Best hosting for small business 2020

Currently the world is seeing a shift in how business is done. Circumstances around the globe are changing how people shop and buy products. While brick and mortar locations were popular in the past, they continue to give up market share to massive companies such as Amazon that put a premium on making their customers happy. Not only that, small online stores are sprouting up constantly that specialize in niche products that you can not find easily in physical stores.

Niche sites have been popular for years and continue to gain traction. Any topic that you can think of will be covered by a niche site from taking an RV around the country to gardening. These niche sites will attract new visitors through well written articles and information about any hobby that you choose. Once visitors go to the site, the small business can sell services or products using online stores set up with Shopify or WooCommerce. 

Small businesses have never been doing better. Anybody with a few products and access to a computer is going to be able to put together a great looking store that will be able to accept payment from around the globe. WordPress is a big part of this. While it was first built for bloggers, the features that it offers continue to grow as people are drawn to the easily understood control panel and nice layouts. WordPress continues to grow faster than the competition because it is designed well and the creators understand it needs to be search engine accessible so that people looking for answers will come across your small business.

WordPress uses tags so that you can easily divide up your content into categories and visitors can easily navigate everything that you have to offer. Comments also give people the opportunity to interact with the community and start to build online groups. For many small businesses, comments and forums through WordPress are the perfect way to keep the pulse of the market and see what people are saying about your service or products. When customers express their displeasure with current trends, companies can pivot quickly and start to move in another direction. Getting regular feedback from your most trusted customers is a good way to stay relevant and agile in a marketplace that is shifting constantly.

Which hosts are best for small businesses? Let’s take a look at a quick list and see which ones cater to business owners.

1. HostGator

1. HostGator

Ready to start a small business? Hostgator has a small business checklist that is invaluable. From starting out with business permits and your EIN number, they have thought of everything that you will need to have in place to start selling legally. Once you have put together your business insurance and you have a business bank account, use their tools to put together a site quickly and easily that is going to look professional and streamlined. 

If you want to sell physical goods or digital goods, you will need shopping cart software. Magento and ZenCart are two popular choices that HostGator can install with just one click of the mouse. They even have an e-commerce site builder that will make putting together all the pieces even easier. Once you look into fraud prevention services to screen out criminals, you are going to be ready to start accepting orders on a global basis.

2. A2 Hosting

2. A2 Hosting

Running a business is never easy. When you go with A2 Hosting, your small business will be in safe hands. Your account is going to come with email right off the bat as well as free SSL. SSL is going to keep you covered and make sure that transactions go through safely. They offer free software to analyze data as well as tools to help with blogging. There are many solutions that can bring your business up to the next level and A2 has them all.

3. Namecheap

3. Namecheap

Namecheap is a great resource for helping small businesses. They provide a step by step process of how to set up a website starting with the domain name and going all the way to building out your content. Your site architecture is going to be top notch when you use the guides from Namecheap which means your small business is going to thrive in the online marketplace. 

4. Hostpapa

4. Hostpapa

Are you concerned with security for your small business? Need help with marketing? Hostpapa has both of those covered and they are perfect for small businesses. They can make sure your ad campaigns are optimized each day so that you get the most out of your marketing dollars. They can also help push you up higher in the SERPs also known as the Search Engine Results Page. This great company is perfect for a growing business that needs to make sure all of their ad dollars are targeted toward customers that will convert.

That is it for this list of hosts for small business. Check out Superb Themes in the future and find even more reviews of hosts and plugins so that you are always informed. We will continue to research the best companies and developers. 

WordPress for Small Businesses

Is WordPress good for small businesses? The answer is a resounding yes. WordPress has always been an open source product which means people are constantly developing new tools that work well for small businesses. Developers at any point can write code to give you a popup builder, a way to run surveys for customers, or forms that can collect valuable email addresses to build up a list for marketing!

Take for example the plugin Yoast. This plugin has grown to become one of the most popular because every business is concerned with their ranking in the SERPs. Yoast can put together a sitemap of your whole site and update it each time you add new content. This sitemap will then go out to the search engines and let them know there is a new post or video to be crawled and indexed. If the search engines don’t know your content exists, how can anyone find it? Yoast solves this problem in a snap. Meta descriptions will also be optimized. When you search for something on Google, it will present you with a variety of choices along with a short description so you can decide if you want to visit a site or not. Yoast makes sure that your description will get you discovered by new customers which is important for growing a small business.

One could assume with so many features Yoast would need to be paid for on a monthly basis. In reality, Yoast is a free download. This is the beauty of open source projects and why they often overtake the competition. The creators of Yoast freely give away their product and they are rewarded for it. This is true for many other plugins as well. Developers that developed code to deal with problems that were plaguing their site are often more than happy to share their solutions and plugins with other business owners which creates a tight knit community.

What else can WordPress do to help out a small business that is looking for a low cost solution for getting a webpage and attracting customers from the internet? There are countless businesses out there from salons to windshield repair. Is there a theme that can fit each business?

Versatility of WordPress

Themes are another great way to create a professional site fast. A vast amount of different themes have been made for many different types of companies that span from online stores that sell watches and apparel to sites that offer services like painting or construction. Almost all industries and services already have premade themes that are ready to go and will cater to your particular business.

Take for instance we have an apparel company that we want to bring to the web to expand our reach. Going on, we can easily search through their large library of templates for fashion themes. A long list of themes specifically for apparel and fashion will appear and you can look at live demos of each type to help you make your decision. Sites also offer guided installation for an additional charge so that you can have an expert walk you through the process. Not only that, but a small fee can also make sure you are compliant with GDPR and CCPA. Don’t worry about hiring an expensive consultant or lawyer when you can have WordPress experts make sure you are compliant with all laws pertaining to your market. even gives you the option of creating a dropshipping setup so that you will be accepting orders even faster. For any small business owner, this is a great resource to take advantage of. In the past, all of this would have cost thousands of dollars to hire a web designer that could put together the website, a lawyer to make sure your business will be in compliance with global laws, and getting payment processing setup in a brick and mortar store. All of this has been wiped away because of the ease with which you can open a small business online now.

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