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Is It Possible To Get The Best Node JS Hosting For Free?

Is It Possible To Get The Best Node JS Hosting For Free?

When Ryan Dahl first gave his presentation on Node, many thought that he seemed nervous and unsure of himself. Little did they know that the ideas he was presenting would change how many of us use websites. He reimagined how code would be looked at. Instead of looking at code lines in chunks that would pause as it completed actions, this new form of looking at code would be non-blocking. That, of course, leads to faster speeds, which is what we are all looking for. In terms of hosting, who should we use for Node.js? Is it possible to get the best Node JS hosting for free? We are going to go over some free options as well as the best host you can pick.

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Node JS Hosting For Free?

Hosting costs money. While for many, the idea of web hosting seems nebulous, the bottom line is that you are using resources from somebody. Think about this, when you want to host a site on your own, you would need a PC running the WAMP stack or maybe even a Linux system utilizing the LAMP stack. To the surprise of many, you can even turn a small Chromebook into a server.

You need the operating system, a technology stack, and a device to run your hosting with all these scenarios. If you are not going to host your own site, somebody else will provide the technology stack and the hardware. It stands to reason that nobody is eager to allow you to use their hardware for free.

Small Countries

As we covered in the paragraph above, you are going to be borrowing the hardware from somebody. This means a host that allows you to install Node on the server will want to get their money back from you in some form or fashion. Many times this comes in the form of ads. Sure, you can host a site with them, but they will place ads all over your site so they can recoup the cost.

If you utilize a service covering your page in ads, it will only be good for testing out concepts. You could use this if you are interested in installing Node for the first time to understand how it works. On the other hand, if you are actually trying to create a business, you don’t want your site to have a spammy look or feel. Imagine your head to an interview for a job. You pull up in a car that is covered in advertisements for different companies like Ford and Microsoft. It would look odd, and people would question why you have ads all over your vehicle. In the same way, when you want a nice-looking site, why cover it in ads? You won’t receive money from these, and it crowds the page.

Some small countries will promise that they can give you free hosting. They might come with extensions you are not familiar with, such as .tk. They will indeed allow you to host a site with them for free. However, there are reviewers on the forums that say these free hosts have a habit of taking your domain over when you start to traffic. Obviously, a free host has to make money in some way. Why would you want to put in the work of getting a lot of traffic to lose your domain when you start to see success? Avoid getting hosting from these small countries that have the potential of stealing away your hard work.

Best Node JS Hosting A2

The Best Choice

The better choice to get a free host for Node is to pay just a bit of money every month. When you think about whether it is possible to get the best Node JS hosting for free, the short answer is no. You will have poor support if any at all. Your page will be covered in ads, or the host will take over your domain once you build up traffic.

Instead, think about going with A2 hosting. Why is this? You will get the following resources:

  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited access to solid-state drives
  • Easy migration from another host
  • Backups that protect your site from attacks
  • A guarantee of quality

How much will you need to pay for all of this? It might shock you to learn you can get all of this for under four dollars each month. $3.99 is such a small amount to pay when you get a team like A2 on your side. They have decades of experience and a team of pros. This host also has experience with new technology that you might need help with, such as Docker or the latest PHP update.

Higher Tiers

I don’t think that the lower tiers are all you can get from A2. They also include higher-end tiers as well. Do you run a large business? You can enjoy the turbo max tier that comes in at under ten dollars for the month. With access to better speeds, we have seen an increase up to twenty times in some cases. That is awesome when you depend on the speed of your host to give customers the best experience.

Not only that but your storage also gets upgraded as well. Now you will be working with NVMe instead of the normal SSD. What does this mean? NVMe technology enables your drive to use lanes that connect directly to the CPU on the motherboard. This scales up better than the traditional way of accessing data. When you look at the data that can be moved with just SATA cables, your PCIe sockets are transferring data at a rate that is 25 times faster. That is quite an improvement. If you want to move beyond just the four data lanes that you were working with in the past when you had an SSD hooked up, you want to go with this higher tier that A2 offers.

It is important to understand when you use this NVMe technology, you are still utilizing the solid-state drive, but it is just in a more efficient way. For example, you have better security. It also uses less power. Your host will be happy because their energy bill at the end of the month will be lower. In turn, they can pass the savings on to you. That is one reason you can take advantage of the highest tier for only about ten dollars in USD. If you pride yourself on using a host with the best technology, you will want to utilize A2 so that your development with Node goes smoothly.


Another valuable thing to consider is that how can you depend on support when you have a free host? You are already using resources from somebody else for free. They are trying to recoup as much as they can in the form of ads. Unless you bring them a lot of traffic that they can then convert into sales, your free host will not be happy to give you free support.

Here is another place where A2 really shines. They have the support you can access at all times! That is correct. Even if you have an emergency at two in the morning, somebody will still speak with you. They have a phone number you can call; you can check in with them over an online chat system or email them. No matter what the scenario is, you can reach somebody.

Node JS Hosting For Free?

Is It Possible To Get The Best Node JS Hosting For Free Or For Very Little?

When you think about the question, is it possible to get the best Node JS hosting for free, it makes more sense to consider the low price of a good host. Like we looked at earlier, you can get a great deal with A2. Why put so much emphasis on getting the service for free? If it is just under four dollars for the month, it makes more sense to pay the money they require. They can help you get set up and explain how things run.

Though with Node, a few things to keep in mind is that this is not a programming language. With WordPress, the plugins are done in PHP, which is a language. It is also not a framework or library. When you use jQuery, it can save a lot of time. You have built-in methods to access things like a mouseover or detect a user leaving your site. Node does not do this. Node JS does have libraries you can access, which is what you will have with ExpressJS.

Next, we need to make sure there is no confusion in terms of being a package manager. NPM is the default package manager. With Node JS, you have a Javascript runtime built up using the excellent V8 engine. Unfortunately, Google is behind the V8 engine. If you are using Chrome right now, chances are you are using the engine all the time, and you never knew it. Think of the engine as the thing that powers your browser, similar to the engine in a car. You can’t see it because it is under the hood. Still, it is working away, and Google wanted to perfect the use of the Chrome browser.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, A2 is one of the best in terms of hosting for Node that we found. We went over many of their advantages and provided a brief guide on how Node JS works. Hopefully, you learned a lot, and your next project will go smoothly.

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