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Best Node JS Hosting 2022

Best Node JS Hosting

If you are concerned with the performance of your website, you have probably already looked into Node JS. It is used to run JavaScript on a server, and it is considered non-blocking. With a single-threaded nature, it is used by many developers to get more performance out of a website. Your traditional WordPress site can use it, along with API services as well. It operates in real-time and continues to be a favorite among the community even though there were some rivals. What is the best Node JS hosting? When we run a WordPress site, we need to know which host will give us the best performance. Let’s take a look.

A2 Hosting - The best NodeJS hosting available

1. A2 Hosting

We start with A2 hosting. It is very efficient in terms of price. For under five dollars each month, you get the basic tier. With that, you get the following features:

  • As many websites as you would like
  • Unlimited storage with solid state drives
  • Easy migration from another host
  • Automatic backups in case you get hacked
  • Your money will be refunded in full if you are not satisfied

This is a very generous plan from A2 at this price point. If you pay $14.99 each month, you can access their turbo servers. These are up to twenty times faster if you are running a business that uses many resources. Not only that, but you will get cutting-edge storage for all your data. Solid-state drives are taking over your old hard drive that needs a spinning disk. Now there is NVMe.


With A2 hosting, you are going to have access to NVMe for your highest tiers. So what does that mean for Node? With Non-Volatile Memory Express, you work with the latest protocol to access your data at high speeds.

A host like A2 is bombarded with data. This means they need to find new ways to serve a huge amount of data to customers each day. NVMe protocol capitalizes on the fact you have parallel and low latency data paths that extend to the media. This media could be images, video, or just the WordPress site you have up. By doing this, A2 can access data faster than SAS or the SATA protocols. As a result, applications will be running faster, which means better results for companies using Node through them.

The old protocols used too many CPU cycles when trying to find data for applications to use. This costs a host of real dollars in terms of electricity used. NVMe uses fewer CPU cycles to access the same data, so the servers are not pushed as hard. Customers are happier because the same amount of work is done with a smaller infrastructure footprint. Businesses can spend less and still get the same level of responsiveness that they expect.


A2 has many options made with Node.js hosting in mind. First, you have your virtual private servers that are optimized to run Node. They have also made it very easy to set up. Click on their guide for easy Node.js setup, and you will be developing in no time. They also provide a Node.js selector so you can easily set up Node.js programs that you are writing. This will apply to command-line applications you are writing as well as the ones that have a GUI.

Keep in mind A2 has some of the fastest servers. In some cases, they are twenty times faster. When you partner that with more advanced ways of accessing data, you will love the combo of NVMe plus high-speed servers. Develop in the best environment that you can with A2.

Bluehost - the hosting service with the best uptime for Node JS

2. Bluehost

For successful development with Bluehost, you are going to need options. So what can you look forward to?

  • A lot of experience from their team
  • A variety of hosting to pick from
  • Solid uptime for all services

When you are working with Node, you want to be able to have a VPS. There are some cases where you can still use shared hosting, which is cheaper, but if you are serious about working with Node, you will want your own space. In addition, the virtual private server will give you more resources on demand. Along with this thought, when you use Node.js, you will need shell access to the server. This is through SSH to keep the connection secure.

Node.js needs to be set up so that it can listen for requests using port 80. This makes sense since when somebody goes on to a website that utilizes Node.js when they trigger something with their actions, Node needs to see this using port 80. Then it can process the data and give it back to the user who will see it appear in their browser. When we factor all of this in, that is why you need private access and not a shared server where multiple people are going to be working on one machine.

Node.js can also work with a private cloud server. Once again, the emphasis is on the fact it is private. There are cases where a host can give you Node.js support with shared hosting, but it is not as common.

Many Choices

Bluehost is a great choice since they have so many options to pick from. Go for shared hosting if you are trying to save money and you are not emphasizing performance. For Node.js users, you can also get a fast VPS from them. This private environment will be restricted so that only your team will be accessing it. If you run into any trouble with setting things up, experts are ready and happy to help.

Hostgator works well with Node.js

3. Hostgator

Hostgator works well with Node.js. The highlights from them include these assets:

  • Many years of experience
  • Trained staff that can work with Node.js
  • Excellent uptime for servers

When you work with Node.js, you have to remember that this is a JavaScript environment used to make applications that will respond quickly and scale-out well. Node.js is event-driven and non-blocking to make things faster instead of blocking a process until it is ready to run. As a result, it is one of the most lightweight and efficient ways to run your code.

Hostgator can install Node.js and NPM modules for you. You will need a VPS package with them or the dedicated Linux package they offer. You need to inform them about which version of Node you would like to begin the installation. Use the phone number or live chat options to get a hold of their friendly staff. As we mentioned before, keep in mind that this can’t be done with their shared hosting to keep things private. The lowest tier for VPS support is going to be right under twenty dollars for the month. An excellent deal with no restriction on bandwidth.

Hostpapa - A secure environment to build your application or website

4. Hostpapa

Last on the list is Hostpapa. This host is ready and standing by to help you get your next Node.js project underway. What are the advantages?

  • Works well with asynchronous JavaScript
  • Fast execution of code
  • A secure environment to build your application or website

One of the main reasons people are switching over to Node.js is how it executes code. In terms of JavaScript, you have blocking and non-blocking models. Just from the name, you can tell that non-blocking is going to be faster. There is no delay in terms of running your code as you would have with synchronous.

Hostpapa understands that you are using Node.js for faster speeds, and they are going to support you with top-of-the-line servers. You also have an uptime of around 99.97 percent. It would be impossible to promise a host that can always provide 100%. Unfortunately, that kind of service doesn’t exist because of factors such as Internet backbones going out.

This host has great maintenance standards so that they are up almost all of the time. When working with Node.js, that is exactly what you need to serve data and information to your users. When you break it down in terms that are easily understood, with a rate of 99.97 percent uptime, your server or site will only be down for around three hours each year. That is what you want to hear if you are running a business or a high-level application for big-name companies.

Best Node JS Hosting Conclusion

In conclusion, we looked into some ways to find the best Node JS hosting for your next project. A2 was the number one choice on our list. When you go with high-level tiers for them, you will be working with NVMe, which is faster and more effective than even solid-state drives. If you are serious about creating a great website or application, you need to be using the latest in terms of technology and data transfer.

On top of this, we also looked at several other candidates for the best Node JS hosting. Bluehost and Hostgator have been around for years. Each of them can give you a lot of guidance to ensure the next Node.js installation will go smoothly. Keep coming back for more guides and reviews.

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