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Best Newsletter Plugins For WordPress 2022

Learn more about the best newsletter plugins for WordPress here.

Do newsletters work today for business? When you think of a newsletter, you may associate them with an older form of marketing. In the past, it was popular for a business to host a luncheon and give a presentation on a specific product or service. Many times a raffle or some other prize was used to collect phone numbers and addresses. Marketers would then try to reach out to you using fliers or their monthly newsletter.

Should you be using newsletters now? Well, the landscape of business has changed. It is rare for companies to sign you up for a newsletter that they want to mail to your house. Now, marketing teams are focused on email newsletters, which is why you should read this article about the best newsletter plugins for WordPress.

Newsletters are Powerful

Email newsletters are a tool that you should be using if you want to build up your client base. In the past, you were paying for postage and copies of the newsletter, which meant you had to weigh the newsletter’s cost with the results you were seeking. Email newsletters are easy and all digital. You no longer have to pay for postage or any printing costs.

You can speak directly to customers that are interested in your product. Not only that, but email allows the newsletter to go out automatically. There is no delay between when a person signs up for the newsletter and when they get it in their inbox.

Having that quick turnaround is important. If somebody comes to your site and shows interest in what you are offering, you want to follow up on that hot lead. Why spin your tires searching for cold leads that you want to nurture when you already have an interested party that wants to learn more? Follow up on that interest immediately when you offer a digital newsletter.

OptinMonster newsletter plugin

1. OptinMonster

The first plugin on our best newsletter plugins for WordPress list is OptinMonster. This company is known for what they do best, and that is increasing your conversions. The process is simple when you use OptinMonster.

  • Create a great looking offer
  • Make it Personal
  • Track your Progress

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry about it! You can easily set up a nice offer with OptinMonster that is going to look great while it is also eye-catching.

There is no need to code anything with OptinMonster. Like WordPress, this is a drag and drop builder, but it will not be creating a website. It is going to be making an offer to your customers they can’t refuse.

Personal Offers

How can OptinMonster guarantee that they will increase your conversions? It is basic psychology. When you meet somebody, are you more likely to trust them and be open with them if they know your name? Of course. We like it when people remember our name and a few things about us. This is the basis for so many salespeople when you realize you will be converting more when you take the time to learn more about your client and ask them about their family or hobbies.

Similarly, OptinMonster strives to make a personalized pitch when you send out an email offer. You can set up the system so that your email will address them by name. You can also set the triggers so that your customer is going to get the information they are interested in.

Segmented Offers

If you are sending out a newsletter, you want it to be personalized. Maybe you are like the giant corporation General Electric. This classic company makes a wide variety of products for consumers and also government use. When you have a large variety of clients and services you offer, you want your newsletters to reflect this. Instead of just one generic newsletter, OptinMonster will allow you to take in information about what the customer wants to learn more about, and then instantly send them a personalized newsletter based on what they are already looking to buy.

Once you are done setting up your newsletters, track your progress with the analytics that OptinMonster provides. You will be interested in seeing how many people are reading your newsletter and if they are returning to your site after they take in the information.

Mailoptin newsletter plugin

2. MailOptin

Similar to OptinMonster, this plugin for WordPress is also going to boost your conversions. Segment your audience with their tools by whatever dimension or metric you think will have the most impact. Trigger email marketing and newsletters without having to understand the code behind it. MailOptin has it all when it comes to how you engage with customers and present your product.

Not only does MailOptin give you many different options for how you want to keep in contact with your buyers, but it is also a wealth of knowledge. Need to know how to set up your email marketing or newsletter to display correctly when your readers are looking at things in dark mode? This is a great topic to learn more about, and they have a regular blog that addresses marketing concerns like this. Check out the articles they have posted about how to appeal to certain age demographics or the alternatives when you are using services like Mail Chimp and AWeber.

That is it for this review of how to do your digital newsletters with WordPress easily. We hope we gave you some great ideas of what to use. Come back often to learn more about everything, WordPress.

Completed Sales

Now that we explored a bit with what a newsletter can do well, we should also look at the stats. The statistics support the idea that you need to start a newsletter today to bring up your sales.

Email marketing leads 4.24% of visitors to a sale with you. This percentage may seem very low at first glance. After all, shouldn’t we be looking to convert at least 10% or 15% of our customers? That would be ideal, but it is not realistic. In terms of selling on the internet, a conversion rate of just one or two percent is considered normal.

For instance, customers who come to your site through a search engine have a 2.49% rate of converting. For social media links, the rate is even lower. When somebody clicks on your Facebook or your Instagram post, they have a .59% chance that they will turn into a sale.

The truth is when a potential customer is browsing on Facebook or looking through their social feed, and they are not interested in buying things. They want to look at the news or catch up with friends. There is no intent to buy. Your 4% conversion rate with the newsletter is double what you would get from search engines, which will add up long term as you get more traffic.

Newsletter Delivery

Newsletters can be sent in many ways. The most popular is through email, but you can get creative with how you use them. Think about this. When you use social media, why not also distribute your newsletter to increase how many people see it?

There is no rule that your newsletter has to be distributed through just an email blast sent out with MailChimp. Make the newsletter a feature on Facebook and make it easy for your customers to see it. People are busy today and may not have the minutes it takes to scrub through their inbox and find the information that has value.

Newsletter Campaigns

Not only is the delivery method changing for newsletters, but you can send out a broad range of messages. Help keep customers up to date with what you are doing, or include deals for everybody that is already signed up! People will want to keep coming back to your newsletter when they start to learn that you are offering ten or even twenty percent off through the newsletter.

Your emailed newsletter can also be part of a campaign. Perhaps you have a call to action where you are trying to push a new e-book that you had written. Include your call to action in your social media, but also include it in your newsletter. This can help to amplify the message you are going for and become a force multiplier. Don’t just seek to get people to engage with your call to action in one way. Please include it in every aspect of communication, and you are going to see many more successful campaigns.

How to Make a Newsletter

You may be intimidated about making a newsletter in the digital age. After all, large corporations will hire workers who specialize in just making nice-looking HTML emails. How can you design a full newsletter for email, and have it look great? It needs to be formatted correctly and match the aesthetic you already have set up with your other marketing initiatives.

If you are already using WordPress, it is easy to set up a newsletter. There are many companies with plugins that target this exact situation. Let us take a look at some of the best plugins from two companies you are going to want to learn more about.

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