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Best Link Building Plugins for WordPress

If you want more clicks, you need to develop a link-building strategy. This can involve social media, well-written blogs, and a few clever strategies. In this article, we will go over how you can start building a link-building strategy and the top plugins that you can use to create a web of links that all link back to your landing page. In this article, you can learn more about the best link-building plugins for WordPress.

You may have a strategy for SEO, but at a certain point, that will no longer matter. For instance, if you are competing with another company over the term “Best Plumber in San Francisco,” at some point, both of you will have the same amount of content and articles for SEO. At this point is when link building comes in. If Google sees that more well-qualified sites link to you over the competition, you get the top spot. This is why having great link-building is so important.

High Domain Authority

The emphasis should not be just on getting links from many sites. This is a factor, but Google wants to see links from sites that are reputable. Great examples would be government-run sites, official news sites, or even sites run by a university. These kinds of links will trump lower-quality sites that could be put together in just a few days. The higher the authority of a site, the more juice it will pass on to your site. If you can get some large companies or notable news outlets to link to your money site, you will be sitting well in the rankings.

Go For Many Domains

We have an idea now that Google wants to see links to our site from places with a great reputation and a lot of clouts. We can do this by offering a guest post. Send in a guest post to a top news site, and then if it is featured, your job is done for you! Should you continue to hammer away at the same site, though, and try to get as many links onto a domain that already carries your link? No. That would be a mistake. Google wants to see many links coming from many different sites. This takes precedence over just one site that links to you seven or eight times.

How can you use WordPress plugins to start building a giant network? Let’s take a look at the best link-building plugins for WordPress.

Rafflepress - Offer some free products


Want people to share your links around the web? Offer some free products. Now that is an offer that many are not going to turn down. It has never been easier to make a giveaway when you use Rafflepress. The Rafflepress plugin is a safe part of our best link-building plugins for the WordPress list.

  • People are given more entries to share your link
  • Builds your email list
  • Easy to set up

Infographic Maker – iList

Infographic Maker – iList

Do you want to create Link Bait? This is content that attracts backlinks to it. Some of the best ways to make link bait are great content, including infographic templates and data that are easy to share. Embed your link in an infographic you created, and watch as it spreads. It is easy with this plugin that creates graphs and infographics with just a few clicks.

Draw Attention - Used in conjunction with infographics

Draw Attention

With Draw Attention, you can highlight things you want people to notice in images and graphics. After you made your infographic with the plugin above, make it shine with Draw Attention.

  • No artistic skill is needed.
  • Used in conjunction with infographics

Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz And Survey Master

Here is another excellent example of linkbait that people will want to share on their own. You won’t have to convince people to share your awesome quiz or test that you set up if it is fun. Maybe you want to appeal to a crowd of developers to get them to download your latest plugin. Why not challenge them to see how high they can score on your developer quiz? They will want to share this with their friends to see who will score the highest. In turn, they are marketing for you, and you can watch your view count rise.

  • A simple way to set up a quiz with no coding
  • Easily shared content
  • It is simple to embed links to increase traffic

Quiz Maker - Radio buttons for your quiz

Quiz Maker

Like number four on this list, when you use Quiz Maker, you will see a huge jump in engagement and link building. This is the perfect way to make linkbait when you might not understand how to code a fun quiz or an informative test. What are some of the options you can do with this quiz maker?

  • Radio buttons for your quiz
  • Dropdown options
  • The quizzes can also accept text or numbers

This gives you a huge variety of ways to set up your quiz so that it can apply to a huge number of interests and industries. Give it a try today.

Visualizer: Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

Visualizer: Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

When you are writing a compelling speech or trying to create a pitch for your clients, you know that you need hard facts. What is the best way to search for hard facts that might amaze your audience? You are going to Google it. How many people bought toasters in England in 2019? Are the number of users for Linux increasing year over year? These kinds of questions are about what people are using on the Internet. If you have an infographic template that answers these questions, it might be your links that people are spreading. Easily put together charts and tables that people will want to share with others. When you are using WordPress, this is the smart way to boost your link building.

Superb Tables - Make unlimited tables

Superb Tables

A great way to make content that people will want to share is through comparison tables. Perhaps you have a question such as “What is the best snowblower to buy in 2021?” A great look at this data would be through a chart or table. That way, you can show the different features of machines and highlight which one you feel would be the best choice.

This can be done with any product or service. The thing is, it is hard to make tables and difficult to code them by hand. Don’t worry. Superb Themes have you covered. What can you expect from this product?

  • Make unlimited tables
  • Use as many rows as you would like
  • Choose from a variety of color schemes
  • Shortcodes can be used to great effect
  • Drag and drop functions with columns and rows

Superb Themes has created software that makes it easier than ever to set up a great-looking table that people are going to want to share. When you are making link bait, it has to engage the audience so that they can’t wait to share it with their friends. This plugin gives you that ability even if you are not technical. Even better, if you need to start moving around your rows and columns, it is a simple thing with a drag-and-drop interface. If you have used a drag-and-drop website builder, you know how important it is to give yourself the freedom to change things on the fly. Give this amazing plugin a chance, and you are going to love the result.

All of these plugins are perfect for making link bait. When you have content that is so well-formed, people will be driven to share it with all of their friends. This can be in many different categories. Interesting news. Guides to a new hobby. Controversial things often become linkbait because people want to share and discuss.

What can you do with link bait? By putting it into your link-building strategy, you will increase visits and engage with the crowd. Most content is ignored by people that are quickly scanning for things that are novel and new. Make sure that you are making content that is going to be eye-catching and get people talking.


We just briefly touched on link building and your strategy. You want to make sure your content is something the readers are interested in. This is done first of all by having content that is high quality. If you want to start getting links on sites with high domain authority, you need to be putting out stuff that people want to read.

Next, think about presenting your content in a way that is easy to scan and read. You might have the best information in the world, but when presented as just a giant chunk of text, people will glaze over and ignore what you are trying to say. Spice things up using graphics, tables, and graphs in a way that tells the story. We have provided a wide variety of plugins that can accomplish just that.

Last, once you have the right content, start reaching out to those sites with high authority. You may need to use tools to figure out who has a high domain authority. Once you have your targets, submit content using these plugins, and watch as your visitors grow.

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