Best Green WordPress Hosting 2020

Best Green WordPress Hosting

Why is green WordPress hosting important? When you consider which web host to use, do you also think about the impact on the environment? Probably not. The Internet is just a tool to buy sports tickets, watch movies, and go shopping online. It doesn’t have any bearing on climate change or preserving the planet for future generations.

You may be surprised that web pages and hosting both impacts the Earth a great deal. Think of the massive amount of electricity needed to support all those web pages we view. Consider the waste produced by outdated technology that is no longer in use. The amount is truly staggering once you start to think about what it takes to power something as large as the Internet for the world population. This is why a list of the best green WordPress hosting matters!

What can be done?

With emissions coming from hosting on par with even airlines, the problem is very grave already. We all understand that the Internet will just keep expanding. This is a positive thing, for the most part. Third countries can start to rise and get on equal footing with more advanced countries. Poor people can take out loans to advance a business. Information to save resources in a remote village can now be spread and shared easily.

The downside of the Internet is that the need for more electricity is going to accelerate. Countries are making a shift over to renewable sources of electricity, but how long will it take before this shift is done? We have known that carbon emissions will be a problem for decades now, but the move over to solar, wind, and hydro has been slow. How can we pick a host that cares about going green?

Our opinion – the best Green WordPress Hosting in 2020:

Hosting Forest is the best eco-friendly hosting provider

1. Hosting Forest

One of the best options for a green WordPress hosting host is Hosting Forest. You can already tell from the name; they are focused on the environment. What else can they offer you?

  • Thirty days to try out the product
  • Very fast load time for your site
  • Around the clock support
  • Automatic backups
  • One-click installs to build your site

Those aspects are good from a customer’s point of view. You are going to get a solid host that goes down very rarely. Your company won’t have to worry about complicated instructions to get running. You can even try out the service for free, which lasts for a full thirty days. This trial period is exactly what you need to figure out if Hosting Forest will be the right partner for your company.

A Focus on Earth

When you become a customer with Hosting Forest, you make a bold statement. They are committed to giving a percentage of each sale to organizations that care about global warming and climate change. You can get a badge that will display on your site and show shoppers that they are going with a company that cares about the future. In the future, this will become even more important as consumers consider which company to go with. It is not always who has the lowest price as we have seen with countries overseas that make goods cheap but care little for the burden that they are placing on natural resources.

Planting New Trees

Hosting Forest has undertaken many initiatives designed to pull more carbon out of the air and recycle it. Started back in 2012, the Worldview International Foundation worked with higher learning in Myanmar to transform their country. The giant project set out to build up a 1,800-acre mangrove park. With just this one green space, that will be 2.7 million tons of CO2 that won’t be contributing to climate change.

Not only does this slow global warming, but there are more far-reaching benefits as well. Countries in Southeast Asia are already well aware of the devastating impact climate change can have on their homeland. As the earth heats up, weather patterns start to change. What were mild storms before have turned into tsunamis that rip through their coastal cities and ruin lives? As the Earth keeps trying to bear the brunt of resources being used too quickly, these storms will worsen. Third world countries are the ones that are least equipped to deal with these disasters. When you support a company like Hosting Forest, you are benefiting many small villages and people grateful for the support as you slow down the melting of the ice caps.

Reducing Poverty

Reducing poverty is another way in which Hosting Forest is supporting the globe. When they are giving parts of their profits to initiatives to build up the mangroves in Myanmar, it is also creating jobs in these communities. People are hired to do good in the world as they plant more trees and create a buffer between looming and permanent temperature changes.

Not only do these projects create jobs, but you also can keep local farmers from going bankrupt. All it takes is just one extreme tropical storm to ruin a family that has been farming for generations. When they lose all of their equipment and possibly their home in a tragic flood, it can be impossible to rebound. Hosting Forest truly is doing a lot of good in the world by helping out with projects like these.

Greengeeks is a great alternative to hosting forest

2. GreenGeeks

Need another company that offers green WordPress hosting to consider what really focuses on the world around us? GreenGeeks is a great company to consider with an excellent reputation. What are the highlights?

  • Easily scale with their service
  • Shared Hosting, Reseller, or VPS
  • Data Centers in most major cities
  • 30-day Guarantee

GreenGeeks has a ton of reasons why you can protect the environment and also save money at the same time. It comes with a chance to invest in Shared Hosting, Reselling, and even Virtual Private Systems. If your company starts to expand faster than expected, you are going to be able to tap into its huge number of resources and start to scale right away. There is no chance you have a lag in your service for customers because GreenGeeks can advise you on how to bump up your resources.

Try them for Free

Are you interested in testing the service for free? That is easy with GreenGeeks since they are a reputable company. Try them out for a full month, and get a total refund if you didn’t love the experience. For a customer concerned with price, this is one of the best deals you can get from a host. With the free month, you can make sure the uptime is actually 99.9% like reviewers have stated. You can also try out the data centers that are spread out to Toronto, Montreal, and Amsterdam. For users in the United States, tap into a data center that is in Chicago or based out of Arizona.

It is important always to test a service before you commit to a long contract with them. Many hosts will offer extremely low prices upfront, but it won’t be worth it if you are trapped in a contract for several years, and you are getting slow speeds. GreenGeeks will get you started at just $2.95 a month. An excellent introduction to the service and gives you a chance to test out all the features.

Focus on the Environment

What is the story behind GreenGeeks? Do they actually focus on the world that surrounds us as they imply? The answer is a resounding yes. When they first got started in 2008, they set out to be the leader in eco-friendly hosting. That is quite the goal.

GreenGeeks has succeeded in that lofty goal. They put back three times the power they consume, sending it back to the grid to be used by others. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, they have set a fine example for other companies that are just getting started.

Designed to be Green

When they first thought of how to make their hosting platform, GreenGeeks didn’t want any waste. One of the reasons why the hosting industry uses so many resources is the blatant waste of electricity. How many times have people made a website that is inefficient and transmits a ton of information to every visitor that is not needed?

GreenGeeks wanted their platform to be energy efficient. Using the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, they were able to put back three times the amount of power into the system in comparison to how much they were using to run a business. Can you imagine if people planted three trees for each one that was cut down? What would the world look like if companies gave back three times the amount of clean water when they polluted a lake or took advantage of a river? GreenGeeks is really setting a standard for how a company should look in 2020. Moving forward, the media is going to really reward companies like this, which will boost their revenue and end up putting even more energy back into the system.

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