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Best Image Optimization Plugin For WordPress 2022

Compression for your images is important to make sure images can load quickly and not strain your web host as they try to serve your content. Photoshop through Adobe is a great product that can be used for compression and reduce your files’ size.

Unfortunately, Adobe products can be expensive, and they will often charge monthly versus just making a one-time payment. For a new entrepreneur that is starting up their first online store, this can seem daunting. How can you experiment with file types and different compression algorithms for a more attractive price to someone starting for the first time? Read more in this article about the best image optimization plugin for WordPress.

EWWW Image Optimization


Are you ready for a fast site that is going to impress your customers? If you don’t have the time to compress each file and resize pictures by hand, why not try out the service from EWWW?

Everything is automated with their system, so you won’t need to go in and manually adjust things so that they work with your website. Compression and size adjustments are made without you even realizing that the work is happening behind the scenes.

The service is very cost-effective, and you can get a great deal on API credits right now if you start today. You will be given an API key for just three dollars that will let you optimize images in bulk. Normally, you would only be able to optimize a thousand images, but this number was increased, and they are going to throw in an additional five hundred images. Don’t worry about any contract with this company. The credits will not expire, so you won’t need to feel rushed to use them quickly. WordPress creates a large number of image files when you first upload a batch because of thumbnails. This means it will always be better to have extra credits on hand that can handle the load.

EWWW image backups

Are there backups of the images? EWWW also creates copies of your pictures in case something goes wrong on your end. When you are trying to set up a new online store quickly for the first time, mistakes can be made. The copies are complementary and allow you to work with more peace of mind as you learn the ropes. If you find you don’t like the service or want to go with another, contact EWWW, and they will credit you for the API credits you have not used yet up to thirty days after signing up. Give them a try and see if this service is going to be right for your business.

Shortpixel Image Optimization

2. ShortPixel

Another image compression service that we can recommend is ShortPixel. Looking at their website, you can see examples of their work and how their compression still gives you beautiful looking photos that are clear and will catch the eye of people visiting your page. They also include a glossary of common terms that will help new users navigate the site. 

They recommend lossy compression for basic users. Their lossy algorithms are as small as possible while still maintaining quality. If you are concerned with the speed at which your site is going to load, go with lossy compression and see how fast your website can load when everything is optimized perfectly.

This will increase your rank when search engines crawl the site and still give you excellent picture quality so that your products will fly off the virtual shelves—a great balance between speed and quality.

Free Account

Are you concerned about trying out the service before buying hundreds or even thousands of credits for images? ShortPixel was kind enough to offer a totally free account to get you started. This free account will come with 200 images for the month, and there is no limit on the size of the files that you are compressing. This free account also comes with regular support to write into them if you have any trouble with the service. Choose from the best compression algorithm for you, ranging from lossless to glossy or even lossy when you need the site to be quick.

Trying out the different compression methods for free is a good way to get used to how the system works, and it is all straightforward to use with their WordPress plugin.

Why Should We Optimize?

It is easy to understand that potential customers want to see a well laid out page with clear images to know what they will get in their package. Why do we need to optimize the images? If they look correct on the page, do we need to do anything further?

The main driving force behind optimization is load time. When you are running an online store, the load time is everything. You want to shoot for a loading time of only a few seconds and even less if it is possible. Each second that goes beyond this point increases the likelihood your customer will bounce or exit the page quickly to look at other search engine results. When you have high-quality photos that are large in size, it takes longer to load the site.

If the product you sell is very image-heavy, it is even harder to maintain acceptable load times. The video will also create a virtual traffic jam where there is so much the site has to load. Things get bogged down, and you start to lose customers that were interested enough to click after reading the meta description.

Reducing the Picture Size

With image optimization, you reduce the pictures’ file size to put less of a load on your site. You have to find the right balance between letting things load quickly while still looking at high resolution and sharpness. Once you find this balance, your SEO efforts will start to take off since Google prefers sites that load fast instead of sites that most people will bounce out of. Keep in mind and your pictures are also involved in SEO.

Do they have the right descriptions that are going to attract people to your niche? When you search Google, there is a tab for images alone. If the images on your site are designed well, you can make it to the top of the rankings for certain pictures and increase your traffic. A high ranking on Google for your images will ultimately boost your bottom line and give you more visibility. 

Tips for Optimization

When you first start to put together your online store, it can feel overwhelming. There are so many new aspects to learn from regulations such as GDPR to the laws surrounding accepting credit card payments and storing sensitive data.

If you have a big store, you will need to get up photos of possibly hundreds of products that don’t even consider each product may require multiple angles.

Before taking a large batch of photos all at once and then dumping them into a folder on your computer, take time to consider how these photos can be optimized so that you come up when people search for specific photos.

Do not leave your pictures with the default file names! Instead, your file names need to describe what people are looking at. This is also important if you want to appeal to users that have disabilities as well.

Take, for example, and you have an apparel store. The new summer collection has come in, and you are getting ready for a big surge in sales. If you have a picture of a new summer-themed shirt, is Google more likely to pick up an image named 9048IMG.jpg, or would a file name such as New_Summer_Cutoff_for_Men.jpg be more appealing?

The second example is rich in keywords and would be much more likely to be picked up by search engines crawling all of the text you have on the site.

Free Image Optimization Plugins For WordPress

Have you thought about opening an online store using Shopify or WooCommerce? Both of these solutions integrate well with WordPress and make it easy to start selling online. With the current global climate, people are shifting over to shopping online more and more. Sales through platforms such as Shopify are exploding right now, and it is only going to grow further in the coming months. 

If you run an online store or you are thinking of opening one soon, there are many skills that you will need to learn. Foremost, image optimization should be at the top of the list to master. If you have goods that you are selling online, the pictures need to be crisp and clear. Consumers can not reach out and touch the products when they are browsing a website. The more comprehensive your pictures are, the higher your chances of selling your products. Try out multiple angles and allow the customers to change colors for the product to see how it would look with different designs.

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