Best live chat plugins for WordPress 2020

According to a recent study, 33% of customers have interacted with a business using a chat feature in the past year. That number is staggering when you consider that most communication in the past was done through phone calls and email. It is obvious that customers are gravitating towards a solution where a quick chat with an employee can resolve a small issue and then they don’t have to pick up their phone and deal with wait times. 3

Chatting can be broken down into three broad categories when we look at helping a customer online. The first would be a basic chatbot. It will scan what the user is typing and look for keywords. Maybe you run an online clothing store that also has a physical presence. You are at the register and aiding a customer with finding the part of the store that caters to new releases. While you are busy, somebody has initiated a chat on your website. You can’t physically respond, so your basic chatbot will take over for you.

If the customer types into the chat window that they want to return an item because it doesn’t fit them, the system will scan for keywords to bring up relevant information. When it sees the keyword return, it will take them over to a section of your website that covers how you handle returns including the time frame that returns must be done in, how to return items with the needed packaging and address, plus any partners that your store normally works with for returns such as UPS or FedEx. The customer scans the provided information and sees where they can easily print off a return label before bringing their product to the closest UPS store. The problem is solved and the owner never needed to interact with the customer.

Live Chat Inc

Live Chat Inc

Offering a free 14-day trial with no credit card needed, Live Chat is an easy program to test out and see if it would be right for your company. If you have any reservations about trying out this program, rest assured that they are used by Adobe, McDonalds, and Ikea. With a client list like this, it is obvious this is a solid company. 

Live Chat Inc can be installed with a widget easily. Your website will look more professional and also instill more confidence in customers using your homepage. Your customers will appreciate the extra support and be more likely to ask questions which will increase the odds that they buy from you. The chatbot can also encourage visitors to add additional products to their virtual shopping cart. You can think of it as a salesperson that can recommend products and they are always on.

Live Chat Inc lets you customize multiple widgets for many websites depending on the nature of what is being offered. Even if you have the widgets spread out over all the sites you control, you can still manage everything from just one account which makes changes easy to do and increases the speed at which you can make adjustments. Do you need an automatic greeting as soon as customers land on the page? Live Chat Inc can notify customers if you have a sale going on. The greeting that goes out to the customer can be changed depending on the time of day the customer is visiting and the location. Running a reverse lookup on their IP address can also give you their location which can make the chatbot more personalized and it will make customers feel more welcome. Lastly, the chatbot can detect how long a customer has been on the webpage. If it seems like they have been browsing the goods for quite awhile without adding anything to the shopping cart, a message from the chatbot telling them they can take an additional 15% off their order might be exactly what you need to convert that sale.

Tidio Live Chat for WordPress


If you go on the Tidio website right now, you will notice they practice what they preach in terms of increasing sales. Navigating over to the blog will trigger an example of what they can offer your business. A small chat window in the lower right corner will offer you an ebook in regards to chatbots. You can select yes or no and then the chatbot will automatically offer a download link if you agree. Simply type in your email address and then the ebook is going to be headed for your email. 

This is an excellent example of how Tidio strives to grow their company using all the principles that they teach and talk about on their blog. If you want to grow your company, you need to grow your email list. What is a better way than offering free things? Customers will input their email for the ebook and then you can politely follow up later to see if they are interested in your product. All of this is done with a simple chatbot that they let you try for free. Even better, if you do opt in to have the ebook sent to you, it will include chatbot recipes and templates that will help you get setup quicker. Try Tidio today and see how much their service can increase sales for you through automated suggestions and free downloads that will grow your list!

AI and Machine Learning 

IBM gained a lot of notoriety with the release of their Watson system. Watson assistant is considered a step above your normal chatbot that is just looking for keywords and providing documentation. This requires specialized software from the business owner since the bot has the capability of learning and adjusting responses based on input. This more advanced bot can mimic a human to some degree which makes it perfect for helping out customers in both banking and retail. APIs integrate together well which means Watson can be plugged into most existing businesses including an e-commerce store where the owner may not be able to physically respond to each question. This technology continues to expand and evolve which means we will keep a close eye on it here at Superb Themes.

Speaking with a Person

The last category is when the owner of the business or an employee answers questions through the chat window on the site. This is obviously the best solution and doesn’t rely on machine learning to try and determine what the customer wants. An employee can give answers in a natural way and also direct customers to guidelines or content that is already present to help them move through whatever issue they find themselves faced with. The unfortunate downside of using an employee to chat with customers is that the window has to be closely monitored. If nobody responds after a short period of time, customers will move on to other ways to contact a business. How can owners solve this issue since it would be costly to have the chat window monitored at all times?

Live Chat Bots for WordPress

Recently Microsoft completed a report on the state of global customer service. This report was eye opening and shows how much customer service matters. When polled, 96% of respondents said that they felt like customer service was an important factor that helped them decide if they wanted to keep using a brand. We have all experienced bad customer service at one point. Perhaps your internet service goes down and you give them a quick call to see what the issue is. You are met with a maze of choices as you speak to an automated system. It seems like it takes several minutes just to put in your account number and try to find your way to the right department. Once you think that you are in the right place, the line automatically disconnects you and starts you back at square one! You try again, still testing different extensions and asking to speak with an agent just to once again hear the line go dead. This is frustrating and a prime way to lose customers.

When a customer has a problem with your website, they want an answer quickly and a way to solve the issue. Most likely they will head to your main web page and try to contact you through the given phone number or email you if they can easily find the information. Depending on how you handle the complaint, this can mean the difference between easily answering the question about a product or having their complaint blasted out to everyone on social media. Is there a better way to handle customer service? For many small businesses, the owners wear many hats which means they are putting products together, handling social media and marketing, plus they oversee the other employees as well. They can’t always get to customers that need support in time which can mean the angry customer takes to their social media network.

That is it for our list on the top chatbots that work well with your WordPress website. These will be easy to set up and get going since they were designed to integrate well with the WordPress platform. Continue to check back with Superb Themes on a regular basis where we will have even more information on this growing trend in e-commerce

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