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Best Mail Marketing Services For Authors

Best Mail Marketing Services For Authors

Authors are enjoying new and expanded avenues as technology continues to reshape how we see the writing. Self-published authors can now use services and platforms like Amazon. If you could not get a book deal before, it is now possible to put your book out there. For authors published under the big names, they can use the Internet to reach more people and increase their marketing. What are the best mail marketing services for authors? We are going to look at how an author can increase the number of books they sell. This guide will help show you how to stay in contact with your readers.

A Changing Landscape

As we pointed out at the beginning, the technology quickly changes what authors can do with the Internet. This stands for publishers for fiction and non-fiction works. Either way, you need a way to stay in contact with your readers. There has to be a good way to inform them about current sales and promotions that you are running. That is why we have mail marketing services.

These services allow you to easily keep a list of all the customers you have contacted before. If you offer something like a few volumes or a book, you may be able to add even more curious visitors to your email list. From here, you can easily stay compliant with current spam laws. If you have a new book coming out that you think people should know about, put it out there in the form of an email blast. This quickly goes out to all the clients on your list. If they are interested, they can click the link and see if they want to get the next book in a series.

We need technology to help us keep track of all the different mailing lists. You might have more than one list! Beyond that, you also need to see how people are responding to your ads. Are they clicking on the communications you are sending out? Does it seem like certain subject lines do better? Technology can help us resolve these questions and also increase the number of readers we have.

The Top 3 – Best Mail Marketing Services For Authors

With our guide, we wanted to look at the best mail marketing services for authors. We will look at the top three and explain what each one does well. In the end, you will have a pretty good grasp of what you should look for when you invest in a mail marketing service. Let’s get started and start to determine the best one for you.

1. Sendinblue

First on the list is Sendinblue. Now you can get even the playing field. You will have all the tools that large companies use when they are putting together their email marketing. Take a look at some of the best parts of these services.

  • Low price
  • Used by Enterprise level companies
  • Helps with customer relationships
  • Intuitive design
  • Multiple tools allow you to save time with your marketing.

You need to be able to adapt quickly as the world for authors is changing. There are many new ways to reach your readers, and you need to be taking advantage of them. Do you have a Twitter? Are you using social media to expand who you speak with when you put out new material?

It is not enough to write an amazing book. You need marketing to go along with it. The Internet has created a world now where any author can make it big. You need the right marketing to back this up, though. If nobody knows that your book exists, you won’t have a big base of readers.

This mail marketing service helps with that. You could offer some contests, such as a giveaway. Ask that they leave their email address and then follow up later to see if they would be interested in a current promotion you are running.

Sendinblue Support

If you are an author focused on writing, it may seem like you have no time to understand a new set of marketing tools. Many authors have already tried marketing through ads and social media with few results. It is frustrating to learn a new platform, and you don’t even see results from it.

For authors that might hesitate to use Sendinblue, don’t worry about following a complex manual. The process to get everything running is quite easy. They have a world-class customer care that can explain how the software works. We know that we are going to have questions. You should anticipate that the software won’t work quite as you imagined. That is why they have the support team in place.

Authors can reach out to this mail marketing company through email, chat, and the phone. They support six different languages. You can count on them to be able to talk with you in all the major languages. Get started with a mail service that you know has good support today because you will eventually have questions that you need to be resolved.

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2. MailOptin

If you are an author, you need several tools to boost how many people read your work. First, you need a way to do lead generation. This is important to grow your list. Next, you need to be able to interact with that list. Using automation, you should be able to schedule a task and then step back. The system will do all the work for you. MailOptin provides the following:

  • Easily attract new customers.
  • Convert them to readers for your work
  • Retain customers
  • Generate high-quality leads

As an author, there are many things you might be writing about. Some may focus on fiction, but the vast majority are focused on writing for a company. Communication needs to be easily understood and help customers understand what you are offering.

MailOptin will help your business as an author because you are going to bring in more customers. This software converts them to lifelong customers. You can retain them, so they stay with you long-term. It works well with WordPress, and you can install it as a plugin. Boost registration for workshops that you might be doing or increase conversions in other areas of the company you are promoting.

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Trigger Automated Email

Don’t waste your time sending an email to every customer that wants to know more. Set up a system that does that for you. With their system, you can have support for custom post types. If you are working with Mailchimp right now, MailOptin makes it easy to move around email lists. It merges well with other mailing services that you are already familiar with.

On top of this, you can also restrict email depending on categories. Not everybody needs to receive every email. If you are busy onboarding and helping new customers get started, you don’t want those automated emails going to veterans. Restrictions can be set up on a wide variety of criteria, from categories to tags. You can also segment things out, so you are more targeted with your approach. If you know a certain demographic will be interested in specific topics, tailor your email marketing accordingly.

They really did think of everything. If you are the author for a big company, you will need a tool like this to maximize how much you can get done each day. Embrace this new technology, and you will notice you suddenly have a lot more time to focus on making content.


3. Mailpoet

When looking at the best mail marketing services for authors, we also need to consider Mailpoet. We know that many of our users really enjoy working with WordPress. This will mesh well with WordPress and give you distinct advantages over not having a mailing system. It is so easy to have all of your mailing lists right there in one place. You pull it up, and you can add as many users as you would like. If it seems like a customer is no longer interested, removing them from the database is easy. Trim things up in a flash.

There are more than 300,000 websites that are using Mailpoet right now. With so many businesses staying in touch with people, you know that the service must be excellent to have such a large group using them. Even if you are not using WordPress, it will still work with the CMS that you like. We know that there are a few CMS platforms that emphasize eCommerce. Those will also work well with this system and help you get started toward a thriving business.

It is effortless to add content and images to the media library quickly. These can then be included in the various emails you send out. A graphic or some nice images are exactly what you need if you want to keep your audience’s attention. Upload files to other services while in the dashboard. Everything will work together seamlessly.

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Best Mail Marketing Services For Authors Conclusion

In conclusion, we looked at three options that make it easy to stay in touch. If you want further reviews and tips for WordPress, make sure you come back soon! We will have more ideas and plugins that help you connect with your best customers. All of these choices have been tested and reviewed so that you know you can count on them.

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