Top 6 Green Web Hosting Companies 2020

Do you want to reduce your carbon dioxide footprint? Start now with greener web hosting. We’ve gathered what we think are the best green web hosting companies, and we hope you’ll be inspired to change.

Computer servers and web hosting systems are among the largest contributors to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the world. If we are truly concerned about greenhouse gases, we need to take action to reduce and offset our own emissions. Luckily, many bloggers and website owners have started to pay attention, and are exploring options to reduce their carbon footprints.

There are various ways to counteract CO2 emissions related to hosting. The two most common are using clean electricity from green sources such as windmills, and paying a hosting service a little extra money, which the hosting company uses to support greenhouse-gas reducing initiatives such as planting trees. ( uses 20% of their turnover to support such reforestation initiatives.)

Below are six companies we think are doing an excellent job at addressing this problem.

hosting forest green web hosting

Hosting Forest

There are many efforts to decrease future CO2 emissions from web hosting, but very few that seek to reduce existing CO2. Hosting Forest ( is one of the few web hosts that focuses on planting trees. If the earth’s forests were increased by the size of the United States, greenhouse gases could be reduced by up to 25 percent. Hosting Forest wants to help with that effort, and we salute them.

What makes Hosting Forest a Top Green Web Hosting Company? 

Many of the other green web hosting companies on our list use green energy. We applaud Hosting Forest for not only limiting their use of CO2, but also for reducing pollution that has already occurred. 

Green Web Hosting Selling Point: Hosting Forest gives 20 percent of their turnover (not earnings) to organizations that plant trees around the world to limit global warming. 

Greengeeks web hosting


GreenGeeks has made a brand out of being one of the most environmentally friendly hosting providers on the web. They calculate how much energy they use, and then work with the non-profit Bonneville Environmental Foundation and associated wind farms to produce three times as much wind energy as they consume. These efforts make GreenGeeks’ and their customers’ websites carbon negative.

What Makes GreenGeeks a Top Green Web Hosting Company?

We have chosen to include GreenGeeks on our list because of their efforts to offset CO2 emissions produced by their own energy consumption. GreenGeeks is an experienced player on the hosting market and has been around since 2008. 

Green Web Hosting Selling Point: GreenGeeks works with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to produce three times more wind energy than they consume.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting 

Another one of our favorites is A2 Hosting, specializing in WordPress hosting. A2 provides good service and a nice balance of price, quality and security. They’ve been around since 2001, when Bryan Muthig founded the company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Today, they have data centers in Michigan and Arizona in the United States, Amsterdam in Europe, and Singapore in Asia. More than 100 employees look after the company’s thousands of customers.

What Makes A2 Hosting a Top Green Web Hosting Company?

A2 Hosting works for the environment in a variety of ways, and has been carbon neutral since 2007. The company collaborates with to completely offset the CO2 emissions from their servers. focuses on renewable energy projects, including wind farms and landfill gas-to-energy projects, as well as reforestation efforts.

Green Web Hosting Selling Point: A2 Hosting is carbon neutral and has a collaboration with, a fine initiative we admire. Keep on planting trees, A2 Hosting, and we will keep spreading the word!

ipage green hosting


iPage is another leader in green web hosting. The company was founded in 1998 by Tomas Gorny and is headquartered in Burlington. Today iPage is owned by the Endurance International Group, one of the largest players on the hosting scene. Endurance also owns market leaders such as HostGator and Bluehost. iPage is known for good uptime, great prices, and excellent security. Read our iPage review here. 

What Makes iPage a Top Green Web Hosting Company?

iPage is a worthy inclusion on our Top Green Web Hosting list for the same reason we included GreenGeeks: They offset their energy consumption. iPage buys windmill energy to compensate for their CO2 emissions, and purchases twice the amount it uses. 

Green Web Hosting Selling Point: iPage buys windmill energy certificates for twice as much energy as they consume. 

dreamhost green web hosting


Since 1997, DreamHost has provided hosting to blogs and websites around the world. The company was founded by a group of undergraduate students in Claremont, California, and is now headquartered in Brea, California, with 200 employees. DreamHost offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting from the company’s Apache and NGINX servers, and has served more than 400,000 customers around the world.

What Makes DreamHost a Top Green Web Hosting Company?

DreamHost is on our list of the Top Green Web Hosting Companies because their data centers are powered by grids obtaining electricity from renewable sources. Furthermore, DreamHost’s offices are LEED Platinum and EnergyStar certified. 

Unlike Hosting Forest and GreenGeeks, which have green web hosting as part of their company DNA, DreamHost does not mention their use of clean energy on the top-level pages of their website. If you look around, you will find “Green Hosting,” an explanation of DreamHost’s commitment to using clean power as well as other green initiatives. If you want a web hosting company that’s trying to minimize their CO2 footprint, DreamHost could be the green web hosting company for you.

Green Web Hosting Selling Point: DreamHost powers their data centers from grids which rely on sources of green energy. Furthermore, the company utilizes a high-efficiency cooling structure that uses reclaimed water to cool down the building.  

hostpapa green web hosting


Our last Top Green Web Hosting Company is HostPapa, one of the youngest companies on our list. HostPapa was founded by Jamie Opalchuk in 2007 with the dual goals of providing good service and green web hosting. HostPapa’s headquarters are in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and they also operate from a handful of other locations where HostPapa serves the company’s 180,000 customers.  

What Makes HostPapa a Green Web Hosting Company?

HostPapa was one of the first hosting companies to focus on going green. Similar to GreenGeeks and iPage, HostPapa buys clean energy certificates that compensate for their CO2 emissions. HostPapa lands at number six on our list because they are built on great green fundamentals, but are smaller, and compensate for their CO2 emissions to a lesser degree than GreenGeeks and iPage. 

Green Web Hosting Selling Point: Despite being a relatively new company (2007), HostPapa was a pioneer in green web hosting, with a goal of being CO2 neutral. Even though the company’s green ideas have been expanded by other green web hosting companies, HostPapa is still a green company. We thank HostPapa for being an early leader in green web hosting!

Why Green Hosting Matters

The internet is becoming a common necessity day by day, which is the cause of the exponential growth of related resources. The data forms have evolved from plain texts to multiple formats of multimedia, including audio and video. This detailing and advancements on the internet have to increase loads on servers, on which they are hosted, ultimately causing more work for data centers. 

Data centers comprise a large number of distributed in level servers which operate and handle the content or websites like corporate websites or personal blogs. These servers in data centers require conditions like keeping them running in cooled, controlled environments. To maintain and fulfill these conditions and requirements, a large amount of energy is required, followed by the production of a significant carbon dioxide gas as output. Of course, this is not an environment-friendly process.

 As stated above, the web hosting providers require, and use a lot of energy to operate servers and data centers in the cause of operating to provide services round the clock. Things or setups like cooling controls and security system setups also do consume a lot of energy. So to tackle or for preventing the negative influence of energy consumption on the environment, Green web hosting was introduced. 

As shown by the name, it is a web hosting solution mechanism that comprises power systems that utilize environment-friendly resources like a renewable energy source generation.

What Is Green Web Hosting?

Green web hosting is an environmentally friendly approach to host websites. The agenda or mission of the green web hosting companies is to provide top-notch quality hosting services along with doing everything possible to keep their carbon footprint at a minimum. A usually common methodology is to produce an equal amount or a greater amount of energy than what is being utilized and then returning that energy to the grid. Ways for a company to generate energy by a renewable power source like solar and wind-powered systems. These two methods are the most environmentally friendly methods of generating electricity.

If a company does not want to invest in having a solar or wind power generation system, it can take the services of a certified green energy supplier. Using the services of a green energy provider is a reasonable approach for web hosting companies to offset and introduce an environment-friendly influence on their energy consumption without the need for generating power themselves.

Get green hosting

If a company does not want to invest in having a solar or wind power generation system, or simply not interested in generating electricity themselves, they can take the services of a certified green energy supplier for green energy consumption.

Where to buy green hosting?

If a company does not want to invest in having a solar or wind power generation system, it can take the services of a certified green energy supplier. The above stated are the best green hosting providing companies. They offer a variety of products and services with affordable price plans. You can go to their websites and explore more specific information about them.

Positive Impact on Your Company’s Reputation

 You can improve your company’s public image by adding green credentials. Nowadays, companies who contribute enough to make simple changes to reduce their environmental impact are valued more. So this step can give a boost to your company’s reputation.

Marketing Impact

Going green is popular nowadays; so having a green web hosting can be a marketing resource. You can publicize or advertise that your company invests in green web hosting services to contribute to the environment. 

A company that can explain exactly how they are contributing to the betterment of the environment will have better chances of gaining the trust of potential clients, thus increasing business revenue.  You can charge a little bit more to offer green services for those customers who are willing to pay a little extra for supporting eco-friendly web hosting with other environment-friendly businesses, which can contribute to increased profit margins.

Green Web Hosting Budgeting Benefit

Green web hosting, along with being an environment-friendly option, provides affordability as when companies produce their energy through solar or wind-powered environment-friendly sources; they aren’t buying it. There is an initial starting cost for setting up the green energy source, but once it is placed and started, the hosting company starts saving money. 

Therefore green hosting does not have to cost more than usual hosting, which results in decreased rates charged to the other companies who use the services of these green hosting companies. Hence for almost the same or cost, your company or business can gain customer trust with improved marketing for and by using eco-friendly web hosting along with keeping your business online and available round the clock.  

Other Benefits of Green Web Hosting

The root benefit or the backbone of the benefit structure relies upon the fact that it lets you contribute to saving the environment and making eco-friendly operations viable. It does not matter what approach you are deploying like you are reducing the carbon footprint, or you are making power back into the grid. The thing to emphasize is that it has a positive impact on the environment, which is what matters in the end. Other key benefits include energy efficiency, cost-saving, getting certification for contributing for environment (helps in marketing and advertising for a good image and reputation), use of renewable energy sources for clean energy with no harm being done to the environment, use of protocols, shared hosting, and decreasing the E-Waste (can be reduction in CO2 emission).

Green Web Hosting is not only a remarkable or great move for the cause of saving the Earth but also is a tremendous contribution to the self-sufficiency of humans in the future. It is an approach to get in line with the vision of various organizations that are contributing to making the world a better place to live for now and for future generations.

Why Use a Green Web Host?

This approach of going green supports the hope that we will all consume less energy, by neutralizing and balancing the energy deficits for energy consumption in other areas. 

Providing eco-friendly services and being green with your web hosting can create a huge difference in reducing the carbon footprint of your website. You will be able to know that by using a green hosting company, you are giving back the equivalent energy of what you are utilizing. If enough people understand this approach and mission and it becomes a common practice, the global carbon footprint of the internet can be reduced by a noticeable amount, thus contributing as a solution for problems like global warming and environmental pollution.


Nowadays, what people value a lot is the company’s contribution to saving the environment. Over the globe, a shift towards sustainable and renewable energy is seen, and the change has affected the workings of both businesses and consumers. People want to have improved technological advancements, but not at the expense of damaging the environment. 

So green hosting is a very considerable act for implementation, provided the above-stated companies are offering hosting services according to it. Hence every business which requires this kind of service should opt for these environmentally friendly options to save the planet and contribute to a healthier and safer environment. 

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