to bog them down with all the data. Just show them what is relevant and move on!

OptinMonster - A great Google Analytics plugin

2. OptinMonster

The second suggestion on our best Google Analytics plugins list is OptinMonster. Adjust the offers on your site, depending on behavior! This is our second plugin that is going to help you analyze your customers and customize their offers. Use clever A/B testing that will look at which ads are successful. Tweak what you are doing in real-time, depending on what ads are seeing success! OptinMonster makes it easier than ever to issue custom emails to customers and newsletters that will help you stay relevant to your clients.

How Important is Google Analytics?

To be upfront, how important is it to understand Google Analytics? To illustrate this, think about the situation like you are running a factory. As the person in charge, you need to produce a certain number of widgets each day. Would you want to put a person in charge where they give you all the information for your factory secondhand? Of course not! That would take too much time, and it would not be time-efficient.

If you are in charge of a business, you need to access your data whenever you want. It should be simple to pull up and easy to analyze. A manager needs to look over all the different kinds of input so that you can understand your results.

Going back to the illustration of the factory you run, you need to get an idea of how many workers you have working for you each day. How fast are they doing the work? What is the rate at which mistakes are being made with the widgets? How can you bring down this percentage? Without constant access to all your data, these questions are going to be difficult. This gives you a good idea of why Google Analytics is so important to measure your progress and results.

Google Analytics Basics

Don’t worry about the cost of analytics. Google is a corporation that is intent on making a profit, but they have decided to leave the basic version free of charge. You can access paid versions, but most websites will not need to utilize the Enterprise version until you have many visitors you need to analyze.

If you need help to understand how analytics works, Google has also been kind enough to provide courses. Tech can be complicated. How many times have you tried to install a new plugin to find that it is not working as intended? This happens constantly, and Google already saw the solution.

Google Analytics can be learned by enrolling in the academy that Google set up to train their users. The academy is excellent for anybody looking to learn new skills to apply at an agency, for their own site, or a client.

Academy Training

When you first go into the academy to understand Google Analytics, some videos will help you understand the basics in short bursts of information. Following a short video that usually lasts five minutes, you will be guided to click through the various features of Google Analytics. This is very helpful because it forces you to go through everything step by step instead of just presenting you with a lot of information and expecting you to remember it later.

This guided tour around the software will use flags and text prompts to indicate where to click next if you feel like you are getting lost in the program. Keep in mind that Google Analytics is simple to use for small operations, but it can become very complex.

Once you finish up with a series of modules, you will then be taken to a quiz to test your skills. If you do well on the quiz, you will get a passing score. Don’t worry, and you can take the quizzes as many times as you would like. There is nothing to stop you from looking at the questions and then retaking the quiz.

Advanced Learning

Once you finish up with the basic version of Google Analytics and get your certificate, you can display your new social media skill. You will also be able to display your certificate on LinkedIn as well. This is a good way to demonstrate to potential employers and clients that you understand how to use Google Analytics. That is not the end of learning the software through Google, though.

The courses continue after you complete just the basics with Google Analytics. Beyond that, you have your intermediate course. Similarly, as the beginner course, you will be going through short videos that range between five to eight minutes long. You will have a better understanding of setting up custom dimensions and KPIs so that you can track your progress. Google Analytics for Power Users takes things to the next level again as you discover the power of pivot tables and how many different ways you can drill down into your data.

Finally, once you have finished up with the Power User course, you can then take a free course to visualize all this data. Create scorecards and graphs using Google tools to make it easy to see where customers are coming from, how long they are staying on your site, and where they are headed on your site.

Google Analytics for WordPress
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Web Analytics for WordPress

We have gone over how you can get certified in many different ways for Google Analytics. Now that you have a good understanding of how to be trained properly, we need to explore; briefly, everything analytics can do for you.

Think about your site as the center for all your digital traffic. Each customer and visitor is recorded, and you can see their actions, later on, to study and analyze what they did. Marketing activities will be tracked across platforms, so if you are using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or posts on Instagram, you will be able to see which campaigns are successful or not. We have also written a guide on how to set up Google Analytics in WordPress.

Efficient Marketing

This is going to make your advertising much more efficient. You can easily pinpoint which places are bringing in high volumes of traffic and the right traffic. A high volume of traffic from areas that are not prone to spend money is going to end up hurting your marketing budget. Analytics will help you identify which countries are willing to spend money with you and hold on to their pocketbooks.

Additional Tools

Google has provided a lot of free training, but at times we need more. As we went over earlier, there are hours and hours of courses you need to take to be a power user. What if you don’t have time for this? What if you need answers to your marketing questions now? Some plugins have been developed for WordPress to help you. These plugins break down Google Analytics in ways that make it easier to read. You can also combine all of your data easily into one platform and look at all of it at the same time to make decisions.

Now that you know a little bit more about the best Google Analytics plugins, we hope that you are inspired to improve your SEO with some of the best SEO tools around!

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